1/2 Price Water Ionizers For Cancer Patients

It seems like cancer is everywhere. Whether it is friends, or family, or at work, or someone famous, you just can’t seem to get away from cancer stories. And the news is devastating.

Cancer advice: It’s only good if it works:

I’m not a doctor and would never pretend that I have all the answers. I don’t feel bad about that because it seems that the doctors are at a loss for solutions as well. A person that gets cancer today has a 5% better chance of survival than someone who got cancer in 1950. What? Yup. After trillions of dollars have been invested in search for a cure for cancer, we are still stuck with slashing, burning, and poisoning.

Chemotherapy didn’t work in the fifties and it still doesn’t work, but nobody seems to want to do anything about it. I can understand how cutting out a cancerous section of colon could work. I can also see how zapping a tumor with radiation could work. I will never understand how poisoning an entire body to try and halt the growth of cells in a tumor in a breast makes any sense at all.

Let’s ignore the fact that trillions of dollars of funding has been wasted on cancer research.

Let’s assume that the pharmaceutical and health care industries don’t want a cure for cancer. Huh? If there was a cure for cancer that people actually were aware of, the $400 billion per year industry in the USA each year would die. That would mean that most if not all the hospitals would close and hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs would be lost.

What can you do besides taking bad advice about cancer treatments from doctors?

While the cure rate for chemotherapy is only 2.1% in the USA, there are doctors and other health practioners all over the world that are curing cancer. Really? Yes, really.

Check out Suzanne Somers book “Knockout” to read up on the leading cancer curing medical doctors in the USA.

There is a guy in Europe by the name of Dr. Leonard Coldwell who has treated 35,000 patients and has lectured to 2.2 million people. He also writes a health related website that has 7 million followers. He claims that he can cure over 90% of cancer patients with the proper diet (alkaline of course) of food and water. He recommends ionized alkaline water as the best way to avoid and cure cancer. Hmmm…I think I like this guy. You can check out his website at: www.drleonardcoldwell.com

Half Price Water Ionizers

I’m a big believer in the benefits of ionized alkaline water in general. I have talked to lots of people who have seen their cancer disappear completely when the drank ionized water and I have written a number of articles about their stories. While the water is not a magic bullet, there is certainly more and more evidence building that supports the belief that ionized alkaline water can help.

I don’t support any brand or company in the water ionizer business. However, I do appreciate those that help out people with cancer. If you have cancer and think that a water ionizer might be something of interest to you, send me an email at: contact@waterfyi.com. I will put you in touch with people that will sell you different brands of water ionizers at up to 50% off the retail price. If you do take advantage of their generosity, please let them (and me) know about how you are making out with the water.

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  1. Dear Rob,
    I am very interested in what I have just read and would like to know how to go about getting a water ionizer at half price. I am a recovering cancer patient and wish to do everything possible to maximise my chances. I am happy to furnish you with more detail if required.
    Best regards

    • Hi Wendy:

      Please email me privately (contact@waterfyi.com) with your telephone number and a convenient time to call. I will call you and ask you a number of questions based upon your source water and your priorities. Once you have decided which machine is best suited to your needs, I will direct you to the appropriate supplier who will help you.

      It is important that only people with a current diagnosis of cancer, or those recovering from cancer take advantage of this. To that end, I will be asking participants to share their stories both before and after drinking the water.

      • Is it possible to still receive the 50 % off for cancer patients

        • Hi Deborah:

          I still have access to one brand of electric water ionizer that is available at half price.

          The manufacturers don’t mind me helping cancer patients but they don’t want people to know that the machines can be purchased for half price because it messes with the pricing structure of their distributors. I do know that some manufacturers will slash their prices dramatically (a reader contacted me last week and told me that the owner of Life Ionizers offered them 40% off over the telephone. Huge discounts are great for the callers but slit the throats of every dealer which is another reason why the electric water ionizer industry continues to be a cesspool. Nobody should be paying anything close to retail prices on electric water ionizers.

  2. Hi Rob; I would be interested in the half priced Ionizer machine. I am 58 , male,in a couple weeks, and male,have been diagnosed with stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma. It is in my throat at the base of my tongue. Because it was squeezing of my air way I had a trech put in ….so can not swallow or talk.I have had some radiation but believe that is finished now.
    I have heard , through the internet of people curing their cancer by drinking baking soda to bring there ph to correct levels . As you and others have said cancer likes an acidic enviorment. I live in Calgary at: _______. My wife Oud, who is Thai, will answer the phone and I listen. I can get a couple words out. Thanks Jack

    • Hi Jack:

      It is too early in the morning to call because of the time zone difference, but I will contact you this morning after my bike ride. I removed your personal information from your comment so that people won’t start calling you to solicit business.

      Back in the 1920’s, the health claims made by the baking soda companies were very similar to the claims being made today by the water ionizer companies. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a mildly alkaline salt that will raise the pH of water thereby contributing to the neutralization of acid. When an alkaline drink or water is introduced to the stomach, the cells in the stomach wall produce HCl (hydrochloric acid) to balance the pH level. When the acidic HCl is produced, a bicarbonate byproduct is also created, which enters the small intestine. So, the net effect is 1) add alkalinity to the stomach 2) the cell walls of the stomach produce acid to put the stomach back into an acidic homeostasis 3) the byproduct formed when the acid is created is a bicarbonate which enters the small intestine 4) the human machine is working like it should.

      When we eat acidic foods and drink acidic beverages, the stomach isn’t required to produce acid, which means that required bicarbonates are not produced. This all might seem confusing on the surface, but it is actually really simple.

      As a side note, my Dad (a physician raised on a wheat farm in northern Saskatchewan) drank a glass of water with a spoonful of baking soda every day of his life. He never prescribed drugs unless it was an emergency. Hmmmm….seems like his “old style” doctoring was pretty insightful after all.

      So, why don’t we all just reach for the box of Arm & Hammer in the back of the fridge every day? It is not a bad start, but there is more involved. While the acid/alkaline balance is definitely part of the health equation, it it not the sole factor. I believe hydrogen is the key to human health because it is both the building block of human cell growth/maintenace, and it is the ultimate antioxidant. Water ionizers produce free hydrogen. It gets really complicated at this stage, so I will stop here before I embarrass myself. The understanding of water has stumped some of the best brains in the world after a lifetime of study and research. I will keep plugging away, but I’m just a beginner.

  3. Hi Rob: This is my first 24 hours on the Tyent water. I’m so excited, and very thankful. I do not claim the dis-ease, but with the growing lumps and small pain in the breast- I am realistic.
    I want to share my experience with the Kangen machine(501). It seems that a number of people in Atlanta area have this product. I could not afford $3980 in one lump sum, but a down payment and 10 monthly payments was more affordable. I was told that there was no interest involved. After 3 1/2 weeks, I did the math: there is interest. The Kangen office representive used another term: transitional fees. I sent the machine back to the company with an explanation: against my religious views. To the credit of ionized water, the arthritic pain in my hips almost vanished within 3 weeks. To the discredit of Kangen distributors and the company: They lost a customer who will warn others who prefer to avoid interest.

    • Hi Andrea:

      I’m happy to hear another testimonial that ionized water gets rid of joint arthritis. I have heard hundreds of similar testimonials. On a personal note, I have debilitating arthritis before drinking the water. It took about 4 weeks for my arthritis to go away completely. After drinking the water for 3 1/2 years, I can go several days without my arthritis coming back, but why would I?

      I don’t think Enagic actually charges interest, but I’m not sure as I have never looked into their financing plan. Perhaps an Enagic Dealers can respond to the issue of interest.

      It doesn’t surprise me that there are fees associated with a payment program because somebody has to set up and administer the program. As long as a company clearly states what the costs are, it is up to the individual to decide if the terms are acceptable or not. Hidden costs, or costs that are not clearly explained create enemies.

      While you are upset with Enagic, I’m grateful that one of their representatives introduced you to the water. If the Kangen Dealer hadn’t introduced you to the water, you may not have heard of the water at all and would not be receiving the benefits of the water. It doesn’t matter to me which brand people buy because the machines all work.

  4. Dear Rob: My sisters have been drinking this water religiously and bragging about how wonderful it is but never really shared the benefit of it’s healing power til now. I was diagnosed in October with breast cancer….and after reading this and hearing their own praises…..I am extremely interested in possibly purchasing a 1/2 price machine for myself. We are in separate states.
    Please contact me and thank you so much for all the research you have done to make my life easier.


    • Hi Ally:

      Thanks for the kind words. The kind words are how I keep score instead of money at this stage in my life.

      I suggest that you check out http://www.waterhealthcare.ca to see which machines they carry. The price for cancer patients is half of the retail price for all ionizers. My wife has decided that she is going to have “set” prices for each machine for cancer patients as soon as she can get her website designer to make the changes. The new prices may be somewhat higher on certain models because a 50% discount actually results in a loss for some of the sales, which is not sustainable.

      If you email (contact@waterfyi.com) your telephone number and a convenient time for me to contact you, I will be happy to call and answer any questions that I can.

  5. My wife is 26 years old and has stage 4 breast cancer. I would like to get this machine. I have been buying this water from this health food store which is getting to be very expensive. Can you please help me out. I want my wife to get better. We have 3 small kids

    • Hi Nick:

      If you send me your contact information and a good time to contact you, I will give you a call. Once we figure out which machine best suites your needs, the rest is easy because the price is 50% off the suggested retail prices posted by the various companies.

      While the water for your wife is the driving factor, let’s get you and your kids drinking the water as well. Everybody needs to be drinking the water.

  6. Dear Rob,

    As Chairman of the American Anti-Cancer institute, I highly recommend that every American should go to the AACI Website and order and read the book :”Killing Cancer – Not People.” The AACI may be Googled. Of their Top Ten Recommended Natural Products, the Number One recommendation is Ionized Alkaline Water.


    Ed Johnson …
    Ed Johnson, J.D., Attorney, Life Enricher,
    Natural Health Advocate, and Chairman of The
    Advisory Board, American Anti-Cancer Institute,

    Former Assistant US Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice
    Former Attorney for Brooke Army MC and Wilford Hall MC
    Former CEO of a Top 20 San Antonio Law Firm in the 90’s
    Licensed in The U.S. Supreme Court and All Texas Courts

    Email: edjohnson@stic.net Tel: 210-877-0855
    Profile: http://www.EdJohnson.Me Cell: 210-421-8184

    • Hi Ed:

      Thank you for making our readers aware of the work that you and your group are doing.

      I contacted the American Anti-Cancer Institute and received a call back from Robert Wright, the president of the organization. Mr. Wright is the author of the book “Killing Cancer – Not People”.

      I spoke with Mr. Wright for over an hour and I came away very impressed with what their organization (American Anti Cancer Institute) is trying to accomplish. In a nutshell, the “not for profit” organization is purchasing about 70 acres of land in the State of Washington and building a large wellness and educational center. If they raise the required money and follow through with their plans, the project should be a huge success and I expect will become the epicenter for alternative care and education in the field of cancer in the USA. When I have read the “Killing Cancer – Not Peole” book, I will report my thoughts.

  7. In response to the woman who returned her Enagic machine, I have been an Enagic Distributor for the past three years and have helped a lot of people invest in Enagic’s water ionizers, providing much education & support. Enagic’s in-house financing plan is pretty amazing…they finance a machine without checking credit score (where can you get a loan like that today?). They require a 25% downpayment with the balance to be paid over a period of 3-16 months (depending on the machine purchased and timeframe preferred by the customer). The only fee the company charges for this amazing financing plan is a very small $10 per month fee for the administrative processing…a staff of people who review & process applications, process monthly payments, call customers when payments are late, etc. Many credit card & loan companies (and mortgage companies too) charge processing fees in addition to interest charges…with those processing fees used to offset the expenses of their staff. It is regretful that the Enagic Distributor did not explain this to you clearly so you understood the small fee involved. Enagic is extremely generous – in my opinion – too generous – with their financing plan which they make available to everyone, regardless of credit score. In today’s time that is impossible to find elsewhere and their plan has made it possible for many people to purchase their Kangen Water ionizer that would not have been able to do so. Enagic is an extremely reputable and high integrity company both in the quality of its entire product line (which range in price from $1280 – $3980) and in the way they conduct business. You would not be fair to malign Enagic and its extremely high quality products and excellent way of doing business simply because one Distributor was remiss in disclosing the company’s small administrative fee.

    • Hi Linda:

      Thanks for taking the time to send in your comment.

      I agree with you that administration is expensive. I don’t see a $10 per month fee as being unreasonable based upon the effort required.

      I also agree that Enagic’s financing program is generous and fair. The system allows many people to be able to purchase a machine that might now otherwise have been able to do so. However, this is where the real problem begins. Enagic doesn’t have to check people’s credit score and can provide interest free loans because when the company receives the 25% down, it can operate risk free. When Enagic receives the 25% up front, it has received the full cost of the machine and all of the accompanying costs of doing business. That means that the remaining 75% goes to paying commissions and profit. That might not be a problem for some, but let’s not pretend that the extra $3,000 for an SD501 doesn’t exist.

      I’m a supporter of the hard work that Enagic distributors do in educating others because they are doing a wonderful job of spreading the word.

      I also believe that people need to get paid for their efforts.

      BUT….do Enagic and its distributors need to make so much profit? If people are willing to pay, I don’t have a problem.

      I talk to lots of Enagic distributors. I can’t offer any hard numbers, but I can say with great confidence that Enagic distributors present the idea to a far greater number of people than those that actually buy an Enagic machine. I’m also OK with that. But what about those people who want a good machine but can’t afford it or are unwilling to pay $4,000 for a water machine. Enagic offers less expensive machines, but from what I have experienced, Enagic distributors spend a great deal of time promoting how amazing the SD501 machine is and how much better it is than any competitive product. The process leaves prospective customers believing that they should buy the SD501 or nothing. I’m not making this up. I have also heard from lots of people who have been told by their Enagic representatives that they are better off with no machine that buying a competitive product. Oops! That is where the line gets crossed between honesty and trying to make a buck.

      I have tested lots of machines (including the Enagic SD501) and they all work. I’m fine with Enagic distributors believing their product is the best. In fact, it is necessary because there is no way that they could sell their machines at the prices they charge if the distributors didn’t believe in the product. However, there is the rest of the world to consider. Other electric machines offer the same health benefits for about half the money. For those on a even more restricted budget, the natural water ionizers offer the same health benefits for about $300.

      I don’t care which machines people buy, as long as they drink the water. I don’t have any problem with someone paying $4,000 for the education, support, and a high quality machine. I can also understand someone choosing to pay $2,000 for a different brand of electric water ionizer, or $300 for a natural water ionizer. As my kids say: “It’s all good”.

  8. I m recovered from Cancer. I still have to follow up every 4 months with the CT Scan.
    I have heard of Alkaline water may help.

    I m also a dialysis patient for the last 9 years. As you know, we are not allow to drink too much water (approx 500ML per day).

    Can I still drink Akaline water. It’s seems that a person need to drink at least 2 litre a day for the benefit. Can you comment on that.

    I really appreicate if you can help me to get a discount if i need one. I will feed back my progress to you for the benefit of others in my same shoe.

    someone recommended Tyent and Kargan.

    thanks and God Bless

    • Hi foo:

      I’m not a medical doctor, so my opinions are just that…my opinions. I’m definitely not qualified to talk about your medical situation.

      Every patient should always consult with their managing physician. My understanding is that with dialysis, a personal consultation is extremely important because every kidney patient is different.

      Based upon your internet provider, I assume you are in Asia. I know it is a generality, but I have found that the medical profession is more enlightened that in western society. I would hope that you could ask your physician about alkaline water.

      In general, drinking alkaline water creates detoxification. That is great for everyone except dialysis patients, who have kidney issues that may not be able to handle the additional stress.

      If you doc gives you the go-ahead to drink ionized water, I would be happy to point you to a dealer that can help you out. I would be very interested to follow your progress while on the water.

  9. Hi Rob,
    I too have cancer and after doing some research realised that altering the alkalinity of water would certainly go a long way to improving my chances. Have been on the internet trying to sort through the various types and prices that are available when I came across your site.
    I guess my first question has to be, does this remarkable reduction only apply to residents of the USA?
    I live in Australia and was operated on recently (late march 2012) for breast lobular carcinoma.
    Further investigation shows more cancer in the breast with the surgeon recommending more radical surgery and to be followed up by hormone therapy. I am unable to have chemo or radiation due to MS. (Self manged for the last 20 years with no drugs)
    At this point I have decided to take control back for my health once more, and have cancelled further surgery and oncology appointments.
    Now I have to implement as many re-cooperative protocols as I can possibly afford ASAP!

    Would welcome any advice or directions to follow up in regards to the Water Ionizers as money is tight after all the out of pocket expenses so far, but I really feel this would help greatly.
    My drinking water is rain water (collected in 1 concrete and 1 iron tank) and was shocked to find the pH was only 5.
    Happy to furnish more details if required.
    Kind regards, Linda.

  10. I have been drinking kangen water for 2 yrs and have been having very good results regarding different health issues including cancer.without chemo or radiation. I know also own my own Enagic machine.
    There are individuals as well as myself that have been doing research on the different ionizing machines. We’ve been requesting specifications on the machines and their warranties. There is a big difference. Most of Enagic Independent Distributors will give the water away for free for 30 days or longer, they cannot sell or ask for payment for water jugs, etc. it’s against company policy. I received water for 2 yrs. No other company will do that. Hmmmm. Why?
    Also if you run more than 2 1/2 gallons of water a day thru other machines it voids out the warranty. What if you have a large family or want to share the water?
    A Dr. Carpenter gives over 4oo gallons of water a day to his patients and he’s had his machine for about 3 yrs and it’s still running like champ with no problems. That’s the equivalent to over 25 yrs of service for a family of four.
    Enagic has a bumper to bumper warranty all parts replacable. The electrolysis plates are 99.99% medical grade titanium with an overlay of 99.99% medical grade platinum and the plates are solid not mesh. Mesh burns out rather quickly. Solid plates are so very important for the constant current of 230 volts which is essential to have consistant level & strength of pH and microclustering which are the most important aspects of ionized water.
    Many machines have overheat shutoff transformer to prevent overheating, Enagic does not overheat. Also, there are alloys in other plates or mesh which get released during the electrolysis process and have caused toxic metal poisoning.
    Enagic is the only machine certified in Japan as a medical device and has consistantly won the gold seal of approval of all water ionizer machines over several yrs running. No other machine comes close.
    Another plus, all machine are made in a clean room with strictest of conditions; made one machine start to finish by one technician with his/her employee number stamped inside the machine, not assembly made. I could go on but enough said.
    There are only two things that don’t need digestion….water and alcohol….as long as there is no food and digestive process going on. No digestion no stomach acids. So alkalinized water goes directly into the bloodstream as such.
    I urge anyone to do their homework. Get the real facts and compare. I did.

    • Hi Susanna:

      I love the passion of Enagic/Kangen dealers. I can tell you with 100% confidence that all the major brands work, including Enagic.

      Keep up the great work.

  11. Hi Rob
    I think the awareness you are spreading about reducing the intake of chemicals in our water, and the importance of drinking purified, ionised, alkaline (mineral infused) water is awesome!
    I have a family member who is battling cancer and another who has had a scare and conventional treatment for it, and we have a looong running family history of cancers in our family. I have been, for years researching and implementing healthy practises into my own life and sharing with family members….
    I must share that that complimenting what you say about the importance of good water, is the healing ability and importance of the right food.
    If there is anyone here who is interested I must share with you and them, that The Gerson Therapy is some of the most interesting, inspiring and hopeful information I have ever come across, showing in their years of treating patients absolutely incredible success rates at treating many different diseases.
    I say if anyone themselves has cancer or has a family member who has cancer, you need to do this research for yourself. And all of the information is practically free.
    Go to YouTube to watch free documentaries talking about this nutritional therapy:
    Just type in “gerson” in the youtube search box.
    In order of how I would recommend watch these: “Dying to have Known”, “The Gerson Miracle” & “The Beautiful Truth” – all worth watching.

    • Hi Samantha:

      Thanks for providing the links. I will definitely check them out.

  12. Please email me information. My mom has cancer. Thank you!

  13. Hey there Rob!

    Good to see you have a Cancer arena! I am doing a great deal more research on the matter.
    Looking forward to getting the info out there. As you know I am a cancer survivor, went through the chemo & radiation. Now experiencing the wonderfully painful side effects! Ugh, if I knew then what I know now perhaps my brother would still be alive and I would feel much better not having that horrible chemo running through my body!

    • Hi Cheryel:

      I keep get bombarded by “do you know these people” from Facebook who are friends of Cheryel Watkins. You must still be reaching out to a lot of people.

  14. Hi, I’m interested if the 1/2 price water ionizer is still available. My mom is currently undergoing treatment right now. The doctor has recommended in getting water ionizer. If it’s still available, I would email you our info. Thank you so much. Great info on this site. Thanks again.

    Warm regards,

  15. Dear Rob:
    Thank you for putting this website together. My husband recently was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He has gone alkaline with his diet and wants to purchase a water ionizer. Please include the Enagic machines that might be available for purchase. Thank you.

    • Hi Anne:

      I was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 3 years ago. Fortunately for me, it was a false diagnosis. I have to say that when I thought I had cancer for a couple of months that it was an experience I will never forget. I hope your husband is as lucky.

      Check out http://www.waterheatlhcare.ca as they offer cancer patients water ionizers for half price. I financed the company many years ago in exchange for them helping me with my cancer patient plan. In the last few years, they have helped hundreds of cancer patients get water ionizers at or near wholesale prices. The company doesn’t carry Enagic machines because Enagic will only allow their distributors to carry one brand and they would never allow discounts. As it is, I had to fight with every company over the products that Water Healthcare carries as they were all afraid the company was going to destroy their retail pricing models.

      I have to admit that the Enagic SD501 produces more molecular hyrdrogen that the other electric water ionizers that we have had tested. It has been found that molecular hydrogen is the key to providing health benefits to more than 80 human diseases (check out http://www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com ). After saying that, the same lab that tested the electric water ionizers found that the $59.95 pitcher that I had tested ( http://www.vyvwater.com ) produces more molecular hydrogen than the Enagic SD501 when the filter is new and still produces as much or more molecular hydrogen as other electric water ionizers throughout the life testing of the filters).

  16. My husband was diagnosed with stage three brain cancer and I would like to try out the alkaline water on him. Unfortunately, he is unable to work and I am trying to support our family on my school teachers salary. I think the only thing I could afford at the moment would be the pitcher style ionizer. Can you recommend a good one for us to try? I would appreciate any feedback you may have concerning this.
    Thank you in advance for your response,
    Stacey Ayers

    • Hi Stacey:

      We use the VYVwater pitcher at our house. I assume that other pitchers are good but I haven’t tested them and I don’t know what the media is in the filters of the other pitchers. I did have the VYVwater pitcher ( http://www.vyvwater.com ) tested for its ability to produce molecular hydrogen and the results were better than I expected and better than most of the electric water ionizers that have been tested.

      It has been proven in over 300 scientific studies that the molecular hydrogen produced by water ionizers is beneficial to more than 80 human diseases. While very few people are talking about water as part of a strategy to combat cancer because it is such a “hot topic”, I can tell you that I have seen some pretty amazing results over the years. After saying that, don’t think for one second that the water is a magic bullet. If someone treats their body well (proper food, liquids, sleep, and diet) as well as keeping their spirits up, it is amazing how the body can heal itself.

      My very best wishes to you and your husband

  17. Hi I would like to look into the alkaine water machine. Which brand more suitable for cancer patients.

    • Hi Pris:

      From a purely scientific standpoint, there is evidence to support arguments for the water that are both pro and con in regards to cancer.

      One thing for sure is that the “cancer can’t grow in an alkaline environment” argument is NOT supported by science.

      From a personal perspective, I have helped about 1,000 cancer patients obtain alkaline water ionizer machines at cost. I’m happy to report that a few people had stunning recoveries when recovery did not seem like a viable option. On the other hand, I have to say that just as many people who purchased the machines to help loved ones as a final grasp at helping were not successful.

      All I can say is that cancer is a bitch and the earlier that people start the fight, the better, no matter what strategy is chosen.

      I wouldn’t be able to say one machine is better than another. I like the Hybrid because it is the easiest unit to clean the electrolysis chamber The unit retails for $895 but cancer patients can get it for $549 from one site that I’m aware of.

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