Energy – – Laurie

 May 7th, 2010 I have suffered from severe acid reflux and other digestive issues for the last 10 years.  I have been on numerous medications and seen several doctors, but …Continue reading »

Energy –

Initially she noticed increased bathroom visits and a gradual boost in energy.  By the 2nd week, her IBS and allergies calmed down considerably.  Energy was great and she continued to be …Continue reading »

Energy – – Jami

Jami has been a hairdresser for 30 years.  All that standing has taken it’s toll, and despite a lifestyle built around a very healthy diet, whole food supplements and exercise, …Continue reading »

Energy – Grand Cache, AB

 I have more energy, sleep better and can focus on long tasks without becoming sluggish and tired. S. Peters, Grand Cache

Energy – Australia

“Old? Ha! I’m in my 80s, and began drinking ionized water about 18 months ago. At my age I have come to expect that getting up in the morning is a …Continue reading »

Energy – Edmonton, AB

“I have no critical or major health problems. I bought our water ionizer machine because after research I was convinced it was the best possible available water.   I have been drinking ionized …Continue reading »

Energy – Grand Cache, AB

“I am 50 years old and recently had a quadruple bypass. I started drinking the high alkaline water 6 months after my operation and noticed the antioxidizing qualities quite quickly. …Continue reading »

Energy – South Africa

“I have recently introduced the water ionizer to my entire family. What I found to be wonderful is that all those members who did not feel inspired to drink water …Continue reading »

Energy, Byron Bay, Australia

“The results have blown me away. I have never felt better in my life.” Mark Walker, basketball coach, Byron bay Australia

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