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Everyone loves free stuff, but free stuff is rarely free. Your spidey senses should be tingling when you see internet offers that seem too good to be true, but in this case, free is actually free.

I’m a big fan of molecular hydrogen gas (H2), and as a water guy, my favorite source of H2 is hydrogen rich water. I have been drinking H2 water now for three years as the scientific community tells us that it is beneficial to every human organ. The stuff works and everyone should be consuming it IMO.

Let’s Get To The Free Part

You can order a FREE box of 60 H2 RENU tablets by visiting the Brilliantz website at: without any further obligation.

Why Would Brilliantz Offer A $60 Product For Free?

Brilliantz has been selling H2 RENU tablets for a couple of years. The product is really good, but they are introducing an even better performing raspberry flavored tablet shortly and are clearing out their existing inventory well in advance of the expiration of the “good til” date stamped on the box.

Tablet Expiry Dates

Every H2 tablet brand has a “good til” expiry date. Exceeding the expiry date doesn’t necessarily mean that the tablets won’t work, especially if the product is packaged in a blister pack and stored under suggested temperature and humidity conditions like H2 RENU. However, it is unethical to sell products after their stale date. That doesn’t stop other companies from doing it, but Brilliantz won’t participate in that type of activity.

I notice that a number of H2 tablet companies have marked down the price of their 60 tablet bottles from $60 to $40 as their 2018 or 2019 expiry dates approached or were exceeded. I assure you that the tablets offered by companies such as Alkaway (I Love H2), Alkaviva (H2 Viva), Echo H2 Tablets, and Nordic Clinical (Bio H2) etc are exactly the same as the H2 RENU tablets and very likely have similar if not identical “good til” dates.

I assume Brilliantz is hoping that their honesty and generosity will attract new customers to take a look at their products, including their soon to be released H2 BOOM! tablets. Free is pretty hard to beat.

I encourage everyone that uses H2 tablets to take advantage of the free offer before they run out of inventory. Free is pretty tough to beat, so I expect the free giveaway won’t last long.

I have been encouraging readers for a couple of years to try H2 enriched water because the science tells us its a no-brainer. If you have never tried H2 products, this is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe in.

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