H2 Tablets For $10

Everyone loves free stuff, but free stuff is rarely free. Your spidey senses should be tingling when you see internet offers that seem too good to be true, but for awhile, that was the case for the H2 RENU tablets offered by Brilliantz (www.brilliantz.com).

In the latter part of 2018, Brilliantz was offering its customers a box of 60 H2 RENU tablets for free if the customer paid $10.95 per box for shipping and handling. As of January 1st, 2019, Brilliantz changed their offer so that customers could buy a case (12 boxes) of H2 RENU tablets for $120. The offer is actually better by $0.95 per box as the $120 cost qualifies for their free shipping. I liked the free tablets with the $10.95 per box shipping and handling fee better as you could buy a single box instead of having to buy 12 boxes. The company informed me that they changed the deal in January as the original offer was designed as a sample offer to allow new customers to try their product for a nominal charge.

Why Would Brilliantz Offer Their Product For $10 While Others Offer Similar (identical except for packaging) Products For $60?

Brilliantz has been selling H2 RENU tablets for a couple of years. The product is really good, but they have introduced a newer H2 tablet and they are clearing out their existing inventory of the H2 RENU. Their is a “best before” date of December 2018 stamped on the H2 RENU boxes but it is not an expiry date. It turns out that retail stores typically want a “best before” date even though it is not an expiry date. As long as the tablets remain sealed in the blister packs and are not exposed to excess heat or humidity, the performance of the tablets doesn’t change over time.

I have been using the tablets for about 2 1/2 years and they are still performing exactly the same as the first day that I started using them. The tablets still dissolve at the same rate, and produce the same amount of H2 bubbles, and testing the H2 concentration of the water with “H2 Blue” produces the same results.

I have researched a number of similar H2 tablet brands on the market offered by companies such as Alkaway (I Love H2), Alkaviva (H2 Viva), and Echo H2 tablets. Each of those companies have discounted their tablets from $60 down to $40. I can assure you that they are all the exact same tablets, made by the same manufacturer, and they all have the same or very similar dates stamped on their packaging. The only difference is that Brilliantz is clearing out their inventory. As my Aussie mate would say “Good on ya, Brilliantz”.

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  1. I would like to get free product.. I have used your product for 3 months… would be nice to get free offer

    • Hi Marilyn:

      Thanks for the comment.

      It is Brilliantz’s product and they are making the free offer.

      I’m aware of several companies that are selling the same product for $40 to $60 that have the same “best before” dates. After speaking to the manufacturer, I have learned that there is no expiration date as long as the tablets remain in air tight packaging.

  2. Hi Rob! Thanks for sharing this. I just got the goods..and dropped the tablet in my luke warm tea. Is that ok? Does the water need to be cold?

  3. Hi Julia:

    Nice to hear from you. I fondly remember a warm sunny day many years ago spent on a beach with you and friends that has always stuck with me.

    Your tablets should work just fine in tea. The temperature of the water doesn’t change the reaction of Mg with water but the process slows down a bit in cold water

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