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Everyone loves free stuff, but free stuff is rarely free. Your spidey senses should be tingling when you see internet offers that seem too good to be true, but in this case, free is actually free.

I’m a big fan of molecular hydrogen gas (H2), and as a water guy, my favorite source of H2 is hydrogen rich water. I have been drinking H2 water now for three years. The evidence of the benefits of H2 that are supported by the more than 1,000 scientific studies are impossible to ignore. The stuff works and everyone should be consuming it IMO.

The Free Part

You can order a FREE box of 60 H2 RENU tablets (a one month supply) by visiting the Brilliantz website at: without any further obligation.

Why Would Brilliantz Offer A $60 Product For Free?

Brilliantz has been selling H2 RENU tablets for a couple of years. The product is really good, but they are introducing a more convenient, more potent, and great tasting H2 tablet so they are clearing out their existing inventory.

I asked the company if the 12-31-2018 (December 31, 2018) date stamped on the packaging was a “best before” or “expiry” date and if that was the reason for the FREE offer. The company informed me that the date was stamped on the packaging when the tablets were manufactured and that the date is irrelevant to the quality or life expectancy of the tablets. Apparently, as long as the product is stored in a cool and dry environment, the product will work indefinitely as good as the day it was made as long as the seal is not broken. It turns out that the date stamp is provided for retail outlets that have a policy about carrying inventory beyond a certain date.

I have been using the tablets for about 2 1/2 years and they are still performing exactly the same as the first day that I started using them. The tablets still dissolve at the same rate, and produce the same amount of H2 bubbles, and testing the H2 concentration of the water with “H2 Blue” produces the same results.

I have researched a number of similar H2 tablet brands on the market offered by companies such as Alkaway (I Love H2), Alkaviva (H2 Viva), and Echo H2 tablets. Each of those companies have discounted their tablets from $60 down to $40. I can assure you that they are all the exact same tablets, made by the same manufacturer, and they all have the same or very similar dates stamped on their packaging. The only difference is that Brilliantz is giving the tablets away for FREE. As my Aussie mate would say “Good on ya, Brilliantz”.

I have tested the new tablets that Brilliantz is now offering and there is no question that they are more convenient, the concentration of H2 in the water is 4x to 5x higher, and they taste great. I prefer the new tablets, but I have stocked up on the FREE offer on the H2 RENU. Crazy not to!

I encourage everyone that uses H2 tablets to take advantage of the FREE offer before they run out of inventory. For those that are new to the world of H2, the FREE offer seems like the perfect opportunity to dip your toe (or tongue to be more precise) into the water.

3 Responses to Free H2 Tablets

  1. I would like to get free product.. I have used your product for 3 months… would be nice to get free offer

    • Hi Marilyn:

      Thanks for the comment.

      It is Brilliantz’s product and they are making the free offer.

      Anyone taking advantage of the offer should know that the expiry date for the tablets is December 31,2018. I assume that is why Brilliantz is offering the product for free. Every product that is for sale must have an expiry date. That doesn’t mean the product won’t work, but an expiry date is an expiry date. I know the Brilliantz H2 RENU tablets are packaged in air tight blister packs (no air gets to them to cause degradation) and they store their products in temperature and heat controlled facilities as recommended on their labels. I have been using the tablets for a couple of years and I will continue to use them until such time as they stop producing H2 (I test with H2 Blue drops) as the price can’t be beat.

      I’m aware of several companies that are selling the same product with the same or similar expiry dates for $40 to $60. I respect Brilliantz for being up front about it

  2. Hi Rob! Thanks for sharing this. I just got the goods..and dropped the tablet in my luke warm tea. Is that ok? Does the water need to be cold?

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