The Cure Rate for Cancer Using Chemotherapy is Less than 3%

I wrote an article called “The War on Cancer” a few months ago.  It looks like our good friend Gabe Hunninghake has expanded upon the theme in his own article by adding information and his own insight.   Gabe’s efforts are worth reading. 

Gabe and I are on the same page when it comes to the efforts and results of the American Cancer Society and similar organizations.  In summary, 2 trillion dollars has been spent on cancer “research” and we are basically no further ahead than we were in 1970.  

I try to summarize what I think are the most important points from articles in order to save you time.  If you want to read the entire article, you can see it at:   I hope you find the following information and thoughts from Gabe of interest:  

What would you guess the “cure rate” chemotherapy is?  With the way doctors push it, one would think it’s pretty high, right?  What if I told you it was around 3%.  Yep, actually a little less, and that it has not improved in the last 70-80 years.   Oh…and that 3% is usually on extremely rare forms that only make up a fraction of the total diagnosis

Gabe reminds us that ” In 1971, the “War on Cancer” was officially declared by the cancer industry and the federal government.  Since, then we’ve spent over $2 trillion on research.  In 40 years there has been zero tangible forward progress toward a cure.  Sure, we have more drugs, better detection methods and higher rates of remission [not cures] because we are finding it sooner, but that’s it.”

Gabe then tells us what really ticks him off.   He astutely points out:   “When you look deeper into the criteria the American Cancer Society uses to define “survival”, it doesn’t match what most people think of when they hear the word.  If you survive a plane crash, a heart attack or an assassination attempt, then I assume that means you didn’t die from one of those things… ever. The ACS uses 5 years as their requirement.  If you die 5 yrs and 1 day after your initial diagnosis of prostate cancer, then you survived.  Even worse, if at that point you died of colon cancer, you’re still a survivor of prostate cancer.”

Gabe correctly points out that the statistics are manipulated.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone as the American Cancer Society states: “No one knows the exact cause of most cases of cancer.  We know that certain changes in our cells can cause cancer to start, but we don’t yet know exactly how it all happens.  Scientists are studying this problem and learning more about the many steps it takes for cancers to form and grow.”

Gabe says: “It’s a flat out lie. We know exactly what causes cancer…and most other “diseases” for that matter.  A body overloaded with acid and low on oxygen. That’s it.” 

Gabe provides us with another nugget when he points out that the ACS states in their charter that if a cure is ever found, they will disband the next day.  Hmmmmmm… I guess the American Cancer Society likes being in the business of cancer more than they like telling the world why we get cancer, and how to fix it.

Gabe reminds us that: “the cause and cure for cancer has been repeatedly shown by a long line of scientists, researchers and doctors since the early 1900′s.  Most of them have been ignored, ridiculed and blacklisted.  Some have endured even worse. “

I ask myself everyday why won’t our governments just wake up and tell us the truth about why we are getting sick and why we are not getting better. Our bodies are supposed to be alkaline (with a pH of slightly over 7.0), but the foods and beverages we are putting in our bodies are typically 97% acidic on average.  Cancer and other diseases can’t survive in an alkaline environment, so the solution is simple.  Eat more alkaline foods and drink alkaline water.  

It seems insane to me that we have the ability to create a quantum shift towards a healthy society by making simple changes, and yet nothing is being done about it.  Why do our governments, who are supposed to be in place to protect us and help us have better lives avoiding such an obvious and simple solution to a huge problem?  The answer is simple…the powerful fast food companies and drug companies make their money by making us sick and keeping us sick. 

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and the quoted writer. This article is not meant as medical advice.  It is always recommended that you seek the advice of your health care provider for health issues.

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  1. Wow…thanks Rob. I’m honored you thought enough of my ramblings to include and expand on them.

    I just got back from the grocery store, don’t know what you call them in Canada, but they had a display set up with all sorts of pink labeled products on special. Guess how many of them were NOT connected to causing cancer?

    1…and now I can say I’ve seen pink duct tape.

    • Hi Gabe:

      You are a fantastic researcher and I’m sure everyone else appreciates your efforts as much as I do.

      Pink duct tape….the marketing for cancer research has become an industry on its own.

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