Weight Loss – waterhealthcare.com.au – John Curran

Prostate cancer and stress August 2010 I went on the Ionized water just to help get over a stressful time after hearing I had cancer cells in my prostrate. After …Continue reading »

Weight Loss – wearewhatweabsorb.com – Laurie

May 7th, 2010 I have suffered from severe acid reflux and other digestive issues for the last 10 years.  I have been on numerous medications and seen several doctors, but …Continue reading »

Weight Loss – wearewhatweabsorb.com – Bob

Bob has suffered from arthritis for many years.  His trial with ionized water was much more herky-jerky as he was out of town a lot on business.  It took a …Continue reading »

Weight Loss – St. Lucia

It is true that this water is not ‘heavy’ on the stomach; I’m able to drink without difficulty. Since changing my drinking water I have also lost about 3kg, and …Continue reading »

Weight Loss – Edmonton, AB

Lost over 20 pounds so far! G. Botteselle, Edmonton AB

Weight Loss – Mississauga, ON

My waistline measurement dropped from a 32 to a 28 in a couple of months when I started drinking alkaline water instead of Gatorade and the frozen juice mixes. JQ, Ontario

Weight Loss – Redondo Beach, CA

I lost ten pounds in my first weeks of drinking the water.  I then went on to lose about 60 pounds over the next 5 months, using the water and a healthy …Continue reading »