Health Care Industry Pros Rarely Recommend Water Ionizers

I recently attended the Canadian Health Food Show in Toronto as a “water consultant” on behalf of a company that sells many products, including water ionizers. The show was well attended by owners or managers of health food stores as well as Naturopathic Doctors and other industry professionals.

It seemed to me that the show was so big that people didn’t have enough time to focus on anything but their special interests. The general consensus among the exhibitors that I spoke with was that the number of discussions was down from previous years, but the level of interest and education was higher.

Most Health Care Professionals Don’t Incorporate Water Ionizers In Their Trade

I found that the level of awareness among the industry professionals about the importance of being alkaline was very high. They also recognized the importance of proper hydration. As such, one would think they would be big fans of water ionizers. However, that was not the case. While most of the professionals knew about water ionizers, very few incorporated ionized water into their practices. The primary issue for the professionals was price. I also found that most industry professionals are not “drinking the Kool-Aid” when it comes to the ability of water ionizers to either help or provide good value when it comes to making the human body alkaline. Most people that I spoke with recommended Reverse Osmosis machines to remove impurities from the water and recommended an alkaline diet.

It is hard to argue with the industry professional’s assessment. Why would anyone pay thousands of dollars for a machine that doesn’t adequately remove contaminants from the water and produces the same alkalizing ability that can be achieved by eating a proper diet? Good question!

Most of my discussions with the industry professionals during the show revolved around me explaining that the goal of water ionizers is to produce hydrogen. Most industry professionals understood that hydrogen is the building block of the human body. When I explained that your body can get hydrogen from food and from ionized water, their interest perked up. When they learned that ionized water is very efficient at producing hydrogen, their interest grew. At that point in time, the money issue would crop up. It seemed that most of my conversations ended up heading in the direction of antioxidant filters because of the low price point.

When the professionals learned that antioxidant filters removed some of the contaminants from the water and created hydrogen at a low price, the “light” would come on.

The show was designed to educate health care industry professionals as opposed to selling stuff. The company did sign up a few dealers but I was hoping for a lot more. It seems like my goal of “educating the world” about the benefits of ionized water is going to continue to be a long process. I will keep working away at it as I realize that every person that starts drinking the water becomes another spokesperson.

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