Allergies – – Linda

Linda is the 2nd most chronic sufferer I’ve worked with.  Her list of ailments was immense and she has struggled with most of them for 20+ years.  She’s visited numerous …Continue reading »

Allergies – Orlando, FL

I have suffered from horrible allergies resulting from nasal polyps (So I was told), and had to be on steroids to reduce the inflammation and congestion. Within about a year …Continue reading »

Allergies – St. Louis, MO

I have been drinking ionized water for 18 years. I have 5 children, and the two oldest were in their late teens when I got my first water ionizer. With …Continue reading »

Allergies (Animal Fur) – Calgary, AB

I have been allergic to animal hair for life. After drinking the Tyent water, my dog sleeps with me. J.H.  Calgary, AB

Allergies (Ragweed) – Aurora, ON

I have suffered from Ragweed allergy for 35 years each year from the middle of August until the first frost. That means every fall has been a difficult period of …Continue reading »