Prostate Cancer Success Story with Alkaline Ionized Water: Washington State

My research into the benefits of ionized water in regards to helping cancer patients lead me to start blogging about  water.   I don’t know how people find this blog, but they do.  As a result, I continue to hear from more and more people with cancer.  While cancer may have not reached epidemic levels yet, the number of people diagnosed or living with cancer is alarming.  This is an inspiring story about a man who had been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and used ionized water to beat the disease and improve his overall health. This story was referred to me by a friend and cancer survivor, and involves one of her relatives.   

“ Don & I are in our 80’s and have lived in Washington for our entire lives.  My husband was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and we were told he didn’t have much time. Don was getting weak and we had to make some decisions quick! We sold our home & property where we had lived for 50 yrs, as we wanted to downsize in preparation for the inevitable.   The Doctors gave Don radiation tablets but things didn’t look good and we weren’t hopeful.  Just before Christmas time 2008, Cheryel told us about this water thing.  I couldn’t remember much of the conversation other than she had been going through chemotherapy herself, and she kept talking about this water that she swears by. 

We were interested in Cheryel’s story, but Don was feeling poorly as he was having a hard time with his kidneys and we had to leave.  We didn’t think about the conversation again, as we were preoccupied.  However my nephew showed up at our house one day shortly after Christmas with this a water ionizer that Cheryel had loaned to us.  She thought it might make Don feel a little bit better at the very least.

Don has been drinking the water ever since.  When Don started drinking the water his PSA was 253.  When we last saw the oncologist at the end of April 2009, Don’s PSA had dropped down to 1.1 and has remained at low cancer free levels ever since.   Don’s kidney’s continue to get better. 

We haven’t made too many changes other than drinking the water and eating a bit better.  I can’t think of anything besides the water that helped Don.  Whatever that water does, we love it and think everyone should drink it.  Don & I want to thank Cheryel .

Don & Billy Howard, Washington State”

I want to thank the Howards for taking the time to share their story.   I expect to be able to share many more similar stories in the future, as they are out there.  I just need to find them. 

I’m not a physician and I don’t offer medical advice, but I believe it is both reckless and senseless to continue to leave cancer treatment up to the pharmaceutical companies and physicians.  An improvement of only 5% in survival rates for cancer in 60 years is just not good enough. 

As always, this article is the opinion of the author and should not be taken as medical advice.  Always seek advice from your health care provider for health issues.

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  1. Hello,

    Do you know the brand or the vendor of the water ionizer Don and his wife have been using?
    My wife suffers from cancer as well and we are about to buy a water ionizer but need some advice what type of ionizer to buy.
    My best regards and greetings from Belgium,
    Hermann Dingels

    • Hi Hermann:

      I believe they used the old KYK made by EOS Hitech, which is different from today’s KYK which is tied in with Tyent USA. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter which brand you choose as they all work pretty much the same. I don’t know which brands are sold in Belgium, but anything with 7 plates and power of over 200 Watts should do the job. If your water is soft, you can always add to the performance of the machine with an alkali mineral pre-filter which will improve results.

      You will want your wife to drink lots of water (4 liters per day if she can) with high pH (10 or more) and a very negative ORP (-400 or lower). Dr. Robert Young recommends a really low negative ORP as an natural alternative to chemotherapy as they are both strong oxidants. I have never figured out how a low ORP acts as an oxidant while mildly low ORP acts as an antioxidant.

      All of my research indicates that an alkaline diet (fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables) helps, as does a positive attitude, rest, and exercise

      Please pass on my hope for a full and speedy recovery to your wife.

  2. Hi,

    what machine did you use? (some tell, only kangen can heal, but maybe you used a different one)
    greetings, Mara

    • Hi Mara:

      I have used most of the electric machines over the past few years. My first experience was with Enagic/Kangen, which was good. I used a Tyent 7070 under my kitchen sink for a year or so and then replaced it with the Tyent Turbo 7070….both worked well. I have also used the KYK and EOS and the Jupiter Melody and Venus as well as the Chanson VS70 and Chanson Miracle. They all work equally well in my reasonably hard water supply. I have been using the AlkaStream in my office since January and it works just as well as all the others.

      The goal should be to start drinking water….and only water if possible. The next step is to get the crap out of the water with filters. Ultimately, the goal should be to have the water be alkaline so that it can produce free hydrogen, which is the building block of the human body.

  3. I had the BIG C in the crotch area, and it is gone after drinking Kangen for over 3.5 years. I finally got conventional medicine tto do another biopsy on me and it came up negative after 20 cuts instead of 10. Yes it was very expensive, but I did not have to purchase so many machines at half the price of the Enagic to get the same results. My water is hard, but I have a softener on it and the kangen still works, using 230 watts. 7 plates. If interested, contact me. I have stories of other successful results as well.

    • Hi Patrick:

      Thanks for the testimonial. I’m sure that lots of people would be interested in hearing your stories of success with the water. Feel free to post them!

      An alkaline diet or the water seems to be able to play an essential role in fighting prostate cancer. The success rate with prostate cancer is very high if a diagnosis is made early in the process.

      I have been drinking everyday from my water ionizer (not a Kangen) for almost 4 years. It is still going strong without any problems. I have talked to lots of people with different kinds of machines and I have never come across anyone that had to replace their machine. All of the companies offer great warranties these days, so the need to buy a replacement machine is virtually non-existent. All the same, I love your enthusiasm. Keep up the great work!

  4. I had prostrate surgery on May4,2012. My Psa after was 2.7 after they told me they got all the cancer that was located only in my prostrate.Tested 4 weeks later 4.1 psa score.Now they are sending me to another doctor who is a oncologist to review my case from the begining to see if we missed something and try to figureout why psa is up not down.

    I want to try this machine out as everyone who has used one has had success killing off the cancer.My prostrate is gone so lets kill off the cance in mybody finally. Does insurance help pay for these machnes? Not sure which machine is the best or longest lasting one? Any suggestions.

    • Hi Bob:

      Let’s start off with the fact that I’m not a doctor and I don’t claim to be. I just write about my observations as I don’t offer medical advice. Now that I have covered my butt, let get to it.

      PSA levels change all the time, so a minor variation in your PSA level probably doesn’t mean anything. In addition, any PSA score below 5 is normal.

      Obviously your physician has some concerns. I would hate to think that he/she is just trying to drum up business.

      I have talked to a lot of people who have had wonderful success with water ionizers. There are also cases where the water hasn’t been successful with cancer, especially if the patient has very late stage cancer. You are definitely not a late stage cancer patient.

      I don’t know any insurance companies that pay for water ionizers, but it never hurts to ask.

      All of the leading brands work. It is up to the individual to decide which machine is best for their needs based upon a number of factors, including budget.

      I’m a big fan of the low cost natural water ionizers because they work, they clean the water better than electric water ionizers, and they are a fraction of the price.

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