Arthritis – – Simon Carroll

Rob, one of my clients sent me this testimonial … he also gave permission for me to forward to you. Hi Robyn: My life has changed so much thanks to …Continue reading »

Arthritis – from – Bob

Bob has suffered from arthritis for many years.  His trial with ionized water was much more herky-jerky as he was out of town a lot on business.  It took a …Continue reading »

Arthritis – Edmonton, AB

My arthritis sustained from a running injury 20 yrs ago was getting worse every year.  Now the pain is all gone and I’m running again–yippee! G. Botteselle, Edmonton AB

Arthritis – Orlando, FL

I forgot to mention my diagnosis of chronic Arthritis last year in my lower back in which I became a fan of pain killers (try running a business in that …Continue reading »

Arthritis – Calgary, AB

I have been taking pain killers for the arthritic pain in my shoulder for five years. I wanted to get off the pain killers, and my physician recommended surgery. That …Continue reading »

Arthritis – Aurora, ON

Arthritis in my wrist, both elbows, a knee, and an ankle had been restricting my ability to perform the physical duties of my job for the past two years. A …Continue reading »

Arthritis – Calgary, AB

I had been taking pain medication for my arthritis for 3 years. After drinking Tyent water, I was pain free in two weeks. RZ, Calgary, AB

Arthritis Pain Halted by Ionized Water When an Alkaline Diet Fails

Arthritis Pain Halted by Ionized Water When an Alkaline Diet Fails

When I was in the water ionizer business and more recently with my blog, I have had the pleasure to speak with many health conscious people who have asked me …Continue reading »