It’s Ragweed Season… don’t forget your water!

As I sit here at my computer on a beautiful Sunday morning overlooking Lake Rosseau, I should be reveling at the beauty of nature. Instead, I’m sniffling away, and frustrated …Continue reading »

Miracle Water?

People are starting to refer to alkaline ionized water as Miracle Water. I don’t like the term, as it hints of promotional hype. The reality is that the water helps …Continue reading »

Peace Arch News: There must be something in the water!

Here is an inspiring story about a man in British Columbia, Canada, whose life changed in a very positive way when he began drinking alkaline ionized water.  The article has been …Continue reading »

Achieving a more alkaline body for better health!

Health issues used to be virtually the sole domain of doctors (especially in my house where my Dad was a doctor). Nowadays, people are slowly coming to understand that the best …Continue reading »