Electricity Is Not Required To Make Ionized Antioxidant Water

A recent search of the internet tells me that the electric water ionizer companies and dealers still don’t get it. Electric water ionizer sites continue to spread misleading information in an effort to support their sales. One site I checked out inspired the content and title of this article.

The website is run by someone with obvious ties to an electric water ionizer company. The website advertises a number of fake review sites to bash the competition and to promote their own line of electric water ionizers. The site also advertises the opportunity to “Get In on the Billion Dollar Water Ionizer Industry” by becoming a dealer of their company.

What a load of garbage.

Anyone that does their research knows that the review sites that are being advertised are phony. If the water ionizer industry ever achieves annual sales of a billion dollars, it will be the result of the public becoming aware of how and why the machines work and therefore, why they are important. Sales figures of a billion dollars per year will also depend upon the machines being affordable to the average family. To date, only the non-electric/anti-oxidant water ionizer companies are addressing the educational aspect or the affordability issue.

To date, the electric water ionizer companies continue to produce phony review sites and now, misleading articles like the one in the link above. The article if full of misleading information. Was the misleading information intentional like so many other efforts in the past, or was the author simply ignorant of the facts? I will give the author the benefit of the doubt and chalk up the misleading article to a lack of research. It is much easier to continue forward in one’s thinking, even if it is wrong, than to question ingrained doctrines and spend hundreds of hours researching.

In the article, the author informs reader that antioxidant filters/non-electric water ionizers don’t produce antioxidants:

These types of alkaline water will have a pH of 8.5 to 9.5 created by adding alkaline minerals to the water. What they don’t offer are the antioxidant properties found in alkaline ionized water, which is produced through the process of electrolysis.

Wrong! I have to question whether the author knows what antioxidants are, or how or why they work. Antioxidants are energy donating ionic charges associated with atoms or molecules which combine with and diffuse harmful energy stealing oxidants such as free oxygen inside your body.

Electrolysis can assist in the creation of antioxidants by concentrating the alkali minerals in the source water at the cathode of an ionization chamber. It is the process of the water molecules reacting to energy donating alkali minerals that causes the surplus of hydroxyl ions versus hydrogen ions that provide dramatic temporary changes in the pH and ORP levels when water is subjected to electrolysis. While pH and ORP are easy to measure, it is the availability of the free hydrogen created by the presence of alkali minerals in the ionized water that provides both energy and the beneficial antioxidant ions.

Ionization creates antioxidants because the attraction of the oxygen atom in a water molecule to magnesium or other alkali metal is stronger than the attraction to hydrogen. The resulting “cast off” free hydrogen is a building block to human health and survival. You don’t need electrolysis to create ionization. In fact, the scientific community views electrolysis as “electrocuting” the water which erases the valuable memory in water. I will leave that subject for another day.

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