oI started this blog in 2009 when I decided that other people might share my interest in the learning about the benefits of drinking healthy water. I believed in the machines that produced alkaline water, but was very discouraged by the attempts of the alkaline water ionizer companies to mislead the public.

In the past 8 years, I have had plenty of disputes with the owners of water ionizer companies over stories that I have written. One owner threatened to kill me and several companies sent me legal letters threatening to suit me if I didn’t retract my articles. Each time that I was threatened with a lawsuit (the death threat was from a nut job who I simply ignored), I contacted the company and reviewed my articles with their legal people to prove that everything I had written was the truth. Every time this happened, the companies backed off but they continue to hate me because they believe I’m bad for their businesses.

I have had several job offers from the industry but none of the offers have even been a “fit” for me. That happens to old guys who don’t need the money. I have worked on short term consulting contracts to test and improve products for companies in the water ionizer industry.

In the fall of 2014, my research brought me to a young American chemist who was researching and writing about molecular hydrogen. The young man was very patient with me in terms of educating me about molecular hydrogen. He nursed me through my recovery of the pseudo-science of the alkaline water ionizer industry. We had many (as in many many many) discussions and arguments about alkaline water and it turns out that old dogs can learn new tricks. Over time, he was able to teach me that pretty much everything I thought I knew about alkaline water was false. I think the story that was the turning point was when he explained that one teaspoon (the little spoon) of baking soda mixed into a glass of water would neutralize more acid than 10,000 liters of 10 pH alkaline water. That was when I learned about the difference between alkaline and alkalinity. The human body knows the difference but the alkaline water industry never bothered to explain the difference as it would blow up their industry.

When I began learning about hydrogen gas, I pretty much stopped writing about alkaline water. You can’t imagine how I felt when I discovered that a great deal that I had written was simply not true.

While I felt bad for a short period of time, I came to realize that I believed in everything that I ever wrote. I knew that the water was somehow good for me based upon my own personal experiences and from talking to thousands of people over the years that experienced benefits from drinking the water. It always bothered me that the scientific and medical communities never backed the alkaline water story, but I did know the water worked, so I, like hundreds of thousands of others accepted the alkaline myths. My only defense is that the moment that I learned that hydrogen gas was the real source of the health benefits, I swallowed my pride and apologized for my part in being part of the problem on my blog.

Anyone that sells alkaline water machines should be aware that the scientific evidence supports hydrogen gas and ridicules the alkaline water story. NO MORE EXCUSES. I feel bad for the Enagic/Alkaviva, Tyent, Life Ionizer etc. dealers who continue ignoring the truth because the profits they earn from sales come and go, but important relationships last a lifetime.

I recently signed up as an Affiliate of an American company called Brilliantz Inc (see www.Brilliantz.com) which is a first for me. Until I met the people at Brilliantz, I have never felt comfortable working with any other company that I report on. Brilliantz has created a new business model that is a hybrid of the best of the Direct Selling industry and the Franchising industry. I joined them because they tell the truth, they only sell brilliant products backed by science, the sell products for prices that are equal to or lower than big box store pricing instead of cranking up the prices to support a MLM business model, they educate their people before letting them sell and continue to educate them on an ongoing basis, they only pay the people that are directly involved in making a sale (no Uplines to swallow up all the profits), and they share their profits with their Affiliates in a Profit Pool.

My association with Brilliantz will not affect my reporting on other companies or products. If people do a good job (Vitev for example), I’m happy to give them the thumbs up. Going forward, I will try to refrain from bashing bad companies….unless they absolutely deserve it.

I would like to thank everyone that has supported my efforts on this blog over the years.