Let’s Just Admit That There is a Cure For Prostate Cancer

If you are in the health care business, you can’t use the “C” word when it comes to Cancer. The “C” that I’m referring to is the unspoken word “C”URE. Talking about a cure can land you in jail for practicing medicine without a medical license. If you do happen to have a medical license, you just can’t talk about curing cancer for fear of being sanctioned by the College of Physicians. While nobody will ever admit it, the pharmas control both the FDA and the College of Physicians. I talk to physician friends and they all tell me that they are virtually adopted by the pharmas in every way the day they enter medical school without realizing it.

Talking about a cure for cancer or any other disease is simply not acceptable to the pharmas. While it is easy to be angry with the FDA/pharmas/College of Physicians, the regulatory authorities play an important role in making sure that people to act responsibly and are not offered false hope.

Cancer is a $400 billion per year business in the United States. If there was a CURE for cancer, virtually every hospital in the country would have to close due to lack of funding. While great strides have been made in the early detection of Cancer, there has sadly been very little advancement in actually curing the disease. If you are diagnosed with cancer today, you are only 5% more likely to survive today that you were in 1950. How can that be, when the survival rate of every other major disease is more than 50% higher than it was in 1950? The answer is the the pharmas don’t want a cure.

While the medical/pharmaceutical world maintain that there is no cure for cancer, the evidence tells us otherwise.

I have talked to many prostate cancer patients that have been cured by changing their diet or drinking alkaline water. I have posted their stories on this blog. I talked to another gentleman from Toronto this week that was on the program for prostate cancer at the famous Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. When progress wasn’t happening, the gentleman purchased a water ionizer and his PSA count dropped back down to “normal” in a short period of time. I have heard the same story too many times to give credit to the “it’s a miracle” explanation offered by the oncologists.

I’m just one guy who talks to people, so my articles don’t reach many people. However, the interview of Bill Clinton with Wolf Blitzer on the Situation Roon show has reached a lot of people. Mr. Clinton explained how eating a diet of fruits, vegetables, beans, and legumes (an alkaline diet) changed his life for the better. Mr. Blitzer then interviewed the two doctors (Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. Ornish). Dr. Ornish tells us during the interview that not only can we prevent diseases such as coronary heart disease and prostate cancer, we can actually reverse the dreaded diseases with a proper diet (an alkaline diet). You can check out my article about the interviews and actually watch the interview here: http://www.waterfyi.com/featured/bill-clintons-heart-disease-interview-the-incredible-capacity-of-the-body-to-heal-itself/

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, or has been put on alert, do your research and get started immediately eating an alkaline diet and drinking alkaline water. If a person’s diet is 80% alkaline, their body will eventually become alkaline or at least much less acidic. The human body will take care of the rest if you provide it with the right fuel.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and are not intended as medical advice. Consult your primary health care provider for health issues.

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    • Hi William:

      Doctors typically don’t have a clue how to prevent cancer or how to deal with the disease other applying primarily archaic and mostly ineffective protocols, but doctors don’t give you cancer.

      Only people who are badly misinformed or who have a financial agenda would say that water ionizers are a waste of money. Anyone who says that water ionizers are dangerous is an idiot. I know that is blunt, who in their right mind would try to discredit clean and healthy water as being dangerous. If you know of such a person, whether he or she is a scientist or a medial practitioner, or anyone else who is in a position of influence, let me know how they are. I will find them, and question them, and hold them responsible for their irresponsible remarks. Sometimes it is necessary to neutralize the ignorance and those who spread it before progress can be made.

      If this is not a joke, I would be happy to direct you to companies that sell their machines for half price to cancer patients. You can email me from my blog.

  2. Hi Rob thanks for your reply can you please tell me more abouit the right type of machine to buy
    I really want to do something for myself cause all the doctors say there is no hope for me but their hormonial injections everymonth. I stop it and that when all my doctors say well I must not see them anymore. I beleive in god’s nature and I trust myself in God that I would be cured
    and I want to proove to all these doctors that they are wrong cause they beleive that they always right and they replaced God and I know that is not true.
    Please give mr more information about this Knagen water and where can I get the right stuff.
    thank you. I am desperate.


    • Hi William:

      I have worked with a number of supposedly terminally ill can patients over the years that have experienced what the doctors call “miraculous” recoveries. The results came from drinking alkaline water and paying more attention to eating a proper diet. It seems that meditation in whatever form that works for you can also play a role. While the water is not a magic bullet, I would definitely advise any loved one to give the water and a sugar free alkaline diet a chance.

      If you have the financial resources, you might want to check out the antineoplastin work of Dr. Stanislaw Buryznski (http://www.burzynskiclinic.com) out of Texas or the nutritional work of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez out of New York (http://www.dr-gonzalez.com) out of New York. Both physicians have and continue to have remarkable success with their ground breaking protocols. My frustration with doctors is that our society is wasting the talents of so many valuable people with poor instruction at the medical training facilities.

      I would recomment that you don’t try and prove anything to the doctors because they don’t care. Other than a few altruistic physicians like the two mentioned above (and there are others), medical doctors can’t or won’t risk their financial livlihood to think outside the box. The drug companies (and the medical training facilities by default) simply can’t afford to allow cures for cancer. You as an individual can do whatever it takes to help you get better. There are no guarantees when it comes to health, but accepting the ignorance of medical doctors who tell you there is nothing more you can do is completely on you.

      Alkaline water helps your body become more alkaline, just like alkaline foods. Those that claim that the acid in your stomache will nullify the benefits of the alkaline properties of a proper diet simply haven’t done their homework. It is pretty easy to learn how the cells in the walls of the lining of your stomache react to a change in the acid level. When the cells produce hydrochloric acid to nullify the increased level of alkalinity, they also create highly beneficial bicarbonates which enter your small intestines.

      It is a well documented fact that diseases (like cancer) can’t survive in an alkaline environment. Intuitively, that means everyone faced with cancer should started eating an alkaline diet and drinking alkaline water immediately. Get off the sugars and the carbs immediately. I don’t follow any specific religious dogma, but I work with people that have taught me how to connect to a “universal energy” that can be tapped into by those that make the effort.

      When it comes to water ionizers, they all work. I recommend the non-electric (also known as) natural water ionizers for general good health. In the past I have recommended the electric water ionizers for cancer patients because of their ability to create really low ORP (oxidation reduction potential) values, but the test results on the Vitev Ultra (see http://www.vitev.com) are as good as any electric water ionizer when it comes to producing cancer fighting result and they also far superior at cleaning the water and they are much more affordable.

      If you check out http://www.waterhealthcare.ca, you will see the electric water ionizers that they offer to cancer patients for half price. I hope to be able to add another electric water ionizer company that will offer “cancer patient pricing” in the near future. I’m also working on the owners of Vitev to offer their natural water ionizers to help cancer patients with “cost” pricing as well. Convincing companies to offer their products at cost is not easy, but it won’t stop me from trying.
      I’m not a doctor and at my age, I never will be. If I were a young man, I would study to be a medical doctor and then branch out to holistic medicine so that I could offer the best of both modalities. If you search around your area, you might get lucky and find a doctor who sees a picture that is bigger than offered by the current medidal community.

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