Get Rid Of Gout With Ionized Water

I have decided to post short stories from people that have experienced health benefits from drinking ionized water. Please feel free to ask questions or share your own experiences, because the best way to educate others is to talk about your own personal experiences.

The following report comes from a fellow in the UK that had been suffering with gout.

“I bought a high end water ionizer 3 weeks back to see if it would help with my gout. I had my uric acid level tested six days after I started drinking 3 litres of the water each day. The blood test results showed 3.7 UA. This is lower than normal level for a gout sufferer, as the level is usually above 7. The doctor told me that my uric acid level was low because I had been taking the prescription of Alluporin that he provided. What the doctor didn’t know is that I never had the prescription filled as I forgot to pick it up. When I told him this he was confused at the blood results. Something good must be happening, but still very unsure. Time will tell.”

The above is one of many success stories I have heard from people who have good results with their gout after drinking ionized water.

Please share your personal story about how the water helped you because a lot of people are interested in what you have to say. I no longer have a problem with anyone using a brand name for a machine, because everyone that reads this blog understands that all the machines “work”. Thanks to everyone who contributes.

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