Prostate Cancer Patient Succeeds with Ionized Water when Oncologists Fail

It strikes me as ironic that the great stories that I have the privilege to write about come at the expense of others who have suffered through various forms of illness. While this blog is dedicated to educating others about the incredible benefits of drinking water, it is the stories of those who have faced and overcome difficult or even life threatening diseases that provide the real hope to others.

Not everyone wants to share their stories for privacy reasons, which is perfectly understandable. Those that do share their stories have my deepest respect and gratitude, because they can educate and inspire others.

This is a real life love story of a woman that refused to let her husband’s prostate cancer destroy their lives. The couple had all the medical help you could possibly imagine, as you will see, but the medical community was simply not getting the job done. The wife refused to accept the medical prognosis. She researched and found alkaline ionized water, and made her skeptical husband drink the water faithfully every day. The husband beat prostate cancer, but the victory definitely belongs to them as a couple.

Prostate cancer is detected by a blood test which measures the level of PSA (prostate-specific antigen). PSA is a protein produced by the prostate, which is released into the bloodstream. When prostate cancer develops and grows, increased levels of PSA are released into the bloodstream. PSA levels under 5ng/ml are considered “normal”, between 5 and 10 are considered “intermediate”, and over 10 are considered “high”.

The husband’s PSA count remained at 85 in February 2009 despite the best efforts over an extended period of time by four of the leading oncologists in the world. The couple spared no effort or expense in their attempt to get rid of the cancer, including visits to meet and work with the leading physicians at both Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, and John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. When the primary oncologist on the case said that they would begin chemotherapy if the next round of tests didn’t improve, the wife took over. She researched many alternatives on the internet and decided that alkaline ionized water was the best course of action. Her research indicated that the water couldn’t hurt, and that there were many reports of the water helping with cancer.

The wife ordered a water ionizer and made her husband drink the water every day, despite being skeptical. When he returned for his next PSA test, the level had dropped to 18. The husband was so “stunned” by the results that he had an independent test done shortly afterwards. When the results came back from the independent test, the level had dropped to 13. The family was ecstatic of course. When the husband returned for his next test at the hospital, the PSA level had dropped to 5. The oncologist informed him that he was no longer considered a cancer patient, as his PSA level was considered “normal”.

The four oncologists involved with the case from the various hospitals all marveled at the “miracle”. The husband informed each of them that it was not a miracle at all. When asked to explain by the doctors what he meant, he told all of them that the only thing that he had changed in his life, was drinking the ionized water that his wife made him drink each day.

The husband asked each specialist to write a review of the case, but none of them would comply. Western medicine continues to ignore the growing number of cases where people have used alkaline ionized water to reduce the acid level in their bodies, so that the body can heal itself. The good news is that the husband no longer has cancer, and every case builds awareness of how water can play a key role in helping achieve and maintain good health.

My personal thanks go to the couple involved for sharing their story with us.

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  1. How many weeks or months did he have to drink the water before seeing measurable results?

  2. Hi Art:

    The first test was completed after one month and his PSA dropped from 45 to 18 during that period. The results dropped from 18 to 13 after one more week. The results dropped to 5.5 after the full three month period.

    As a follow up to the story, the gentleman had another test done at the end of July. The PSA count had dropped again to 4.6

  3. Any chance of having the person’s e-mail?
    That is exactly what I am reseaching

  4. Hi Edward:

    It’s good to see that you have found us the other side of the world. The world keeps getting smaller all the time.

    The family in the story has requested anonymity. While some are happy to be contacted, others want their privacy. I’m grateful for everyone that shares their story on this blog. If you contact me, I would be happy to share whatever I can with you.

  5. Did the man have a biopsy? Was cancer found? With a PSA of 45 I can’t believe anyone would not have a biopsy.

  6. Has anyone had a postive expenrience with ionized water during or after chemo? The hardest part of trying natural therapies is they lambast chemotherapy, leaving a large number of people out there who don’t know what to do because chemo has already happened. I wanted to know if people can have ionized water beneficially during chemo? Sure enough, one of the bloggers on this sight says if they have already had chemo they can’t have ionized water. But why not? If it brings oxgyen to the good cells and the cancer cells supposedly don’t like it, why exactly would we not want to salvage the good and let the bad die?
    I have a very, very close family member having chemo. He was given a cancer diagnosis and within 3 weeks put on chemo by a leading cancer center. I could do nothing because he is a young adult. But my search for alternatives was squelched because of the inability of the natural therapies users to remotely consider using both therapies despite no testing of this possibility. Instead they spread absolute doom to anyone using chemotherapy. No adjuntive therapy. I bought books and tapes on the web for the patient and then had to hide them from the person when I read them or listened to them because they were so vicious as to any hope that chemo would work with their theory (such as iozined water). All I was hoping for was something positive to put with the chemo, that he as a young adult chose, and had less than a week to make the decision. So now I’m looking at ionized water and sure enough on the blog, bam – you can’t have ionized water with chemo. I’m beginning to think alternatives are just as uncompromising as medical doctors. They have their side and don’t argue – same as medical doctors. Their message – “You’ll die if you use chemo and if you use chemo you’ve destroyed your body and there is nothing positive you can do. Just die and prove us right”. Talk about feeling hopeless. I guess this is what they call a rant!

    • Hi Jamie:

      Thanks for bringing this important topic to our attention. It is a subject close to my heart, and I’m sure close to the hearts of many of us.

      I have some great news for you because I personally know an awesome lady in the state of Washington who drank ionized water throughout the entire chemotherapy process when she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She came through with flying colours while many around her had their bodies ravaged by the treatments. She started into chemo because of pressure from her physicians and her family and she made the decision herself to drink ionized water during her chemo treatments. The result of combining both western and eastern medicine was a stunning success.

      The lady’s name is Cheryel Watkins and she has dedicated her life to helping others with cancer. She joined a company that sells water ionizers and I believe she is responsible for the sale of about 3,000 water ionizers in the past couple of years. She has helped countless individuals and she has helped train dozens of dealers and hundreds of affiliates with her incredible passion and patience.

      Despite her great success in the water ionizer industry, Cheryel has been frustrated with the “business” end of things. She has indicated to me a number of times in the past that she would like to work on her own so that she can focus on the “helping” end of things without the corporate pressure. Definitely my kind of girl!

      Cheryel has placed a water ionizer in the oncology ward at the hospital where she received her treatments. While acceptance of such a “voodoo” product was slow initially, the entire department is now drinking the water, including the physicians. I understand that she is going to be a guest speaker later this month at a cancer symposium.

      Cheryel didn’t condemn the ways of western medicine. Instead, she embraced it as a necessary part of her healing process. She listened to the physicians who told her that ionized water would be counter productive against the chemotherapy, so she didn’t drink the water at first. However, once her treatments began, she chose to drink the water to make her feel better and it worked. In fact it worked so well that she went throught the entire process without missing a day of work.

      I can’t begin to describe how much respect I have for this woman. Instead of being bitter or suspicious, or succumbing to the “wisdom” of others, she did her research, made a decision on her own, and won. She is a proud woman, but still humble, compassionate, and as “real” as it gets. The word “hero” is tossed around far too often in our society, but Cheryel is a true hero in every sense of the word.

      I will contact Cheryel next week and see if she will share her personal story on the blog so that she can tell it in her words. I don’t endorse any brand or company in the water ionizer business, but if you want to talk to someone who can “walk the walk” as opposed to “talk the talk”, it’s Cheryel.

      • Hi Rob, I wanted to thank you very much for giving Cheryel my email address. Cheryel and I have talked by telephone because of you. Thank you very, very much. Cheryel is like a voice of hope for me in this scary world of cancer that my son has been thrust into. I want so much to help him and this is the first real way that I think I can actually help him despite the chemo he chose. I have him on alkaline water now and will continue to talk with Cheryel. She was very nice and helpful to me. So thank you so much for taking the time to care and forward my request on to Cheryel. Jamie

        • Hi Jamie:

          It is a pleasure to help, but it is Cheryel who deserves the credit. She is an amazing person and definitely one of the stars in the water ionizer industry.

          If you feel inclined, I’m sure many people would like to know how your son is making out.

  7. Thank you Rob for answering my post. I was elated to hear of something in the natureal therapies that DID work for someone else in addition to chemotherapy. Believe me the chemo scares me too, But how do you tell a 30 year old with a devastating diagnosis that he must do something other than chemo. He has no background in health and the doctor is saying “this is an emergency. We must start now.” So, as a support person, I tried to mix something natural in it and could find nothing once chemo was started. this is exciting news. Thanks, Jamie

    (P.S. to Rob, Will Cheryel talk to me? You can give her my email. The chemo is started. He has never had alkaline water before. I started him at 8.0 but am afraid to move it higher. How much water did she drink? This is a wonderful young man. He needs help. She wants to help and this young man needs help with positive stories and some idea of how much and what strenght PH she used. I know he is not her but I don’t know anything about alkaline water. Please see if she will contact me. Thank you, Jamie)

    • Hi Jamie:

      Thanks for returning to the blog.

      I think this blog serves its greatest purpose when it can help people such as yourself and your friend. By sharing information, we give people a chance to learn and to make informed decisions.

      I’m sure that Cheryel will talk to you. She is the only person I know that is as passionate about the water as I am. She always takes time to talk to people even though she is a busy lady. I will pass your email address on to her.

  8. like the others who have left comments, i have survived one year of chemo some of which nearlyn killed me. the onocologist wants to see if i can get into a research program as he has no more chemicals at his disposal. i did not tell him that i have been taking baking soda twice a day for months. he would not approve as it not on the cancer center approved chemical for my type of cancer. would like to hear from any one that has similar experience with alternate theropies as i have bile duct and liver cancer.
    thanks don

    • Hi Don:

      Thanks for leaving a commment.

      I have not talked to anyone that has has mentioned that they have bile duct cancer before. I have worked with a couple of individuals with liver cancer and I am happy to say that they have beat the odds after their oncologist’s had given up. The individuals both switched to an alkaline diet and started drinking up to six liters per day of strong alkaline water. When it comes to cancer, lots of water and very strong alkaline water seems to effective for some.

      I know that there are many types of cancer, but from my research, cancer is cancer. In addition, cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment.

      There are a number of physicians in the States that have had great success with various types of cancer. I recommend that you pick up a copy of “Knockout” by Suzanne Somers if you have not done so. Suzanne has dedicated a great deal of time educating herself about alternative cancer therapies, but her greatest asset has been her ability to use her fame to gain access to leading researchers and practioners. Her book has individual chapters dedicated to interviews with Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Jonathan Wright, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Michael Galitzer, as well as Cristiana Paul MS, David Schmidt, and Burton Goldberg. The aforementioned individuals are on the leading edge of alternative “cures” for cancer. The bottom line message from Mrs. Somers book is that cancer is not a death sentence and the people that do their research and take the proper measures have great reason to be hopeful.

      You might want to check out the work of Dr. Robert Young. He has had success with his cancer patients at his ranch in California. Dr. Young also focuses his efforts on an alkaline diet and very strong alkline water with extremely high negative ORP numbers.

      If I understand the research correctly, it appears that very strong alkaline water actually acts as a natural Oxddant as opposed to an Antioxidant, and has been known to produce excellent results in some patients. There is no “clinical evidence” that carries any weight within the North American medical community, but the fact is that many patients are having success with “alternative” protocols. In fact, I met with a gentleman today who has been treated for prostate cancer. When he started drinking alklaline water, his PSA numbers dropped down to 3.5 within a few months and he ended up leaving the program at Princess Margaret Hospital. I have heard the same story too many times to simply discount it as “voodoo” medicine.

      Please stay in touch and let us know what you are learning and how you are making out.

  9. Does alkaline help with all cancers? I have non hodgekins lymphoma and I am wondering if I should be drinking the alkaline water. According to a doctor in the book “Knockout” by suzanne Somers….there are certain kinds of cancers like mine that it may be not so good for….I would love to know more about this!!

    • Hi Phylis:

      Thanks so much for joining us.

      The water ionizer industry and the alkaline food proponents all point to the work done by Warburg in his Nobel prize winning paper in 1937. I would have to say that I agree based upon everything I have read.

      I assume you are referring to the comments made by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez on page 104 of the Suzanne’s “Knockout” book. Dr. Gonzalez’s philosophy towards cancer was greatly influenced by the owrk of Dr. William Donald Kelly. Dr. Gonzalez believes that cancer is more effectively tackled through diet, detoxification, and enzyme replacement.

      Dr. Gonzalez states that he believes that alkaline water is too alkaline for the parasympathetic dominants (leukemia, lymphomas, and myelomas). While Gonzalez advocates alkalinity for sympathetics, he tells us that parasympathetics only exist in an alkaline environment, so adding to alkalinity is not good for them. I appreciate that fact that you prompted me to go back and read the chapter on Dr. Gonzalez’ work.

      In the same book, Dr James Forsythe mentions on page 125 that in his practice, they stress the importance of alkalinization and he tells us that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment and they don’t do well in an alkaline environment.

      I’m not an MD and I don’t have the clinical experience of the gentlement mentioned above. I highly recommend that anyone that is dealing with a new diagnosis of cancer (personally or with a loved one) purchase and read Suzanne’s book. All I can go on is my research and my conversations with those that have been diagnosed with cancer. I’m a big fan of alkaline water or an alkaline diet for everyone, and particularly those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

      It looks like I need to do more research on the effects of alkalinity on the leukemias and lymphomas. Perhaps you would like to share with us what you have learned outside of Dr. Gonzalez’s work.

  10. Rob, I have all the symthoms of prostate cancer, but have refused a biopsy as I had one around 15 years ago and bled for several weeks. I decided I would never have an other one because if I had cancer it would have spread. The doctor only did 4 shots and said I was negative for prostate cancer. My PSA was only 5 at that time. Since then my PSA has continued to go up. In the last 3 months, it has jumped from 37 to 102. I am drinking ionized water, about 80 to 100 oz./day. I am also using several other things to get my PH up, But myPSA keeps going up. After reading some of the testimonials and read how much ionized water being consumed, I wanted to increase the Alkastream ionized water to 6 liters /day, but wife tells me drinking too much water thins your blood and can kill you. To drink that much water in a 12 hour period, I would have to drink 2 cups(16 0z.)/ hour. Is that safe? Thanks, Jim

    • Hi Jim:

      It is possible to die from “water intoxication” but it is extremely rare. When it does occur, it usually happens to infants who are drinking formula that is overly diluted, or in athletes who participate in strenuous activity for long periods of time such as marathons.

      I have worked with a number of Olympic athletes. They train for many hours on a daily basis and it is crucial for them to replace the water they lose from training. One athlete that I communicate with often drinks 8 liters per day. I also communicate with a number of personal trainers who also conduct classes at gyms and they typically drink 4-6 liters of water per day.

      If you watch some of the videos from Asia about the benefits of ionized water, you will see that the physicians have their patients drink 6 to 8 liters per day.

      A friend of mine that had breast cancer drank 6 liters or more per day while she was receiving her conventional medical treatment.

      I’m not a doctor and don’t pretend to be so my advice would be to consult with your physician. My personal opinion fwiw is that you probably won’t experience any effects other than more trips to the bathroom.

  11. Is it not also a matter how much and how fast we drink? A good rule I read is no more than one litre per hour for us mortal non super athletes. Then the body will have time to process it. Sounds logical to me anyhow.

    • Hi Robert:

      I don’t have any statistics for you on the ability of the body to process ionized water or regular water. What I can share is that I have performed the following experiment many times with people:

      1) Many of us have experienced a bloated feeling after experiencing chugging a 16 oz glass of water. It gets worse as you drink more as anyone who has had an ultrasound (where you are required to drink 40oz or 48oz of water before the examination).

      2) I have had many people, including myself drink 48 oz (about 1.5 liters) of ionized water within five minutes as an experiment

      3) Nobody that I have tested this on has experienced any feeling of bloating which always surprises them. The only notable side effect of the test that everyone mentions is that they feel energized.

      The above tests were in no way done under scientific research conditions, but that doesn’t change the facts.

  12. Enagic/Kangen water has Dr. Hiromi Shinya, MD noted endocronologist/father of the current colonoscopy procedure on board as well as Dr. Horst Filtzer, co-founder of the Heart stent on board. They both sware by alkaline water at 9.5ph forever, but must cut out all sodas/sports drinks. They are highly acidic. In the range of 2.4ph. Stomach acid ph is 2.0. So guess what soda does to you?

    • Hi Patrick:

      You have been busy:)

      I would like to read what Dr. Shinya and Dr. Filtzer have to say about ionized water from both a medical and personal perspective. If you have access to their testimonials please share them with us. I think many readers would take the time to read them

  13. I recommend drinking, if healthy and no health challenges, 1/2 oz per pound of bodyweight. If health challenges there be, then 1 oz per pound of body weight. That is what I did. AND it worked for me.

    • Hi Patrick:

      Like yourself, many othersrecommend that people drink a half ounce of water for each pound of weight per day if you are healthy. More recently, some are suggesting that we don’t need to drink that much water. Obviously, we don’t require so much water because very few people do drink that much. However, I think that the more you drink, the better you will feel because your body has a chance to eliminate toxins. In additon, if you feel full from drinking water, you are more likely to do less snacking.

  14. AS you may tell, I am a kangen water proponent. I usually start people on 8.5 ph water at first and then let them tell me when they want to move up. This can be done by the detox symptoms. If they are bearable, then you can move up to 9.0 ph. Then do the same till you are drinking 9.5. This is the highest that Enagic machines produce for drinking purposes. They do produce a higher PH that can be used for cleaning veggies/fruits that come from the store. I have a demo site that I put up in my registration just now, I don’t know if rob will put it up, but it is quite informative. If you knewwhat was on your veggies, you would not eat it the way it is. Trust me.

    • Hi Patrick:

      Adding useful information is good for everyone. This is not the place for “Buy from me”

  15. hello, my father-in-law to whom i love very much, has throat cancer. he saw an oncoligist and they told him he needed to have surgery. this surgery would take out his voice box, neck muscle and anything else that had cancer on it. he would never speak again, he would have a hole in his neck to breath out of. and they would take muscle from his chest to re construct his neck. he is 73 years old already been through radiation the year before and told me he didnt want to do this surgery. my 13 year old son loves grandpa so much he still goes up to spend the night on some weekends. wow that is a relationship, he gives up friends to hang with gramps. he and my boys golf often. when he told me he didnt want to have the surgery i told him about baking soda and essiac tea he got started. then last night my ex-husband {brad} told me i was messing with dads life or death situation, did i understand that? now im afraid that brad will blame me if dad dies. so now im worried what if??????????????. i was talking to my mom who is suffering from gout and i was telling her about ionized water, i was looking up any sight and i found yours! can i to have you give chereyl watkins my email so i can talk with her. i have a gutt feeling the baking soda will work. but the water will taste better and i need some reassurance about my gutt feeling. i dont want to make him negative about being alkaline because he has a great attitude about beating the cancer. but im worried about being the one who “killed” grandpa. all though i think the surgery might kill him. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh what to do?! please help

    • Hi Dori:

      I don’t have Cheryel’s email, but I’m sure you can find her if you look on Facebook. I think she has a website called Ionizer Girls or something like that. She should be easy to find via search.

      You are not alone with your dilemma. It is a classic “dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t” situation.

      The medical doctors don’t know what to do about cancer so they rely on methods that didn’t work 60 years ago and they don’t work much better today. How can survival rates only be 5% better today than in 1950 when we put a man on the moon 40 years ago and heart replacements have been taking place for a similar amount of time. To anyone that opens their mind even a little bit, it is easy to see that curing cancer is not a viable option under the current system.

      I’m not a doctor so I would never tell anyone what to do. My personal opinion is that the patient’s opinion should always be respected. I think the doctor in this case just doesn’t get it, but what else is the doc to to do as he/she doesn’t have a clue what to do. I helped nurse my father to his death through chemo. It was disgusting to witness the process and it undoubtedly the reason for the passion I have for the water.

      So what do you do? I would get anyone with a cancer diagnosis to stop consuming sugar immediately. I would also get them going on an alkaline diet and drinking alkaline water. This may sound easy but it isn’t because the patient already has a lot to deal with. I believe love and compassion help despite any lack of scientific proof. I also believe that there are healers out there that can help. The things I have witnessed and talked to people about over the last 5 years seem impossible but I’m not making this stuff up.

      If you do decide to get a water ionizer, check out as they provide water ionizers to cancer patients for half price.

      My very best to you and your loved ones.

  16. Please I’m interested in this topic. Please I will like you to tell me the name of water ionizer that Cherley Watkins drank and get cured of her cancer. I’ll appreciate your feedback. Thanks

    • Hi Felix:

      I don’t remember which water ionizer Cheryel used. I think she has worked with different ionizer companies over the years. I really don’t think the brand makes a difference as the machines all operate the same way. I know that I have corresponded with lots of people that have beaten cancer using many different brands. The industry can’t make claims about cancer or many other diseases, but when you have been in the trenches for as many years as I have, you would be amazed at incredible stories your hear. For example, I was down at the National Hardware Show last week in Vegas handing out thousands of cups of alkaline water. I had a senior buyer from Walmart tell me his alkaline water story about cancer and one of his associate’s story beating Stage 4 Non-Hodgkinson’s Lymphoma. Another person that I spoke to me gushed about how the water cured his Type 2 Diabetes. The guys that operated the booth that I was helping out with certainly took notice when they heard the stories as one guy was dealing with a family member with cancer and another guy has Type 2 Diabetes.

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