H2 Enriched Water Helps Liver Cancer Patient

I hear a lot of personal stories about how the molecular hydrogen (H2) created by Hydrogen Infusion Machines (HIM’s) help people in many ways.  The machines change people’s lives.  In fact, I have my own personal story.  However, every once in awhile I receive a call that provides incredible inspiration, and it is my privilege to share this one with you.

In the early days, before HIM’s were invented, people got their H2 from alkaline water ionizers.  Alkaline water ionizers produce plenty of H2, but they are not designed to dissolve the H2 created during electrolysis back into the water.  That means that most of the beneficial H2 is lost by alkaline water ionizers. The HIM’s “fixed” that problem and introduced a number of other improvements over alkaline water ionizers.

I have a great deal of respect for the medical profession, because my father was a wonderful physician. However, I have come to learn over the years that western medicine doesn’t begin to have all the answers. In fact, I believe our medical system is failing badly in terms of providing health care through preventative medicine. Instead of launching into negative territory, I want to relate this wonderful story of a family physician that has made a difference.

A couple of months ago, a physician from Quebec ordered a water ionizer for his personal use after reading about the benefits of the water. Shortly thereafter, one of his patients called and purchased the same unit.

Fast forward to this past weekend and the physician contacted me in order to obtain another machine for a relative that has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I began to explain to the doctor that the unit might offer some real hope based upon the personal stories that I have been involved with and a research report that indicated that molecular hydrogen (H2) has been identified as being beneficial with tumors.  The doctor asked me if I remembered a gentleman that obtained a unit a couple of months ago.  I said I did, and then the doctor told me the following story.

It turns out that his patient had stage four liver cancer and the oncologist working on the case had informed the patient that there was nothing more that could be done. In fact, palliative care service had been applied for to assist the patient. If you have any experience with palliative care, you know exactly where this was heading.

The patient reported the sad news to his family physician, and inquired if the doctor was aware of anything that might give him hope. The doctor explained to the patient that he had been researching molecular hydrogen (H2) that is produced by alkaline water machines and that the patient might want to do some research on his own. The doctor explained that he had learned from a study that he had researched which indicated that ingesting H2 could be beneficial for treating tumors.  For professional reasons, the doctor left it at that, but he did tell his patient that he had ordered one of the machines for his own home. The cancer patient contacted me shortly afterward to order a machine without mentioning his situation or his discussion with the doctor.

It turns out that over the past two months, the patient started feeling better and better. In fact, the patient had returned to working on his hobbies and had just returned from a vacation.

Previous to drinking the H2 enriched water, the cancer had progressed as tests showed that the patient’s liver enzyme count was increased as time went on. Since the patient started drinking the H2 enriched water, the enzyme count had been dropping. The doctor informed me that both he and the patient are filled with hope, and that they were anxiously awaiting the results of a new MRI test that is scheduled in a couple of weeks.

The doctor also passed on to me that all the members of his family have now obtained the machines.  That is not an endorsement of course, but it certainly sends a clear message.

I wish that I could use the physician’s name, as he is a hero in my eyes. Unfortunately, any mention of his personal information could pose a threat to the physician’s career. The College of Physicians would undoubtedly investigate this type of “unprofessional conduct”, despite the fact that the physician’s only involvement was to direct the patient to do his own research.

To learn more about H2 and read studies on the effects of H2 on cancer and other diseases, check out the science-based non-profit website www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com

You can check out my favorite H2 products website (primarily because they sell their H2 products for half the price of their competitors) at www.brilliantz.com.  Note that Brilliantz doesn’t have a sales team as they deal directly with the public.  That means they don’t pay sales commissions or referral fees in case you were wondering, which is why you see a direct link to the website as opposed to a referral link.

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  1. Hello Rob. Very encouraging story! Much gratitude for sharing and spreading this good and positively important news. Hopefully the more people share these great experiences the more people will get to enjoy a better quality of life by taking heed and drinking the water as well as sharing with others, literally! Great stories are starting to come in from others now as well..


    George P.

  2. this is what i was looking for!!
    which company sells and would be best for water ionizers?

  3. Hi Jae:

    This blog is not about brands, or else it just becomes another self proclaimed “independent” website which isn’t really independent. I think we are all “on” to the sites that self promote under the premise of pretending to be independent.

    It is important to understand that it is the process of electrolysis which changes the properties of the water as the water comes in contact with the electrically charged plates. All of the brands are good, because they are all based upon electolysis. Some brands produce superior results but doesn’t neccesarily mean that price should be used as a guide for quality or results.

    If you want information, or an unbiased opinion about various products, I will be happy to share what I know, if you email me directly. You should choose the product that makes the most sense for your needs, as opposed to being coaxed or coerced by a salesperson or a website.

    I hope this helps


  4. Hi,

    I just did a google search and came across your blog. I have a dear friend with liver and breast cancer, she was just diagnosed last week.

    Out of the blue, my ex-wife came to visit this weekend lugging her enagic machine. I dont know if this was coincidence or “a sign” from above.

    I want to share this information about inoized water with my friend who is very very ill,stage 4 they told her.

    My ex says based on her research she feels the enagic is the best unit on the market.

    Is there anything you can kindly tell me regarding what you know as to “what the best ionizer” might be? I am trying to resarch quickly but any impartial advice you can provide would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi Greg:

    Please pass on my best wishes to your friend. Ihope you encourage her to start on ionized water immediately if she has not started chemotherapy.

    Once chemo treatments begin, the conventional wisdom is to stay away from antioxidants, because chemo actually creates free radicals in an effort to poison the cancer. Ionized water would therefore be working against the chemo, as the water helps the body heal.

    The prognosis for breast cancer is very encouraging, but liver cancer has proven to be very difficult for the medical community. My father succumbed to liver cancer before I knew about the water. I couldn’t help him, but I hope my efforts can help others.

    As you can see from the story above, the water can produce incredible results. I know of several cancer “success stories” where conventional medicine failed, and the brand is irrelevent, as various brands were used. Claims of “best in the world” are claims that are made as a result of marketing, rather than fact.

    Some experts like Dr. Young believe that cancer patients should be drinking water that has very low negative ORP such as negative 800. Others believe that the ideal level is in the negative 180 range, which is the ORP level of the juice of an orange that has just been plucked off a tree. Still others believe that the ideal level is negative 10 to negative 15. I have not been able to find any clear evidence that indicates any one of the theories is more correct that the others. Over time, we will be able to collect more data which should help settle the arguement. What everyone does agree upon is that negative ORP is beneficial in helping the body remove acid.

    All ionizers work. You can achieve higher ORP output with more powerful machines. There are several good ones to choose from at much more affordable prices that the unit mentioned in your story. Even the five plate entry level machines are capable of producing strong negative ORP readings that are very beneficial.

    Please get your friend on the water asap. It’s the water, not the brand that makes the difference.

    • Hi Rob,

      I know someone with liver cancer and we are going to get her a water ionizer right away. She is also on alternative therapy including B-17 and loads of vitamins to build up the immune system. She has started Chemo treatments, and my question is why do you think someone shouldn’t drink the water during chemo?
      I understand the conventional wisdom, but the conventional treatments (chemo) don’t have a very good success rate, so why not do both if the cancer can’t survive in an alkaline body, then it seems like time shouldn’t be wasted.
      Any additional advice would be appreciated.


  6. Rob thank you for being very non-commercial about your post regarding the various brands of machines. I have a friend with liver cancer. The doctors recently removed chemo from his methods of treatment. Do you think it’s ok for him to start drinking the water? If there is no chemo entering his body there is nothing the water should be working against? Right?

    • Hi Sellars:

      Thanks for the compliment.

      Please pass on my best wishes to your friend. My Dad died of liver cancer 13 year ago and I miss him everyday.

      Chemo doesn’t work with liver cancer. Everything I have read and learned about chemo and liver cancer since the day he was diagnosed thirteen years ago supports the fact that chemo just doesn’t work for liver cancer. When my Dad was diagnosed with liver cancer, he was told he had three months to live or he could extend the time to six months if he underwent chemo treatments. My Dad chose to take the chemo, but he later regretted the decision. It makes me sad but also strengthens my resolve every time I think about the fact that there is a good chance that he would have lived longer and may still be alive toda if I knew then what I know now. I can’t go back, but I can continue to dedicate my life to helping others so that they can have a better fate.

      I’m not a medical doctor, so I’m not allowed to offer advice. However, I can tell you what I would do if my Dad were faced with the same situation today. I would get him on a strict alkaline diet including lots of alkaline water immediately, regardless of what his doctors were telling him. I posted an article recently that was based upon the work of Dr. Abraham Hoffer, MD, which you can read by clicking on the following link: http://www.waterfyi.com/ionized-water/antioxidants-such-as-ionized-water-do-not-decrease-the-efficacy-of-chemotherapy/

      You might want to look into the work of Dr. Robert Young. I have spoken to Dr. Young a couple of times and he is very approachable if you can reach him. You also might want to check out “KNOCKOUT” written by Suzanne Somers. You could also check out Dr. Ornish’s book “Spectrum”

  7. Rob:
    Glad to see someone offering an unbiased approach. Most of the articles I’ve read end in how you can purchase their products so I must admit to being relieved at not finding that here.

    My original question was are there really benefits to drinking ionized water or is it all marketing fluff for the companies selling the machines, but I’m coming to believe there are.

    My sister in law is in stage IV breast cancer, spread to her bones, diagnosed about a year ago. She is beginning a second round of chemo after doing fairly well for the last year after double mastectomy and numerous lymph nodes removed. I understand that Ionized water is not recommended with chemo, but what about radiation? (I understand you can’t give advide)

    Thanks for your unbiased attention to the issue
    Best regards,

    • Hi Nathan:

      First off, my wishes go out to you and your sister in law.

      I try to be unbiased, but like everyone else, I form my own opinions. I make sure that I keep an open mind and I keep the BS meter well tuned.

      I can tell you from my own experiences and from talking to hundreds of others that the water works. The naysayers either have an agenda or have not tried the water. I think every human (and pets too as we have a posse of cats) should be drinking the water.

      You are correct that I’m not able to give advice. It is incredibly unfortunate that our society is set up so that the people that do or should know (the doctors) can’t or won’t tell people the truth. If they are aware of alternatives, they are afraid to share the information. Going against the FDA or the College of Physicians is a career killer. The doctors know that the standard protocols for cancer are all about money as opposed to cures, and that is a tragic thing.

      In regards to the water and chemo. I believe the water can be a great help. Chemo provides a strong oxidation, while the water is a strong antioxidant. The conventional thinking is that the water will work against the chemo. However, once chemo has had its day or two to poison a body, the water appears to provide a much more rapid recovery. I have spoken to a number of people that have used the water in conjuction with chemo to lessen the burden. I recommend that you contact Cheryl Watkins at http://www.ionizergirls.com. Cheryl is a cancer survivor and is very knowledgeable about the water.

      Radiation is a barbaric charring of the flesh. I hate to be so graphic, but talk to someone who has had radiation on their breast(s) and their stories will make my description seem pale. The water should not have any effect on radiation. In fact, I know a number of cases where the acid water was used very effectively to help with external healing after radiation.

  8. Hi Nathan,

    I helped a friend who went thru a very similar time as your sister in law. By the time I met her, she was much further progressed, so I was very clear with her that the water was not a cure. My hope was that it would help her between chemo treatments and give her some good days.

    It did.

    Instead of feeling horrible for 4-5 days and then getting 1 good day before the next treatment, she started feeling better within a day or 2. She also noticed her urine, which looked radioactive, cleared up much quicker as well. Her energy increased and in her case, her last days were much better and she was able to spend some great time with family before departing.

    Which she just did today.

    When we first talked, she was very frustrated. She’d spent nearly 5 yrs bouncing from one experimental treatment to another and following doctors guidelines. It wasn’t until the last year that she started looking toward nutrition. She did it as a last resort because nothing was working. She told me she felt betrayed that she received zero nutritional counseling after diagnosis. Not even as a way to help support the body…let alone using it to fight cancer.

    Find the water and get your sis-in-law on it.

    • Hi Gabe:

      I think the key for people that have been diagnosed with cancer is to start researching immediately and to create a proactive plan of action. We can’t give medical advice, but those of us that have been around the industry awhile have heard too many personal stories where people that start on a strict alkaline diet and drink alkaline ionized water have had great results.

  9. Hi, I read now all comments and tried to understand them, english is not my best language, but works.
    As I understood, you think, all machines are quiet good, but a discussion about branding is not the place on this blog, if I have a question about branding, I should write an email.
    My husband did 3 month research of all machines, that are availible in Germany, they are all a little bit different and all price their system as the best.
    We are in discussion with Kangen watermachine, who say, that healing effects only come with kangen, but unfortunatly it is the most expensive one.
    We could efford (afford?) that maybe, but I do a lot other treatment and it costs us very much, so we thought of cheaper machines, I am afraid, to do the wrong decision.
    we are sure, that we want to buy such a machine, and I loved reading your blog,
    please, could you email me for a small disscussion with my husband about the technical differences of the brandings (he´s better in english and in technical things, than I am9.
    greetings Marita

    • Hi Marita:

      Thanks for writing to the blog and for your personal email that I received this morning.

      I believe in ionized water…from every brand. The Enagic machine is a good machine, but the person that told you that the healing effects only come from a Kangen machine is lying to you. If you call the head office of Enagic in America, they would never make up such a lie. I’m a big fan of the hard working distributors of Enagic, but I detest the lies that some of their distributors tell the public in order to sell their machines.

      All of the water ionizers work. The Kangen machines are work horses that will produce a lot of water every day. For people that simply use the water for their family, the other machines will work just as well.

      I’m a big fan of antioxidant filters (non-electric water ionizers) for achieving and maintaining good health. The reason that I prefer the antioxidant filters is due to the fact that they ionize water naturally instead of electrocuting the water. As I dig deeper and deeper into studying water, I learn that water has a memory and other fascinating details….none of which work well with electrocution.

      In defense of electric water ionizers, I do believe that they are the best for cancer patients. The reason for my belief is that they are capable of producing very strong negative ORP if you drink the bubbles. If you want to learn more about the healing properties of strong negative ORP, I refer you to Dr. Robert Young. Dr. Young has been “bought off” by Chanson which is why he endorses their product, but all the powerful machines work, including the Enagic machines.

  10. So happy to see that some other machine (any other brand) is getting the results that most of us who have done the research know is possible with ERW (electrically reduced water). I am sick and tired of the kangen kultists saying they are the only ones that can achieve healing results.

    • Hi Milisa:

      “Kangen Kultists”…that’s a little harsh.

      All the machines work. Anyone that bothers to do even a little homework will understand that. If people don’t care how much they spend and can’t be bothered to look around, they can pay $4,000 for a machine and get on with their lives. I don’t care how much people spend as long as they are drinking the water.

      I for one am grateful for all the effort that the Enagic/Kangen dealers put into spreading the word. At the same time, I have to agree with you that the false criticisms that many Kangen dealers use about competitive products is annoying…and ethically wrong.

      People should be drinking ionized water. In order for that to happen, the water has to be affordable to everyone…not just the “pretty” people. No matter how much publicity is created, most people can’t justify spending thousands of dollars on good drinking water.

      I will just keep plugging away with my blog….educating people about the benefits of the water….trying to get the prices down so that people can afford the water….shedding light on the bad guys…supporting the good guys.

  11. Hello,
    I’m thinking about purchasing the Kangen magic. Please educate me if I’m making the right decision. We live in the country and live in a spacious home so we go through a lot water.

    God bless you for changing lives.


  12. Hi Rob,
    one thing I have not seen mentioned so far, is how much ionized water should you drink? Conventional wisdom says about 8 full glasses of water a day. Is this about the same amount of the ionized water that should be consumed?

    • Hi Misato:

      Conventional wisdom (whatever that means) these days says 1/2 oz of water for every pound of weight. If you weight 200 lbs, then drink 100 oz of water. I don’t see why that would change for alkaline water.

      All of the health benefits claimed by the alkaline water industry are due to the molecular hydrogen gas created at the anode by electric water ionizers. Unfortunately, if you don’t clean the plates in the ionizing chamber with citric acid or acetic acid once per week, the plates can get coated with limescale at which point they stop producing the hydrogen.

      If you want to be sure that you have a unit that produces hydrogen without the weekly cleaning, you can check out the HIM2 or HIM3 at http://www.tryh2.brilliantz.com

  13. What is THE most important point that seems to be missing from this blog and it’s responses is how much PPM/L should be drunk per day to get therapeutic results! What’s the point of a machine that is recommended here that only can produce 1.2 PPM/L? That would mean you would have to drink AT LEAST 3 litres a day. Personally the more molecular hydrogen ingested the more likely there will be extraordinary therapeutic results.

    • Hi Johnathan:

      I can’t disagree with you about the fact that the greatest therapeutic benefit comes from obtaining more H2. Our bodies produce their own H2 in small amounts. The most recent white paper on H2 that I have read indicates that spiking the H2 level in your body produces the most profound effect. However, a machine that produces 1.2ppm is going to massively help the H2 spike. I believe that the Trussii machine produces 4.0ppm which is definitely a higher concentration that the machine offered by Brilliantz, but it also costs almost $7,000 while the Brilliantz HIM3 costs about $1,000. If I was on my deathbed, I would buy H2 tablets that produce 6ppm to 8ppm which is much higher than the Trussii machine and the retail cost is only $1 per tablet.

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