Gout: Fantastic results in 3 weeks with Ionized Water: Jack from UK

I bought a top of the range ionizer 3 weeks back and got my uric acid for gout results. The blood test was taken after 6 days of drinking 3 litres a day. The results showed 3.7 UA. This is lower than normal level. For a gout sufferer the level is usually above 7. I am not sure if it is the water, as this was also my first uric acid blood test. The doctor told me that my uric acid is low because I have been taking Alluporin, which I had not been prescribed yet and he had forgot. When I told him this he was confused at the blood results. Something good must be happening, but still very unsure. Time will tell

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  1. Would it be against the rules to have the name of the ionizer published here? I am sure it would be appreciated by others who are looking into buying one.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Lidia:

      Brand names are allowed. The more discussion about natural or electric water ionizers the better as far as I’m concerned, so the mention of brand names is fine. The only thing that I won’t let by is information that is not true or can’t be proven. Even then, a statement like “it is my belief” is acceptable because people are entitled to their beliefs.

  2. For the last ten years I have been reading fantastic claims about the health benefits of water treated with electrolysis, which I find intriguing although I cannot reach a firm conclusion about the subject. I tend to agree with Michael Faraday who said that nothing is too wonderful to be impossible, so I am open minded about this subject. What seems to be inexplicable to me is that all the claims about cures for arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc using ionized water are published in dealer websites. It is difficult to trust the truthfulness of these claims because those who publish them have a vested interest in the subject so they are not disinterested. Outside of the dealer sites there seems to be little published on the internet that could support these claims. I wonder where are all these people who have been miraculously cured with water on other health orientated forums. If I had been cured of cancer just by drinking rather expensive water I would shout about it from rooftops. Assuming that these testimonials are not fictions I can only conclude that those who have received these wonderful benefits from ionized water are inhibited from openly coming forward because they fear ridicule or being called a liar. Also they may be worried about attracting the unwelcome attention of journalists and scam watchers.

    • Hi Maurice:

      Glad to see you took the time to express your opinions.

      I’m not a dealer and I can tell you first hand that the water cured my arthritis and keeps my acid reflux in check. I had a terrible time with both in the past. I wish I could say that the water cured my acid reflux, but if I have pizza at night with the kids, the acid reflux still rears its ugly head and I need to take a TUMS at bedtime.

      I have also talked to hundreds of people who have had their arthritis and acid reflux cured. I have also talked to several people that have had their Type 2 diabetes cured….and so on…and so on

      In regards to cancer, I have also talked to a number of people who have been cured. I know a wonderful lady whose husband was cured of prostate cancer who has purchased about a dozen machines for family and friends.

      Cheryl Watkins (www.ionizergirls.com) is a cancer survivor is a wonderful woman who has dedicated her life to spreading the word about ionized water.

      I sometimes think about why more people that recover from terrible diseases because of the water don’t speak up. I can’t help but wonder if they don’t want to tempt fate by speaking out. I have been fortunate to have avoided cancer in my life, but I talk to alot of cancer patients and the overriding message that I hear is that they never want to go through it again.

  3. Here’s the link to a real life guy who came in and asked me to video him because he was so ecstatic.
    MIke had tried everything.


    As an aside, I’m currently reading Gary Taubes’ book, Good Calories, Bad Calories. He provides an astounding critique of the chlesterol and fat theories we all accept as gospel, picking them apart in a fully referenced analysis of how the scientific community failed us and steered us in the absolutely wrong direction, with the result we all see before us; more sick people than ever before.
    From reading it, I realised that the way science (for which I have extreme respect) was sidelined by the media and Big Food was no single person or agencies’ fault. It was just a case of hearing the wrong message too often. And so it is with all science and current health philosophies.

  4. Have you heard of anyone who is dying from cancer, where the doctor has told them they only have so long to live? Is there anyone out there that has made it through due to drinking the water?

    Thank you.

    • Hi T:

      I have personally dealt with an individual who was told by their oncologist that there was nothing more that could be done and the doctor referred the patient to a palliative care service. The individual started drinking ionized water and was cancer free in less than six months.

      I have personally dealt with a significant number of cancer patients that have had incredible results when they started into an alkaline diet and alkaline water.

      Does this mean that the water will work for everyone? Absolutely not. When I was selling water ionizers a few years ago, I had people buy water ionizers where the person they had bought the machine for actually died before the machine arrived. If people wait too long to start drinking the water or eating an alkaline diet, there is little or nothing that the water or food will fix.

      Imo, the key is to not get cancer….yes, you can influence the outcome and you don’t have to be a victim. If you or someone you love does get cancer, get them on the water and get them eating fruits and veggies and nuts and seeds immediately. The change in regimen may not work, but it might!

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