Using ionized water instead of drugs to beat Type 2 Diabetes.

So many stories to tell and so little time! I have been getting a lot of requests for diabetes articles, so here is a quick one from a man that called me today. But first, a little background that is very alarming to say the least.

It is estimated that nearly 8% of the Canadian and American population (about 26 million people) have diabetes, of which 90% is of the Type 2 variety. The number of cases doubled between 1990 and 2005, and the Centre for Disease Control has called the increase in numbers an epidemic. No kidding!

Historically, Type 2 Diabetes has been considered a disease of adults, but the exploding rates of obesity in our youth has corresponded with an alarming increase in the disease in our children. I feel a McDonalds rant coming on, but lets keep going.

Diabetes is determined by measuring the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood, and it is expressed in millimoles per litre (mmol/l). Normally blood glucose levels stay within narrow limits throughout the day: 4 to 8mmol/l. But they are higher after meals and usually lowest in the morning. Diabetes occurs when the blood sugar level moves outside these limits on a sustained basis. As people get older, glucose levels typically tend to edge towards the upper end of the scale.

There are a couple of ways to deal with Type 2 Diabetes. Of course, one is the product of the pharmaceutical world, and the other is completely under your control. Guess which one I prefer? I can provide all kinds of information on Type 2 Diabetes, but you can find more information than you can ever possibly read on the internet. With that in mind it’s time for a quick story.

Robert, the individual in this story has a family history of Type 2 diabetes that begins at approximately age 60. Mom and Dad, aunts and uncles all got Type 2 diabetes around age 60. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise for this particular gentleman when his doctor informed him that he had developed Type 2 Diabetes at age 59.

His physician informed him that his glucose (blood sugar level) had exceeded 12, and that it was time to do something about it. The doctor correctly informed the gentleman that he could get his blood sugar level down with a combination of a better diet and some exercise… my kind of doctor!

There is nothing like being told you have a disease by your physician to get your attention. Robert immediately started to change his diet with the focus on cutting out carbs. If you have been through this, you will know that it isn’t fun, but you do what you have to do, or you could ultimately face taking insulin for the rest of your life.

Despite being able to curb the carbs, and paying more attention to his lifestyle, Robert found that his glucose level remained in the 12 to 14+ range over a period of more than a year. His physician recommended a natural remedy (this doctor is sounding better all the time) and said that if the remedy didn’t work, the patient would have to consider taking the insulin pills.

At the same time that Robert began to take the natural remedy, he also started drinking ionized water. He informed his physician that he had been researching the water, and the doctor said he would be very interested in the results (a doctor with an open mind!).

The results were dramatic. Within two and one half weeks, the patient’s glucose level was down to 8. Robert was very pleased with the turn of events after fighting unsuccessfully with the disease for more than a year. Robert couldn’t help but wonder if the results were due to the remedy, or the water, or a combination of both. To test the results, he stopped taking the natural remedy recommended by the doctor. It is now four months later and Robert’s glucose levels remain at 8.

The physician was very impressed, which I find really encouraging. The medical profession may handcuff the doctors, but it is only a matter of time before they will have to face the reality that the water removes acid and allows the body to heal itself… naturally.

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  1. the standard for diabetes is Metformin but i also try to use alternative medicine in controlling diabetes. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Charantia seems to work well too against diabetes.

  2. Diabetes today is mostly caused by a lifestyle that has less exercise and too much sugar. Diabetes can be easily avoided by just doing simple exercises each day like jogging and avoiding sugars. If you already have diabetes, exercise is still the best way to manage it. Food supplements like Charantia and Chromium also helps.

  3. there is a rising incidence of Diabetes these days and you can blame high sugar diet and a lifestyle that is low on physical activities.

    • Hi Karen:

      You are correct about the rising incidence of Diabetes. In fact, the increase in Diabetes is reaching epidemic numbers and is out of control. There is a commercial running on TV here in Canada that claims that there are 3 million Canadians with Diabetes. That represents about 1 out of every 11 people. The commercial is asking for donations for the Diabetes foundation.

      Type II diabetes is preventable and curable for most people. Eat properly (consume a predominantly alkaline diet consisting of vegetables and fruits or moderate your diet and drink alkaline water, get some daily exercise (that doesn’t mean you have to be a gym rat) , get enough sleep, and reduce your stress. Most people that have Type II diabetes have eaten their way into the problem, so they can eat their way out.

      It is easy to arrange to get a glucose test done when you visit your doctor. Find out your blood sugar level, and if the leve is increasing or is already high, talk to your physician about alternatives. The easy way to go is to take a drug, but your body won’t thank you for it. Even if a drug is necessary in the short term, I have learned that it is always better to investigate natural alternatives. If your physician is not on board, set up an appointment with a naturopathic doctor.

      The cost of treating (not curing) Diabetes is now estimated to be about $2,800 per person in Canada, where we have much lower costs that in the States.

  4. Hi
    This is an old article but I thought of asking if you have personally heard or even witnessed someone with Type I improving their values by drinking IAW?
    I see in almost every commercial site that it is listed as one of many diseases that can be cured. But I really wonder if IAW can aid the pancreas, which is producing very little or even ceased to produce insulin, to actually produce more and perhaps even bringing it back to normal levels again…
    If it is possible then for how long do you think it would take to notice any differences in the readings and should the water intake be more than normal 1,5-2 litres (about 8 glasses) a day for a person who had this since the teeenage years to adult?


    • Hi Dan:

      I have talked to a number of people that have had excellent results with Type 2 Diabetes, but I can’t say the say the same for Type 1. That doesn’t mean that the water won’t work for Type 1, it just means that I haven’t come across anyone yet. As I’m sure you’re already aware, the diseases are very different. I’m sure that you already know the following information, but I will just provide a short summary of the differences in the two types of Diabetes for the benefit of others:

      Patients who have Type 1 Diabetes don’t produce insulin, a hormone that aids in moving sugar from the blood to the cells. Type 1 Diabetes can be caused by a virus or autoimmune disorder that causes the body to attack the pancrease where the insulin is made. As a result, Type 1 Diabetes patients must take insulin injections. Type 2 Diabetes patients can often improve or eliminate their condition by changing their diet, exercising, losing weight, or by taking medications including insulin.

      Claims that you see on the internet are not always true. In fact, when someone is trying to sell something on the internet, you should always remember the “buyer beware” slogan, especially when it comes to a health care product. That is why you have to keep your eyes wide open when you read stuff from people like Dr. Mercola, who uses his supposedly unbiased and informative articles to actually flog products. While we all tend to crap on the FDA, it does serve a very useful purpose as a watchdog.

      • Dear Rob

        Researchers have found that the beta cells that produce Insulin do not really die out as previously thought. Somehow they are residual cells still present albeit in suppressed form (away from the body’s autoimmune T-cell attackers). They have found that the beta cells can be regenerated given the right conditions. It goes to show the amazing resilience of Nature – that given the opportunity the body will spring back to normalcy. It’s just like a lifeless and barren- looking desert springing back to life shortly after raindrops hit the soil, land, etc. So there is always hope that type 1 diabetes can be reversed. Very recent research studies – esp in stem cell research – have shown that it is easy to turn ordinary cells in the intestines, liver and elsewhere into insulin factories. So it’s a matter of time before these findings get translated into therapeutic technologies.

        Those with type 1 diabetes should start taking gymnema sylvestre extracts (pill or capsule form available at – researchers have reported the regeneration beta cell regeneration in the pancreas through its use but those who wish to try this herbal stuff out should not expect a quick fix as results usually obtain only through a longer term use, eg- 6-24 months.

        Regards, Cjuan

  5. This just happened to be posted on Dr. Robert Young’s Facebook page yesterday. He’s having a lot of success with alkalinity reversing Type 1. There are pics on the Facebook comment.

    “Today I met the Fuhr Family and taught them about the pH Miracle, the New Biology and how to reverse Type I diabetes. They have two family members who are Type I diabetic. Heather who is 13, and has been doing diabetes for 6 years. She has cut her insulin intake in half and is only taking 30 untis a day. And, Isaac who is 6 who is down to 5 units of insulin a day and has gone off the pump and any insulin as of today. He was taking as much as 30 to 40 units per day. Now Heather and Isaac are on the pH Miracle for Diabetes and will be off insulin. Everyday I have families calling me for help to help their children with diabetes. The pH Miracle Center needs your help. We need people who can sponsor a diabetic child and their treatments. Since we are a non-profit charitable organization we need money donations so we can help more children. Currently we are giving over 1 million US dollars a year to help children with diabetes, Autism, ADD, and cancer. We hope you will become part of our program to help a diabetic child. The need is great. If you want to help please call our office at: 760-751-8321 Thanking you in advance Dr. Young”

    • Hi Gabe:

      Good find. Dr. Young has been focusing on cancer in the past. I didn’t realize that he has extended his work. I hope I can get Dr. Young to join our blog.

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