A Water Ionizer In Every Home

Contaminants in water…bad! Water filters…..good!

Acidic and sugary drinks …bad! Alkaline water….good!

Acidic fast food diets….bad! Alkaline fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds…good!

Electric water ionizers…good! Antioxidant filters….gooder! Huh! Did he say “gooder”? Yup, he did.

Personal Bias vs. Research and Due Diligence

Everything in life is relative to one’s perspective. From political to religious issues, from likes to dislikes, one’s perspective alters one’s beliefs and hence, one’s opinions.

When it comes to water ionizers, I know firsthand from personal experience that they work. I have also spoken to thousands of others who have experienced the benefits of ionized water. The fact that the pharmaceutical backed medical community doesn’t support water ionizers doesn’t influence my belief at all. I have never spoken to a doctor or a representative from the pharmaceutical industry who has actually used a water ionizer and performed proper due diligence before sharing their opinions. As such, personal bias and personal agenda’s enter the equation.

Water ionizers work…and they work well! At least my opinion is based upon personal experience and research.

A water ionizer in every home

Sales of electric water ionizers in North America have been on the decline for the past year. The three primary factors in the decline are the economy, Dr. Mercola’s biased and untested opinion that serve his personal agenda, and the high price of electric water ionizers.

I have been a champion of water ionizers for years. I have also been a champion of lower prices for water ionizers so that people can afford them. I believe that every home should have a water ionizer, because the quality of life of everyone that uses a water ionizer improves. The trick is to figure out how to make that happen.

Why I believe Antioxidant Filters are “Gooder” than Electric Water Ionizers

Both machines work when it comes to delivering health benefits from the drinking water. Antioxidant filters are exponentially better filters. Electric Water Ionizers deliver a wider range of pH levels that can produce acidic water for disinfecting and cleaning the pesticides off fruit and vegetables. In my opinion, clean water that has had contaminants such as fluoride and chloramines plus many more impurities is more important, but there I go with my own personal bias.

Industry research tells me that people use alkaline water for drinking water up to 30 times as often as they use acidic water or very high pH water for cleaning their fruits and vegetables. Let’s assume you are one of the people (like my wife) who is a big fan of acid water for cleaning and therefore attaches a high value to a machine that does have a wide range of pH levels. For me, at this point, the discussion gets down to the cost of being able to have the additional benefit of a wide range of pH values.

The Money Aspect

Anyone that reads this blog is aware that I’m a big fan of the Antioxidant Filters. I like them because they deliver the health benefits and they purify the source water for $399. The purification aspect is important and the affordability means that my dream of a water machine in every home is now a reality.

Every electric water ionizer dealer will point out that Antioxidant Filters won’t produce acid water or produce the high pH values required for removing pesticides off the surface of fruits and vegetables. I can’t argue with the fact that Antioxidant Filters don’t produce acidic water because they don’t. I dispute the claim that the Antioxidant Filters won’t remove the pesticides from fruit and veggies as the unit that I use produces a pH level of 10.2 when it runs at 1 liter per minute. If you don’t believe me, you can purchase three 16 ounce bottles of “Fruit and Veggie Cleaner” from our good friend Dr. Mercola for $14.95 that I expect would last for a long time, or you could make the product yourself from the list of ingredients provided on the bottle. You can find the product at: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/06/07/7-tips-for-cleaning-fruits-vegetables.aspx

The cost to purchase an Acidic Water machine: You can purchase units for $179 from Active Ion that produce outstanding disinfectant water without chemicals. You can check them out at www.activeion.com. I have written about the product in the past as Bill Nye the Science Guy made a great promotional video for them.


Both Electric Water Ionizers and Antioxidant Filters provide wonder health benefits from drinking water. Antioxidant Filters cost $399 while the leading brands of Electric Water Ionizers cost $1,695 to $3,980.

Antioxidant Filters provide far superior water purification capabilities. If you purchase an Electric Water Ionizer, you should always purchase a decent pre-filters system that will eliminate many of the same contaminants eliminated by Antioxidant filters for about $250.

Electric Water Ionizers provide Acid Water for cleaning without chemicals. You can purchase an acid making machine from Active Ion for $179 that is much more reliable and consistent that what Electric Water Ionizers offer.

Electric Water Ionizers produce very high pH levels of water capable of removing pesticides from your fruits and veggies. Antioxidant Filters also produce high pH levels of capable of removing pesticides. Some of the expensive Electric Water Ionizers produce higher pH levels than Antioxidant Filters under ideal source water conditions or by using a very powerful electrical charge or chemicals. Both types of machines require soaking fruits and veggies for about 20 minutes. Dr. Mercola claims that his fruit and veggie spray will remove pesticides in one to two minutes. I don’t know about you, but the one to two minute option for $14.95 per year seems like a far more convenient option to soaking for 20 minutes.

If you want the full spectrum of the health benefits of drinking ionized water, plus contaminant removal, plus the best disinfecting machine, plus the benefit of removing pesticides from fruits and veggies, the total cost should be ($399 + $179 + $15) = $593. I think the future growth of the water ionizer industry lies with the Antioxidant Filters. I just don’t see how the MLM companies or even the direct distribution companies can compete.

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