“King’s Speech” Writer Visualizes Cancer Away

Elizabeth Cohen, CNN’s senior medical correspondent reports today that David Seidler, who recently won an Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay for the “King’s Speech” was able to rid himself of bladder cancer six years ago through visualization techniques. You can see Elizabeth’s article here: http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/03/03/ep.seidler.cancer.mind.body/index.html

Mr. Seidler told CNN that when he was first diagnosed with the cancer in 2005, he spent a few days producing “mucus and salty tears I knew prolonged grief was bad for the autoimmune system, and the autoimmune system was the only buddy I had in fighting cancer”. After that, Mr. Seidler decided to visual “lovely, clean healthy bladder” for two weeks, and the cancer disappeared. The cancer has not returned for more than 5 years, which by current medical definition, means the cancer was “cured”.

What should we make of Mr. Seidler’s revelation?

Has senility taken grasp of this 73 year old man? I don’t think so. Is he working on creating another Oscar winning script? Perhaps, but maybe it is a script that should be written and portrayed so that others can see the power of positive thinking.

In the “Show Me” or should I say “Show Me Empirical Evidence” mindset of the pharmaceutical backed western medicine, Mr. Seidler’s statements are viewed as quackery or blasphemy. How can anyone possibly cure cancer with positive thinking? However, the world has witnessed tens of thousands of “cures” that can’t be explained by the medical profession.

I wrote a woman in Canada with an incredible story a few months ago. Her doctors had “written off for dead” three different times in 2009 due to “incurable” cancer. You can link to the story here.

Instead of accepting her “medical fate”, The woman chose to return to her home and began drinking alkaline ionized water provided by her brother who is a dentist. She also started eating an alkaline diet and was the subject of her sister’s prayers.

The story has a happy ending as she survived and is now back working and is living a “normal” life. The story also presented a very interesting twist as the happy outcome caused issues in her family. Her sister believed that her prayers were answered by God. Her brother, the dentist, believed that the alkaline ionized water was responsible for the turnaround. The brother pointed out that the timing of the turnaround coincided almost exactly when his sister began drinking the water. Who is correct? I don’t think it matters. Was it water or faith, or a combination? Or was it just good luck? One thing for sure is that it wasn’t pharmaceutical drugs and doctors and hospitals.

Empirical Evidence and Prescription

There is a small but growing group of doctors that recognizes the fact that our current form of medicine simply can’t explain the numerous instances of healing and recoveries that they have witnessed. They are open to learning and discussing alternatives. However, the majority of doctors, including my own physician, just shrugs their shoulders and admit that some cures “just happen”. Instead of using their brilliant minds and discipline to dig deeper, they continue on their merry way writing endless prescriptions. You can’t blame doctors who claim they are “too busy”, but we can thank those that are opening their eyes and doing something about it.

I hope that the CNN readers who read the article about Seidler’s recovery will give the man credit for sharing his story.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and are not meant as medical advice

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