Alkaline Water Helps Cancer Patient after Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiation Fail

I spoke to a lady from western Canada last night, and the conversation made my day.  I hear a lot of great stories of people who have had their lives changed or saved by drinking ionized water or simply changing their diet, but this story really jumps out.

The lady contacted my to purchase a water ionizer.  I told her I was no longer in the business but I would be happy to refer her to a dealer.  I asked her how she got my name.  She indicated that I had sold her brother, a dentist, a machine about a year and a half ago when I was in the business.  When I asked her what prompted her to purchase a machine now, she related a story that is amazing and inspirational.  I apologize that the story is graphic in nature, but it has a very happy ending.

She was diagnosed with CUP cancer on February 23, 2009.  CUP stands for Carcinoma of Unknown Primary, also known as metastatic cancer of unknown origin.   On March 30, 2009 she underwent 11 hours of surgery performed by 4 different teams of specialists to remove a tumour from her abdomen that was 30 cm in diameter, or roughly the size of a basketball. Her pre-surgery diagnosis was described to her by her doctors as “grim” and “not good”, but she survived.  

The doctors were happy to inform her that they “got it all” but there was plenty of bad news.  Her abdominal wall was “gone”.  She had to remain in the “Fowler’s Position” which can be described as being bent in a “V”.  The doctors doubted that she would ever leave the ICU, and if she did, it would be to move to the Palliative care ward.  The doctors could not get the wound to heal despite their best efforts.  I have intentionally left out details of the efforts to close the wound as her description made even me feel uneasy.  Suffice it to say they were not successful. 

Her medical team included psychiatrists as they couldn’t understand why she didn’t “melt down”.   Her treatment centre is a teaching facility and in front of the interns, she told the doctor that he had cancer.  The doctor didn’t respond and she turned to the interns and said “the doctor didn’t melt down because he knows that he is not going to die from cancer”.  She then said “I’m not melting down because I’m not going to die from cancer either.”

By May, the cancer had metastasized to six new sites. 

By June, her team of doctors were at odds with each other as to how to proceed.  She was told by her doctors that they had nothing else to offer except chemo, but they didn’t know which chemo to administer so they decided against it.  The doctors initiated radiation treatments, primarily for pain management.  The doctors administered heavy doses of antibiotics but they expected her to die of septicemia.  She was told by her doctors for the second time in three months on June 24th, 2009  to “settle her affairs”.   When she decided to go home against her doctor’s advice, she was only given three days of medication.  One of her doctors, in an act of kindness asked her if there was anything he could do for her.  She replied that he could “take her out to dinner”.  When the doctor stared back at her with a blank look, she replied “next June”.  She told the doctor that she would pray for him as he appeared to be taking it worse than her.  

The cancer eventually spread to 9 identifiable sites, the bones in her pelvic area were breaking, and the cancer had entered her lymphatic system. 

The doctors scheduled three rounds of chemo, but stopped after one round in July because her blood counts wouldn’t return to normal.  She received another round of chemo in September, but it took even longer for her blood counts to return.  

She decided to start drinking alkaline ionized water while staying at her brother’s house.  A lot of water!  She drank six litres per day.     

Within days, her wound healed up and her physicians were amazed.  They asked her what she was doing differently and she told them she had just started drinking ionized water and they told her to “keep it up”. 

She received another round of “diluted” chemo at the start of December, but during the second week of December, her oncologist told her that the chemo would be stopped as it wasn’t doing any good as her immune system was already too weak.  She was told that once the last effects of the chemo were filtered out of her body, there was nothing more that could be done and she received her third “settle your affairs” speech.  She responded to the news by taking her three kids out of school a week before the Christmas holidays and they headed off to Disney Land.

So, everyone had given up on her except herself.  She continued to drink her water and keep a positive attitude.

Fast forward to today, October 3, 2010.  There has been no sign of cancer in her body since June 2010.  She has her blood tested every two weeks and sees her doctor once a month. 

When I asked her what she thinks saved her life, she responded “water and faith”.  It seems that her bout with cancer divided her family for awhile.  Her brother, who was trained in science is a firm believer that the water was the sole reason that she is alive.  Her sister believes that all the prayers that she received from so many family and friends was responsible for the miracle of her survival. She says for her, it was a combination of both, and maintaining a positive attitude.  

She told her team of doctors that they need to open their eyes to alternative solutions instead of letting cancer dictate the situation.  She tells them that they need to get out in front of cancer rather than working from three steps behind. 

Funny how a lady that has never had any post secondary education is educating her doctors about how to deal with cancer… and life.

This article is not meant to as medical advice.  Always consult with your primary care giver regarding health issues .

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  1. Wow.

    • Hi Gabe:

      I don’t know how to reply to “Wow” other than her story kept me up to 2am this morning writing so that I wouldn’t forget anything. Even though I took 5 pages of notes during the conversation, I find it is always better to write when the information is fresh.

  2. Wow! Were the exact words that came to mind for me as well, only to scroll down and see that the Gabe had used WOW as well. What a truly inspiring story. Faith and water ,what a lethal combination in the war on cancer. Thanks Rob for staying up to put this together. Keep up the great work. It gets better by the day.

    • Hi Jody:

      Thanks for the kind words Jody. When I retired, I thought my life would get a lot easier and the blog would be a fun and interesting hobby. Little did I know that the blog would take off and now I’m working more than ever. Mary tells me that the blog is my new mistress and she keeps threatening to hide my computer after dinner.

      I couldn’t get to sleep on Sunday night until I wrote the article. I have been inspired many times on this venture with water, but her energy and love for life really grabbed me. Faith and water…..hmmm.

  3. This is a great story indeed! … but a story like this must have affected many of the involved doctors and should have been published in at least one local paper? Or did she not talk to any journalist and are the doctors silenced about this?
    A patient cured within a year when the cancer spread to 9 identifiable sites without any help from the doctors must reach out to the open public, and not only from a blog :p

    This woul rise many eyebrowns aswell as the name Ionized Water

    • Hi Dan:

      The lady in the story inspired the story. I’m just the reporter.

      The docs involved were obviously affected, but they are restricted as to what they can say or do. Doctors have been programmed since the day they entered medical school to follow protocol. Even when the physicians see the proof of the effectiveness of alternative remedies, they are governed by the College of Physicians. Unless a doctor is very well off or is at the end of his/her career, they are unlikly to risk their livlihood by being sanctioned by the College. Unfortunately, the line between the standards and ethics of the College and the influence of the pharmaceuticals has been invisible for a long time.

      I don’t blame the doctors for being careful because they work hard to become doctors and they have needs, just like the rest of us. Here is a link to another article I wrote about a man who became well (even I’m careful with the work “cure”) after drinking the water when the doctors failed and the four oncologists involved in that situation refused to write a paper on the event:

      This is going to be a long battle to educate our society but we have determination and we have the truth on our side. The good news is that virtually 100% of the population in several countries in Asia are aware of the water and continue to use the water to improve and maintain their health. Eventually, the news will spread. More and more studies on the water are underway that will prove the benefits of the water. In the meantime, if we build a mountain of testimonials to help educate people and they will decide for themselves.

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