The War On Cancer

During his State of the Union address in January 1971, Richard Nixon declared war on cancer. Here is what he said:

“The time has come in America when the same kind of concentrated effort that split the atom and took man to the moon should be turned toward conquering this dreaded disease. Let us make a total national commitment to achieve this goal.”

President Nixon followed through on his promise and signed the National Cancer Act on December 23, 1971. What started out as a noble cause has obviously lost its focus over the years.

In 1971, the medical community didn’t have a cure for cancer. They had three strategies for dealing with cancer, which included “slashing, burning, and poisoning”. You will never hear a doctor refer to surgery as slashing, or radiation as burning, or chemotherapy as poisoning, but that is exactly what each of the medical terms means in layman’s terms.

In 2009, after 38 years of research by the best scientific minds in the world, that have been funded by hundreds of billions of dollars, doctors still slash and burn and poison… oh excuse me… perform surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

I don’t want to take the negative approach and talk about money and conspiracies. We all know about that stuff. What is obvious is that governments, and the medical community, and the pharmaceutical industry are not going to provide the answers. What I do want to talk about is what we can do about cancer.

In Canada and the United States, it is illegal to practice medicine without a license. The powers that control the industry have made it virtually impossible for our physicians to recommend any product if it hasn’t been approved by the FDA or Health Canada. The College of Physicians has the right, and exercises its right, to sanction physicians for any behavior that exceeds its guidelines. As a result, our physicians, who are in a position to listen to their patients and be part of the solution, have to remain detached.

Many doctors are aware of the ability of alkaline ionized water to eliminate acid from the body, which in turn allows that body to heal itself. These doctors have all seen the results first hand. Yet, they won’t recommend the water, and they won’t write review papers. You can’t blame the doctors. They are not willing to risk their livelihood. They have worked hard to become physicians and they need to protect their careers and their families, just like anyone else.

Doctors are not allowed to help us, as the system is not going to change. It’s not right, but it is reality. So, what else can we do?

The water ionizer companies deal with clients everyday that have cancer. They know that their machines are saving lives of cancer patients that have previously been told by physicians that they have terminal cancer. Unfortunately, the companies are not allowed to post testimonials because they can be charged with practicing medicine without a license. In fact, the water ionizer manufacturers and importers choose to continue to run under the radar. Why would they choose this path? They lay low because the industry is profitable, and they don’t want to upset the pharmaceutical companies. Why do they fear the pharmaceutical companies? The pharmaceutical companies have astonishing wealth and connections, and can crush the water ionizer manufacturers if they are seen as a threat. How do I know this? I talk to them. So, don’t look to the water ionizer manufacturers to spread the word.

We are beginning to see Dealers that represent products of the various water ionizer companies post testimonials on their sites. The Dealers recognize the value of the testimonials in regards to adding credibility to their sales strategy. However, the Dealers are unaware of the consequences of their actions, and will likely be forced to remove the testimonials as awareness of the units become more widespread.

It seems to me that it will be up to individuals who have experienced the water themselves to spread the word. While the medical system is strictly governed, the good news is that freedom of speech still exists. However, freedom of speech must be accomplished without being attached to business interests. This blog offers me the opportunity to do my part. I invite you to join me in helping spread the word. If you have experienced the benefits of alkaline water, please share your stories with us, so that others can learn from you.

The author of this article is not a physician. All comments made in this article are the opinion of the author, or the opinions of those that have provided the information, and are not intended as advice. All persons with health issues are advised to consult with a physician.

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4 Responses to The War On Cancer

  1. I completely agree with you and feel really frustrated with this situation.

    I just returned from a 2 week trip to some of the nicest places in Australia, staying in the best hotels.
    The hotel industry at that level is very aware that the ingredients make the dish so they only use organic and biodynamic foods. Which is absolutely great. And the places I went really advocated that. But were not aware of the existence of (ionized) alkaline water.
    So even eating only organic and biodynamic foods I fell ill.
    I am home now and it occurred to me that I had to make due without my alkaline water during my trip. I also checked my diary and as I suspected, I catch a cold or the flue when I have not had access to alkaline water. Coincidence?

    I usually eat organic or biodynamic as much as possible. All food and drinks in my house are but I also have a social life and today that still equals filling up on toxins.

    Although the awareness in regards to food is starting to evolve, it is non existent when it comes to alkaline water.

    And as I now had to conclude due to my experience on holiday, it is only in combination with alkaline water that we will find balance in our health.

    I’m heading off back to bed now, sticking out the flue. And no alkaline water around cause Im out of filters…

    Thank you for taking a stand. We need more people like you for the story to get out.

  2. Hi Laura:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.


  3. Very interesting story. Cancer is the no. 1 killer today. Why so many expenses at the hospital then the patient will only die. Due to excessive radiation & chemotherapy. I am a local license alkaline water store here in the philippines. I have my SD 501 whom my selected client have health problems like Cancer, diabetes, ashtma, kidney ailments, high blood pressure, heart disease. All of my selected client consuming Kangen water, have gain a good result. My Kangen water is a remarkable water for those who suffered different kinds of illness. I have my client a seven year old girl. The Doctor notice that there is a forming hole in her heart. I visit to their residence and talk to her parents about the healing powers of Kangen water. The seven years old girl change her water from acidic purified to Kangen water. Amazing result was found. One year now she consumed Kangen water the girl is in healthy condition her parents was very proud about the amazing result of drinking Kangen water. The whole family never trust any kind of water. The only Kangen water is to be trusted for their health as the family said. I have a client which is a Priest, suffering from diabetes. One year of drinking Kangen water, he visit the clinic for a doctor’s checked up. Such laboratory was done and a normal result was received. My Priest client said all normal result i suspected it is Kangen water that the water give’s him the best of health, that he said he never take any medicine for his diabetes. Praise God Kangen water never fail to unhealthy people who need these miracle healing water.

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