Antioxidant Filter Update

I have been a big fan of antioxidant filters since I was first introduced to them last September. The introduction of the filters followed more than a year of rumours about a new “non-electric” technology. Jay Hare, the President of IonWays has now claimed the new technology is the “next step” in the future of water ionization.

Creating Free Hydrogen… The New Thinking Behind the Benefits of Ionization

Last fall, Alkastream and IonWays and The Revolutionizer announced their intention to enter their new antioxidant filters to the market.

It turns out that the new technology is not really new after all. The concept of creating stable hydrogen ions by running water across magnesium has been around since the year 2000. That is the year that Dr. Hayashi, the world’s leading authority on ionized water informed us that it is the presence of hydrogen ions, not hydroxly ions created by electrolysis, that is responsible for the incredible health benefits witnessed by so many.

Dr. Hayashi, a Japanese medical doctor spent 15 years of his life heading up the government sponsored Japanese Institute of Water. In the year 2000, Dr. Hayashi explained his findings to the world. His research proved to him that the best way to eliminate electron hungry oxygen atoms in the body (known as free radicals) was to introduce free Hydrogen ions that would combine with the free radicals to form harmless water.

Dr. Hayashi invented a machine during his years of research that could measure free hydrogen. He also told us that free hydrogen could be created inexpensively by running water across magnesium. The concept is actually simple, because the magnesium that gets picked up in the water causes the uncoupling of the hydrogen bond to water, thereby releasing free hydrogen ions into the water.

Dr. Hayashi introduced Hydrogen sticks to the world in 2000 and they have been a success. I have seen hydrogen sticks for sale online for as little as $13 and as high as $89. They produce mild alkaline water and slightly negative ORP, but according to Dr. Hayashi, it is the level of hydrogen ions present which is of the greatest relevance. It would be nice if Dr. Hayashi shared his technology of his hydrogen measuring device with the rest of the world.

The hydrogen sticks do work, but they have a number of problems. You often need two or three of them to be effective which means the cost adds up pretty quickly. They are really inconvenient as you have to “make” the water in small batches, and they don’t eliminate contaminants from the water. However, they are great for travel and the initial cash outlay to try one is minimal.

Along Comes the Antioxidant Filters

The antioxidant filters take care of a number of problems associated with hydrogen sticks. They hook up to a tap, which means a virtual endless supply of water on demand. They have great filters for removing contaminants from the source water, and they can produce much stronger and more effective results than hydrogen sticks.

The ionization from an antioxidant filter remains very stable in the water due to the presence of the extra minerals. That makes them similar to hydrogen sticks in terms of stability and much better that ionized water produced through electrolysis from an electric water ionizer. That means you can take water with you to work or the gym, confident that you won’t lose the beneficial properties of the water as it is jostled around, or exposed to air or light. While the antioxidant filters cost $400, they offer so much more than a hydrogen stick.

Updating the Progress of the Antioxidant Filters:

Alkastream (

I’m the most familiar with the Alkastream because I have tested the machine. After testing the units, I encouraged my wife to carry the Alkastream product on her online water ionizer store.

The initial shipment of Alkastream units provided excellent results. However, the company encountered some startup problems, which is to be expected for a new product and a new distributor. The company responded by making a number of improvements to its canister and to its filter. They also handed over the distribution rights in the USA to Gabe Hunninghake, which I think is a great move.

I love the way thatGabe Hunninghake is focusing his efforts on education and taking care of his Dealers. I hope that more companies take up the cause of providing clean affordable water so that consumers can have viable choices.

IonWays Upcoming Antioxidant Filter

I reported last fall that the IonWays was battling the defection of a number of their senior MLM sales people to a new MLM company that features a new antioxidant filter. IonWays introduced two new filters immediately. One of the new products was the Naia ($599), which was designed as a water filter that also provided some ionizing ability. When the filters were introduced, I informed readers that IonWays intended to introduce their new antioxidant filter to the public this past February. The new, as yet unnamed product has not yet been introduced, but the company did display a prototype to its dealers at their recent annual meeting (see a picture of the unit above).

You can click on the link below of a Youtube video that shows a prototype of the antioxidant filter that was introduced to IonWays dealers at their recent national convention. The video starts off with a picture of an airplane wing and the soundtrack of a jet in flight, and then pans to the marina across from the hotel where they held the convention. Then, Jay Hare is introduced to a roaring ovation from what sounds like a soundtrack from a massive crowd and yet the audience is very small. Ahhh…the magic of marketing. Frankly, I expected much better from IonWays as they typically have pretty good marketing material.

I have been led to believe that IonWays will be introducing their new antioxidant filter at a price of $1,499. I think they are making a huge mistake on their pricing, because people can buy a machine that will produce similar results from the same type of technology for $399 from Alkastream. While their President Jay Hare makes reference to the machine being “sexy” and “bitchin” in the video, I highly doubt that the public will agree with his analysis that people will buy it because of its “looks.” I don’t know about anybody else, but I wouldn’t spend $1,499 for a kitchen appliance simply because some sales guy tells me that it is “bitchin”.

I mentioned last fall that I thought IonWays was lacking focus when it comes to the introduction of its antioxidant filters. While they have decared that natural non-electric water ionizers are the “future” of water ionization, they have priced their new antioxidant filter in the same price range as their electronic water ionizers. I can understand that they don’t want to cannibalize the sales of their other products. But, do they really expect the public to believe that a machine without an ionizing chamber or an electronic motherboard and keypad should be priced at the same level as products that contain those expensive components? I just don’t understand their thinking.

It looks like IonWays has already started resorting to the water ionizer industry mentality of “bashing” the competition. I assume they believe that going on the attack will put doubt in people’s minds. How else are they going to defend their price that is fours times more than the Alkastream product? Personally, I don’t think that the IonWays Elita will be a success.

IonWays has also initiated legal action against the founders and principals of the Water Revolution MLM company. The “company line” appears to be to show that the defecting people are in breach of their contractual obligations to IonWays. I suspect the real intent is create distractions for the defecting group so that they don’t get a big head start on Ionways. Even if the legal action goes nowhere, I assume the legal stuff will buy IonWays time to get their own unit and sales team up to speed.

I really hope the ionizer people don’t get into the antioxidant business because they just can help themselves. We know how that story ends….with confusion and eventually indifference.

The Revolutionizer

I haven’t heard much about the Revolutionizer since they launched their product other than a couple of promotional comments posted on my blog by Revolutionizer dealers. They are selling their above counter unit through their MLM system for $599, which places it well above the price of the Alkastream, but a full thousand dollars lower than IonWays unit. The $599 pricetag is not bad considering that they have to factor in the price bump for the MLM sellers. They also offer an under counter version with a tap for an extra $100.

I’m not big on the “Nessie” look of the above counter unit, but I’m more interested to see how they perform. If anybody reading this has access to a Revolutionizer, I would love to test one… hint hint.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

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  1. Thanks for the post Rob.
    Your absolutely right about Gabe, he’s top notch.
    You might view this site,
    You’ll see something familiar.

    • Hi Mike:

      I think Alkastream has made a great choice by putting Gabe Hunninghake in charge of the American operations. Gabe is passionate about the water (see his blog) and he is a no BS guy. I don’t know if his discipline and organizational skills come from serving his country for 8 years, or he always had those talents, but either way, the company will benefit from his efforts.

      I checked out the link that you provided. What you see is the old QMP603 above counter filter. You will note that it is virtually identical to the Revolutionizer and the IonWays Spartan offerings, but for a lot less money (no MLM component). I don’t know what they have in the filters, but I did note that they charge $79 to add a fluoride component. I wrote an article about the “Nessie” looking appearance of the units a few months ago. As long as the unit is mounted under the counter where nobody can see it, I expect it would provide decent filtration.

  2. Hi Rob,

    Yes I appreciate the update on the alkaStream filter. It is going to be awesome in more ways than one. I checked out Mike’s link. Decent price for filtered water in the home, and probably beats a reverse osmosis system.

    I’m mostly in to that negative hydrogen ion thingy though, along with the microclustering and alkalinity. At $399.00, I think that price is going to be real hard to beat. Now, what the other companies do to compete will probably help alkalStream. Seems like they can’t play the same kind of pricing game. MLM pricing structures pretty much says the sales people got to make their cut lastly. Doesn’t take the quality away from the product in most cases, it’s just bump up in price that stands in the way of more folks being able to benefit from the technology. Nowhere is this more evident than in the sales of electric water ionizers.

    I don’t regret jumping in and just trying the water. I only wish I had sat on the fence a little bit longer though. I had no idea alkaStream was coming down the pike. I bought a SD-501 in June 2010. The water works so well, but it has always annoyed me that the machine has to be rigorously cleaned and factory maintained. An added expense, on top of the machine itself. Add another filtration system on top of that…filtrs, filters,filters!

    Finally, somebody has been able to cut through all of that extra burden.

  3. Wow. Thanks for those kind words Rob (and Mike). I was very humbled when I received the request and never anticipated being in this position.

    I intend to continue being BS free and transparent. I have a lot of thoughts swirling thru my head right now, but these seem to continue floating to the top.

    1. Business should be at the service of people, not at their expense. For too many years the line between the 2 has become blurred within the ionized water industry. Most dealers are well intentioned, but management is questionable at best. How do we create a culture of service and profit?

    2. Those with the ability to make a change in how the companies conduct themselves and treat each other have proven they don’t want to. It messes with the status quo. Only some new blood can initiate the improvements and shake things up a bit. [this isn’t true of just ionized water mind you] Who wants to help shake?

    3. This may shock many, but I don’t think alkaStream needs to hang around in the same places as electric ionizers. Not because of performance comparisons, but because alkaStream is the only company which gives us the chance start over and change the story. To shed the years of deceit, false marketing, underhanded tricks, back stabbing and confusion that have become so common placed with ionized water. How do we articulate our story and who do we need to partner with to help share it?

    4. The ability to bridge the gap between filtration and ionization is unique and exciting. Each side should agree on the positives of alkaStream and finally have some common ground. We can work on both sides of the fence.

    5. Not having the MLM albatross around our neck makes this a whole lot easier to introduce and market to an entirely different type of client. Those with retail shelf space who love the the price point, large newsletter audiences, affiliate programs in place and most importantly…a mindset of “clean water is best”. We can add the benefits of ionization, pH-balancing, etc, later. Who else has this opportunity?

    So…it’s Saturday morning in beautiful Lawrence KS. The sun is out. There is a light breeze. I’m taking the kids to play basketball in a nearby park, we’re having a b-day party for 2 of them later and then watching my Jayhawks play for another Big12 championship.

    All is good. And the future of Pure, Primitive and Preventative water is looking bright. I just made that up…it’s not the official tag line. :)

    If anyone wants to ask questions, do some research or see what it takes to help out, please find me on

    • Hi Gabe:

      I have known you for awhile through the blog and I have always considered you a “friend of the water”.

      I think Alkastream chose wisely when they decided to put you in charge. You are a NO BS guy and that has to be a good thing. I also know that you have done a lot of research on the “hydrogen” theory as you have been helping me learn.

      I hope you can stay away from the counter productive mud slinging tactics of the water ionizer industry. At your $399 price point, I think you have the ability to enter the mass market if you can keep your vision broad and your focus on education.

      You have asked readers for help. How can we help you?

      • Hi Rob,

        I’ve been thinking about your question for a bit now. I assume you have a large following of loyal readers. If any of them would like to interact, ask questions, etc…the blog is set up at Please send them on over. That would be a good way to start.

        The existing website is going through a bit of an overhaul right now and will be changing in the short term, but we’ll maintain a place to interface with anyone who wants to.

        The first post is a bit about how alkaStream came together.

        We’ll make some announcements on our dealer program, customer loyalty program, product enhancements in a few days as well. (also thinking about a contest of some sort to kick things off)

        I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Rob, and Gabe,

    I just love what you 2 guys are doing to help get this industry going in a positive direction! While I’m relatively new on the ionized water scene, I’m so glad I found both of your blogs. It has helped me tremendously sort through some of the negative emotions I had been felling inside ever since I got taken in by misguided marketing hype.

    Gabe, you said so much that resonates with me. I think you will do so much for a lot of people who simply need the health benefits this water provides. Your comments are so right ON.

    • Hi Brenda:

      Thanks for you comment. I continue to read your blog as I enjoy reading your thoughts.

      I love the following statement that you made in your comment: “sort through some of the negative emotions I have been feeling inside ever since I got taken in by misguided marketing hype”. I think your sentiment is shared by many.

      I have often tried to understand the over zealous commitment of Enagic dealers to their product despite the evidence that clearly refutes their claims that the product is superior to other machines. While I love their passion and effort, they are spreading misleading and often false information that they learn via the Saturday morning conference calls out of California or elsewhere.

      It is disturbing to me that many Enagic dealers are selling their $4,000 machine based upon unsubstantiated claims to their family, friends, and associates who trust the dealers because of the good reputation that they have earned throughout their lives. What is really happening in this situation is that Enagic knows perfectly well that some of their dealers are spreading false statements but the company does absolutely nothing about it. The company allows its dealers to put their own personal reputations on the line knowing that they may be spreading falsehood statements.

      Gabe’s call to Enagic asking a number of questions about the validity of the claims being made by Enagic dealers was initially handled by a man who said the company takes these ethical issues seriously, and he would look into the matter. Unfortunately the only thing that happened was that Enagic threatened Gabe with a lawsuit if he didn’t remove a recording of his conversation with the company. Gabe capitulated because he didn’t feel he was in a position to fight, so the Enagic bullying tactic prevailed. The bottom line is that lies live on.

      The same man from Enagic that contacted Gabe also contacted me with the same threat. When I received the email, I left the man a phone message to call me so that we could discuss the legality of his position. I suggested that I thought it would be difficult for Enagic to shut me down because the most powerful government in the world couldn’t shut down WikiLeaks. Even if Enagic were somehow able to find a way to force me to take the recording of Gabe’s conversation with the company down, it would take a long time in court, and I would have a field day with them in the interim. If Enagic were to win in court, I would take the recording down as I won’t break the law. However, I expect the recording would immediately pop up the same day on hundreds of different sites from many countries where Enagic and the American government have no jurisdiction. The funny part is that the recording is not really that bad, but Enagic is so insecure about their position that they feel the need to use intimidation and threats.

      It is not surprising to me that more and more dealers are experiencing the same type of “negative emotions” that you are dealing with. As each Enagic dealer learns the truth about their own product relative to the products offered by its competitiors (as opposed the the Enagic conference call “facts”), the dealer will be faced with the moral decision of whether they are prepared to continue to put their own personal reputation on the line by spreading information that they know that their own company head office won’t back up. I know that I could never do it.

      The only thing that most Enagic dealers are doing wrong is that they are not taking the time to properly educate themselves about the real facts. The real problem is that Enagic itself allows the falsehoods to be propogated and they don’t do anything about it.

      I think Gabe is on the leading edge of where the water industry needs to go. That means providing honest education and delivering value.

  5. Visited their website and it seems that Alkastream has suspended sales.
    Any insight on that?

    • Hi Jacquelene:

      Alkastream has not suspended sales. Alkastream has set up a new distributor for their products in the USA and the company running the website that you were looking at is no longer the distributor. You can visit the worldwide site for Alkastream at and click on the map of the country you are looking for.

  6. Hi Rob,

    Thanks so much for your comment! I’m positive I’m not alone in the feelings I’ve been sorting through as a new Enagic rep. Basically between your blog site, and Gabe’s, I felt it was finally okay to have the feelings I had been experiencing. I pretty much discovered within a couple months after I got sucked in (pardon my negative choice of words) that my BS meter was going off after I bought into the game. I just kept trying to stuff it all back down and not pay attention to it.

    Gabe’s comment about the ability that the alkaStream system has to bridge the gap between filtration and ionization has finally happened, and is exciting, says so much!

    That is definitely where the marketing of this system needs to take center stage.

    No more being chained to a separate filtering system.

    I am having an issue with my SD 501 that my sponsor, or a friend of mine (who is also a Enagic rep just not in my direct up line) are being totally indifferent to me about. I’m positive the issue will be dependent on the continued use of my machine in the near future. I discovered a couple of weeks ago on the corporate website that Enagic has recently come out with a newer (higher grade) filter, supposedly. This newer filter also has a new redesigned filter base designed to be used exclusively on all Enagic machines. Conveniently, the old filter will become delisted in May 2011. The company is encouraging the deep cleaning of your old filter based machine with a new filter upgrade for $135.00 (plus tax). They will also throw in a new (filter based) cpu cleaning cartridge and pay for shipping your machine back to you.

    What a really good deal right? Well…my machine is less than a year old. I did discover that I could purchase a filter for it somewhere else (not through Enagic). Not a great filter anyway, or cheaper either, but for sure can be found elsewhere. There is that old worn-out filtration issue coming up again, right?

    I don’t know if any of the other water ionizer companies sell pre-filtering systems or not. I do know that Enagic sells its own line of pre-filtering systems. I’m sure they do fairly well off the sales of those too. Just more ways to turn a profit off the inadequate filtering capability of their machine filters to begin with, by selling even more filters. It doesn’t matter what company you buy a pre-filtering system from, you are going to be spending a lot of money for the future upkeep of them. It does seem to be just as much of a business of selling water filters, as the machines themselves.

    When I asked my sponsor, or my friend, what this new machine filter upgrade was all about, neither one seemed too concerned over this issue. I haven’t gotten a dignified, definitive response from either one. I’ve been labeled a defector in both of their books, and not worth the time it takes to to get back with me on it.

    These are only my thoughts and what I perceive to be going on. I don’t know what the whole story is really all about.

    I’m interested and open to your thoughts on the matter Rob.

    • Hi Brenda:

      You are much more familiar with the inner workings of Enagic than I am.

      Chanson has their own pre-filter system, but I’m not a big fan. The moment you purchase a product specific system, you are tied to it for life or until you get rid of your system. I would much rather purchase a generic system so that you can buy the filters anywhere, which allows you to do your homework and save money.

      If I was in the water business today, I would find a supplier that could make filters for all of the different brands and start up my own online filter company. Determining the media for the filters is easy. All you have to do is have a company that supplies media cut open a filter and tell you what is in it and in what quantities and what order…really simple. The only significant cost would be to have a mould made of the filter container so that it would fit which ever machine you were supplying the filter for. I bet there are 100,000 Enagic machines being used in the world or perhaps in America alone. Imagine being able to offer Engagic replacement filters for $99 instead of what Enagic charges for them. I bet someone could make millions of dollars profit per year as there is good profit in filter sales. Enagic would squawk and tell the world that only Enagic filters are any good, but they would be wrong, just like they are wrong when they tell the world that their machine is the only machine worth buying.

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