Esophagus- – Melvin

I will start by saying I was a little skeptical about the concept of water ionization, but given a 60 day money back guarantee what could I lose. I figured if it did half of what it claims it will be a good thing.

To my surprise it exceeded my expectations, it is not going back. In four day’s a problem with my esophagus and a pain in my side disappeared, I have had these problems for over a year, wow!!!!

I could eat a meal without drinking a large pitcher of water and it felt like a alka selzer tablet dissolving in my side. Not to mention the toe fungus which I have had for years is starting to clear up after soaking in the acid water, this in two months of using this water again WOW!!!!.

I look forward to see the benefits in the long term !! I could go on and on but I will stop for now other than to say the customer service is top notch.
Melvin Davis

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