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“I can taste the water. I can tell it’s ionized because I know what water is supposed to taste like. When we first tasted it we really knew this was the real McCoy. I also never liked drinking water. I would drink tap water and be dehydrated as a result. I decided that’s it, I don’t like it, it makes me feel bad, but when I found this water, it just went right in. I had another glass, and it tasted good, and it was then I realized I had been drinking the wrong water. I’ve continued drinking it since then. Of course, it makes good tea, it’s good for cooking, food tastes better and the micro clustering and all the other reasons to take it are there. I think one of the main reasons is because I am aware, now, having had it for a long time, of the importance of minerals and trace elements, and how difficult it is with ordinary H2O to assimilate them. Most mineral supplements do zilch.”

Dan Reid, author on various health topics, especially in the field of longevity

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