Hydration – waterionizer.org – Carol

” Dear Zaba, I couldn’t be happier with my new water. Everyday I look forward to making my day’s supply. My son likes it a lot too. In fact he drinks it now instead of that awful soda stuff. I have to tell you, my son is a hard nut to crack. For him to take to my new water is a miracle. He was an “I don’t care type�. If his soda had high fructose corn syrup [a proven chemical] or things of that nature, it just didn’t matter to him. He was definitely a mountain dew boy. Now he fills up his ionized water jug and off to work he goes and feels so much better. I guess he was tired of drinking all the time and still being thirsty. He is a landscaper.”

Carol in Carolina

Still quiet here.sas

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