Multiple Sclerosis Treatment With Molecular Hydrogen (H2)

“Two years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Progressive MS (Multiple Sclerosis). The Neurologist I saw said there was no known cure, offered me a few words of advice, like don’t stress yourself and said she would prescribe a drug for me, that I would have for three days at the hospital, that would help slow the MS process down. I could never accept such a pronouncement and I depleted all my savings with attempts at alternative treatments, such as Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Chiropractic and many supplements. I now realize I was depressed from that day. MS is a word, not a sentence, but for me the term “Chronic Progressive MS” certainly seemed like a life sentence.

I suffered a common problem of most people with Multiple Sclerosis and that is fatigue, not having the energy to do anything. I couldn’t tolerate the hot summers; my internal organs began giving up on me, (I felt like an old person losing control) —My walking got progressively worse and I began using a stick, my eyesight would bother me at times and the feeling of numbness in my left leg was there most of the time, in fact my left leg never really felt normal.

Today I am no longer depressed, I have lost the look of fatigue, my internal organs are working normally again. “Your mind seems sharper”, is the comment from a close friend. This same friend says I seem more willing to engage in things despite my body, and my movement seems faster where at one time it was labored. (I still use a stick) My eyes are brighter, I look happier and smile more now and have excitement in my voice and I have a look of peace and wellness about me.

Drinking alkaline water was to me like drinking silk, it felt so clean and that transferred to my body. For two weeks it was being brought to me and I drank 4 liters a day, keeping a bottle by my side all the time. With all the remarkable changes going on in me, it was clear to me that I couldn’t not drink this water, neither could I deny it to my son so I now have a water ionizer in my home. Because ionized water flushes away acid waste, I experienced my own healing crises. I had a week of heaviness, lethargy and headaches, but now this too has passed and I feel great again.
I am aware that waste must be flushed out and this has been my experience as the water does its work. I am so grateful for the water; especially after all the modalities I have tried. These days I wake up alive again, and my son now drinks the water because he sees the effect it has on me. How grateful I am!


I have not heard back from the person offering the above testimonial.  However, I can inform you that the scientific community has determined that the benefits claimed by those selling or drinking alkaline water have been found to be due to the presence of molecular hydrogen (H2) gas is produced during electrolysis.

Alkaline water ionizers produce plenty of hydrogen gas (H2) when they are brand new or if the plates in the ionizing chamber are cleaned every week, but the water loses almost all of the gas in the dispensing process and during the first minute that the alkaline water is created.  The H2 is lighter than water and rises to the surface of the water glass or bottle and dissipates into the air.  If alkaline water ionizers are not cleaned EVERY week, they begin to lose their ability to produce H2 altogether over time.

A new generation of ionizers is now available called HIMs (Hydrogen Infusion Machines) which contain HDU (hydrogen diffusion units) that diffuse the H2 that is created during electrolysis back into the water.  The HIMs are far superior to alkaline water ionizers at producing therapeutic concentrations of H2 in the water because the gas doesn’t release to the surface and dissipate into the air.  The HIM’s typically sell for $2,000, which is at the low end of the scale of alkaline water ionizers sold on the market.  The Brilliantz company (see  recently slashed their prices in half for their molecular hydrogen (H2) product line when they decided to eliminate their sales team and sell directly to the public at distributor pricing.  As a result, the public can now buy their industry leading HIM units for $1,000.  Anyone considering buying an alkaline water ionizer or HIM should check out Brilliantz.  Don’t worry about me having an agenda with this recommendation as Brilliantz doesn’t pay commissions, or referral fees to anyone including bloggers like me who support what they are doing.

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  1. I was diagnosed with MS in 2002. This devastating disease effected not only myself but my entire family.

    Three life altering MS attacks left me partially paralyzed, partially blinded, wearing diapers and dealing with moderate to severe STM (Short Term Memory) loss.

    My sixteen year career ended abruptly forcing us to live on Government assistance programs like Food Stamps and Unemployment Benefits while waiting for SSDI to make their decisions. WOW backwards. talking about STRESSFULL. At 40 years of age, I was depending on others to take care of me.

    But those who know me, know I’m not a QUITTER. Eighteen months later my COBRA Insurance expired. No longer did I have access to “Symptom Suppressing Medications” that only masked the Symptoms of my MS condition while ignoring “THE ROOT CAUSE” of my overly Acidic Body Fluids.

    For a short period I enlisted as a Self-Help Group Leader for The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Surrounding myself with other MS Warriors I did not like what I saw for my future.

    Alternative research led me to various web pages, and books but finding MY FAITH in MY GREAT PHYSICIAN (GOD) lead me down the road to Wellness.

    For years I hydrated my entire body with Spring Water and tried my best to achieve and maintain proper pH levels. Its hard to do given what Our Government (FDA) that allows large corporations to feed and fuel us, ACID. ACID is SO Corrosive and damaging at The Cellular Level. Our Cells are bathing in Acidic fluids and wreaking havoc on our Bloodstream and Vital Organs causing many diseases to flourish.

    I’ve adopted Alkaline Ionized Water (% years now) into my Self-Help Health Protocol and have been off of Prescription Drugs and their side-effects for almost nine years. MANY of my MS Symptoms have vanished, but I struggle SEVERLY with my STM.

    Ionized Water Hydration at the Cellular Level cleanses the entire body with Alkalinity and gives OUR TRILLIONS of Cellular Citizens a chance to correct the imbalances naturally and on its own.

    In the beginning I was Skeptical about Water Ionization but THE PROOF is in the pudding for me.

    Self-Help Health Care is the newest frontier for MANY Americans. Don’t believe The Debunkers. Believe in YOURSELF. Educate YOURSELF. I DID and am SO GLAD I did. And I Thank My GOD…

  2. Would you say that the Ionized water helped you walk better? please let me know. Im thinking about buying one. My phone number is 19172075588 if u have to call me. Thank you – Robert

  3. I’m not certain the place you’re getting your info, but good
    topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or working out more.
    Thank you for wonderful information I was looking for this info for my mission.

    • Hi Russell:

      In the early days, I got most of my info from reading other websites that published information about alkaline water. I don’t know if I was just lazy or there really wasn’t much if any scientific information available. Over time, I realized that for the most part, the alkaline water industry was lying its face off about many things. That is when I went to war with the alkaline water companies. It was a very uncomfortable time as I received a lot of threats. The good news is that I’m a stubborn old guy and I quickly got over the nonsense.

      In the last couple of years, I have had the incredibly good fortune to be taken under the wing of some scientists and health care professionals who seem to be able to overlook my lack of training based upon my willingness to learn.

      I like to learn and write. The information that you see posted on my site comes from those that are much more knowledgeable that I.

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