Bill Clinton’s Alkaline Diet Backed by Dr. Esselstyn & Dr. Ornish

I believe that the video below represents the most important breakthough in the history of  the public education of the benefits of an alkaline diet and alkaline water.  The funny part is that the word “alkaline” is never used.  The video was brought to my attention by Steve Lerum, one of our readers.  The video is a 9 minute segment of an interview  of Bill Clinton by Wolf Blitzer for the CNN  show The Situation Room. 

When I watched the video, I was blown away by what I was watching. The content is nothing new to those of us that care about what we put into our bodies, but the video represents a remarkable breakthrough in terms of a person with the stature of Bill Clinton and two published physicians talking about the subject.   

The video starts off with Mr. Clinton discussing how he has recently lost 24 pounds by going on a diet inspired by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, the author of “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” and by Dr. Dean Ornish, the author or “The Spectrum”.  Clinton talks about the the weight loss, but he tells us that the real reason that he decided to change his diet to eating “healthy” was due to the fact that a bypass stent that had previously been inserted during a surgery in February had begun to get clogged up from cholesterol.   Clinton lets us know that “I don’t want it to happen again”.

Mr. Clinton tells us that his diet is based upon beans, legumes, vegetables, and fruits.  He also starts his day with a protein supplement drink to get his daily requirement of protein.  He tells us that he avoids meat, dairy products, chicken, and he only eats fish on rare occasions.  He informs us that his new diet has changed his whole metabolism.

Mr.  Clinton goes on to say that “82% of the people since 1986 who have gone on a plant based, no meat, no dairy diet have begin to heal themselves.  Their arterial blockage breaks up, the calcium deposit around their heart breaks up”.  

While the comments from Mr. Clinton are incredibly encouraging, it gets even better.  Dr. Esselstyn tells us “if the truth were known, coronary artery disease is a toothless paper tiger that need never exist, and if it does exist, it need never ever progress”.  He is referring to the fact that we eat and drink our way into coronary artery disease, and we can prevent or even reverse heart disease with a proper diet. 

Dr.  Esselstyn goes on to tell us:

“The body has this remarkable capacity to begin to heal itself.  I’m afraid that as a medical profession that we perhaps have fallen down and really emphasized too much the drugs and procedures and operations which really treat the symptoms.  They do not treat the causation of this illness. This is one of the few times since Hypocrites that we have not told patients about the causation of their illness”

Bravo Dr. Esselstyn!   I couldn’t have said it better.   It is incredibly exciting to hear a well respected physician admit publicly what we have all known for years.

Doctor Ornish then tells us:

“What we’ve done in more than 33 years of research is show that these simple changes that we make in our lives like: what we eat, how we respond to stress, how much exercise we get, and how much love and support we have can actually begin to reverse, not just prevent but reverse, chronic deseases like heart disease”

Dr. Ornish advises us that:

“Getting a quick fix like a bypass or a stent doesn’t treat the underlying cause.  It is a little like mopping up the floor around a sink without turning off the faucet… it keeps coming back unless you change what caused it”. Please note that I edited this comment slightly to make it easier to read.

Dr. Esselstyn then asks the viewer:

“Since we know that these foods are injuring people, why would we ever want to have them on the menu of our school children?”  Good question!

Dr. Esselstyn then states:

“If we are going to ever make a breakthrough in this epidemic of cardiac disease, we really have to start with the youth” Please note that I edited the statement slightly to make it easier to read.  I couln’t agree more, but I would add that we must also educate our physicians as well in order the get the message across to the primary caregivers in our society.  

Dr. Ornish then explains the great changes made by Mr. Clinton to reverse his chronic hear disease and tells us:

“We also show that these same changes (dietary changes) stop and reverse the progression of early prostate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol.”  WOW.  One of the goals of this blog is to build up a mountain of testimonials so that doctors won’t be able to simply shrug off the anecdotal evidence.  Along comes Dr. Ornish, on national television  and acting as an advisor to the ex-President of the United States telling us that being alkaline will help the body heal itself of diseases like prostate cancer and diabetes. 

Dr. Ornish talked about the fact that people didn’t need to go overboard with their diets to achieve results and he stressed “moderation”.  He indicated that if someone slips up one day, they just need to get back to eating properly the next day.  I stressed the importance of adding good things to your diet as much as removing bad things.  

As a final note, Ornish describes to us that when you make the change to eating better “you think more clearly, you have more energy, your skin gets more blood so you  don’t age as quickly, even your sex organs get more blood in the same way Viagra works”.   He tells us that you will probably live longer, but the most important thing is that you will have a much higher quality of  life because of improved health. 

Geez I like this guy.  I’m going to buy his book.

The only glaring omission in this amazing story is that nobody talks about the obvious, which is the fact that everyone is really talking about making your body alkaline.  The diet mentioned by Mr. Clinton and both doctors is an alkaline diet.  Fortunately, I’m here to set everyone straight… hehe

Eat alkaline food… drink alkaline water… get healthy and stay healthy.

If you have nine minutes to spare, check out the video below and watch for yourself.  It is worth it.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, Bill Clinton and his medical doctors, and are not meant as medical advice.  Ahhhh… it felt nice writing that!

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  1. Very good article. I would never have found out otherwise about Clinton´s disease and that he actually reversed it by the change of his diet. He made the surgery back in Febraury?! – I didn´t hear of it! Now what if Clinton would also drink Ionized water – oooh what a world wide publicity it could be, if not then at least I would hear it from your blog 😀

    • Hi Dan:

      I believe the video presents a true breakthrough in terms of communication about eating and drinking healthy foods and beverages. I’m 53 years old and I have never heard anyone of Mr. Clinton’s stature talk about the body healing itself. What is even more encouraging to me personally is the fact that the physicians are confirming and expanding upon the information. Now when doctors say “there is no evidence that the water works”, we can just point out that Bill Clinton and his doctors say that being alkaline will allow your body to heal itself. Of course, the naysayers will comment that the diet is different than alkaline water, but we all know that they do the same thing. Alkaline water is not meant to replace an alkaline diet but it is a very effective and easy supplementary source of alkalinity.

      • Alkaline diet and alkaline water are not the same thing. Many alkaline diet foods are not alkaline going in, some are in fact acidic. The digestive environment transforms everything that enters. Not that I’m nay-saying alkaline water, but the research is far from conclusive that it would do anything more than dousing stomach acidity (which depending on other factors could paradoxically lead to an increase because the stomach must maintain acidity to perform digestion).

        Moreover, reducing the health benefits of a whole foods, plant based diet to pH would be a gross oversimplification.

        By the way, do you sell these alkaline water machines by chance? Or are you just an enthusiast?

        • Hi Song:

          I retired two years ago and have not been involved in the business side of the industry.

          My research indicates that when alkaline water hits the stomach, the cells in the walls of the stomach produce acid to balance the pH level of the stomach. The corresponding byproduct produced by the cells is a bicarbonate which enters the small intestine. Whether the process is initiated by food or water is of no consequence.

    • Dr. Ornish said nothing about Alkaline diet because that has nothing to do with it.

      • Hi Gary:

        Dr. Ornish didn’t mention the words “alkaline diet” but the words he does use perfectly describe an alkaline diet.

  2. Hooray!!!

    At last somebody with media attention has got on board. Great to hear somebody actually talking about healing the cause of the issues rather than the band aid approach. Good on you Mr Clinton.

    We need Bill as our spokesperson. Next question is how do we achieve that. A little bit of brain storming and networking will get us there, it may take a little bit of time. If we set our goal high we can only but pick up great connections on the way through.

    If we as a collective – Ionizer Industry advocates sent a machine a week to his office with carefully worded literature it would only be a matter of time before his people called and said “What’s going on”

    Lets work on getting Bill on our team.

    To our world’s health,

    • Hi Jody;

      I’ve been thinking about finding a way to approach Mr. Clinton ever since I saw the video. Does anyone out there have a connection to the gentleman?

  3. When is Dr. Dean Ornish going to take a look at Kangen Water? …contact me.

    • Hi Dr. Carter:

      Thanks for dropping in. I checked out your site and was impressed. We need more people like you, who have the ability to influence others because of the great work that you do, to spread the word about the water. I will email you today as requested.

      My wife and I recently stayed in Newport Beach. You are lucky to be able to live and work in such a beautiful place.

      I’m hoping to be able to reach Dr. Ornish. I would love to get him on the blog as a guest writer. I would also like to get others such are Dr. Robert Young, Dr. Esselstyn, Sang Whang, and Bob McCauley to contribute to this blog so that we can all learn.

  4. The funny part is that the word “alkaline” is never used.

    We can’t go spilling _all_ the beans, now can we …

  5. I live in Canada my cholesteral was high, I was 215 lbs,I found out about this way to eat and in 1 month I dropped 20 lbs and my cholesteral dropped by 40 % , if I can do it ,anybody can

    • Hi Daryl:

      Eating an alkaline diet changes your life. Losing weight is a nice short term benefit, but the long term benefits to your health are much greater.

  6. Hi Rob

    Your website is indeed very informative, and it’s a great knowledge trove for all.

    We intend to get an Alkaline water solution, but were absolutely turned off by this site.

    It “scientifically” applied the facts of Alkaline water on a human body’s reactions.

    Although I have personally spoken to people who have benefited from Alkaline water, the “placebo effect” claimed by the above mentioned site still has an impounding effect on the actual scientific benefits which Alkaline water could help us.

    Hope that you can shed some light and perhaps apply the facts to those brought out by the website.

    Thanks a bunch 😀


    Gab, from the Far East

    • Hi Gab:

      How does an 80 year old ex-chemist who was quietly removed from his job able to continually out-fox the computer genies who create the ultra sophisticated algorithms for Google? I have witnessed the website fall to the bottom of page 1 on Google and then suddenly pop back up to #1 time after time after time during the past 3 years. Do you have any idea how difficult that is? The site doesn’t sell anything and the guy has been out of work for 15 years, so unless he is “think tank” brilliant or he is wealthy and likes to spend his family money on the best SEO programmers I have ever seen, the only conclusion is that the site is very well funded by external intersts.

      Lower has stated that you can’t ionize pure water. Everybody knows that and the information is irrelevant.

      Myself and a few associates have challenged the man numerous times to personally witness testing. He won’t even look at water ionizers despite the fact that we have made it ridiculously easy for him to do so. I grew up in a world of medicine and science. Any scientist that I have ever come across would jump at the idea of being able to participate without cost or effort in a test program held in a certified lab under proper scientific protocol on a matter that the scientist was interested in.

      Lower has admitted privately that the water probably works but he can’t say so. Hmmmmmm

      Lower is an uninformed blabber mouth with an obvious agenda who continues to make a fool of himself

      • Hi Rob

        Indeed that’s really assuring knowledge from you.

        Thus in your professional opinion, which alkaline water machine is good?

        We will strive for it.

        Thanks :)

        • Hi Gab:

          I would never call myself a professional. The people that I speak with who have spent 25 or 30 years studying water without worrying about funding don’t claim to be professionals. Anyone that studies water will tell you that the more they learn, the more they realize how little they know. I’m just a beginner when it comes to understanding water.

          All of the water ionizers work.

          I prefer the natural water ionizers over the electric water ionizers for two primary reasons. One reason is that natural filters produce stable, longer lasting ionization while electric water ionizers produce unstable short term ionization. That is due to the fact that natural water ionizers add minerals the create ionization while electric water ionizers must depend upon the source water for their minerals. Therefore, if your source water is soft, electric water ionizers struggle. The other reason that I prefer natural water ionizers is due to the fact that they add calcium and magnesium to the water. The World Health Organization tells us that we need to drink water that contains calcium and magnesium. While hard source water contains calcium, few water supplies contain magnesium. Calcium is good for your health, but your body can’t use it without the presence of magnesium.

          As far as which brand, I’m totally biased which makes my opinion less valuable. I joined Vitev ( because they make great products that they sell at affordable prices…..and they are honest and the behave ethically which is very important to me.

          • Thanks Rob 😀

            Have a great retirement from blogging, the knowledge of which is passed on is priceless

          • Hi Gab:

            I have always spent most of my time researching and talking to people who email me. The actual time spent writing articles was minimal in comparison. I’m still researching and talking to people, so not much has changed.

            Thanks for the “priceless” compliment, but my efforts have always been simply my “best guess” based upon my research. Priceless is the look my grand daughter gives me when she wants me to pick her up so she can help me type on my keyboard.

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