Low Cost Natural Water Ionizers Are Taking Over The Water Ionizer Industry

Based upon my own experience and the experience of hundreds of people that I have spoken with over the years, water ionizers are incredible machines. The first thing you notice when drinking the water is that it tastes better and it goes down “easy”. However, the real functional value of the machines is that they produce hydrogen. Hydrogen is the ultimate antioxidant and it is also plays a significant role in the production of energy in the mitochondria of your cells.

Whether one uses an electric water ionizer that produces hydrogen by means of electrolysis, or an antioxidant filter that produces hydrogen naturally, the results are very beneficial for everyone.

The Dog eat Dog World of Electric Water Ionizer Dealers

The prices of electric water ionizers are coming down faster than ever before. While you still see retail prices posted on the internet, you definitely don’t have to pay retail prices these days.

The distributors of the various electric water ionizer companies force their dealers to post retail prices, but the retail prices are basically meaningless these days. Dealers are allowed to advertise small discounts such as free filters or free shipping, but the dealers are not allowed to offer discounts more than $200. However, when you call the dealers, you can get great deals if you are prepared to bargain aggressively.

The industry has been so badly managed that dealers are forced to drop their prices if they want your business. Dealers are initially enticed by the huge profits that can be made if they sell at the retail price. Unfortunately for the dealers, but fortunately for consumers, those days are long gone.

Dealers must compete with brands from other companies, and with other dealers selling the same brand, and for many companies, the dealers must also compete with their own distributors.

Dealers only have one weapon, and that weapon is do discount prices. If Dealer A is willing to accept $900 profit by selling at $100 off the retail price, the dealer will sell more units that the people selling at the full retail price. However, if Dealer B is willing to accept $800 profit, he or she will win. Since the entire industry is built on “drop shipping”, which means that dealers don’t have to carry any inventory, dealers will continue to slash their prices rather than lose a “one time” sale. Eventually, the prices drop so much that dealers just give up. That is when the industry loses another educated and passionate supporter of ionized water.

The Non Electric Water Ionizer Factor

The progress that has been made by the non electric water ionizers in the past year has been amazing. When I first tested the filters in the fall of 2010, they worked but they were junk. They had too many parts that were flawed and the contents of the filters were not consistent. Those problems have all been rectified.

There is absolutely no question now in my mind or in the minds of many of the leaders in the industry that the all natural non electric ionizers provide all the same health benefits from drinking water that are offered by the electric water ionizers. The natural water ionizers also offer far superior contaminant removal capabilities than electric water ionizers. The electric water ionizers hold can produce acidic water for cleaning, but they cost about ten times as much, which is an insane amount of money to pay for a feature that only one in thirty owners use.

Ultimately, it’s all about Value

The natural ionizers now start at $399. The price difference between Vitev Flo and the $3980 Enagic SD501 is staggering. Even my favorite electric water ionizer based upon performance and price, the EOS Platinum, is more than four times the price of the Flo.

When you consider that the average electric water ionizer owner uses the alkaline drinking water 30 times more often than they use acidic water, you can’t help but think about the advisability of paying the massive surcharge for an electric water ionizer. I don’t care how much acid water you use when you have to pay sucha large premium. If you decide that you have to have acidic water, you can purchase an acidic water producing machine called the Active Ion for $179.

The Electric Water Ionizer Industry is Shrinking Fast

I talk to a lot of people in the water ionizer industry. This past year has been difficult for the entire industry and this past month in particular was a disaster. Almost everyone I speak to in the industry these days is worried. Given the fact that July and August are typically slow months for sales, I expect that we will see more and more dealers leaving the industry in the coming months unless something is done.

Lower Prices or Become Extinct

The electric water ionizer companies need to get their heads out of their butts right now. They need to deal with the fact that their filters need drastic improvement when it comes to actually filtering contaminants out of the water, and they need to get the retail price of their machines down below $1,000. I have been preaching about these same issues for years and nobody has been listening. If the electric water ionizer companies don’t act in a hurry, they will be gone before they know what happened.

Gabe Hunninghake at Vitev.com “gets it”. They understand people are concerned about the safety of their drinking water and about alkalinity. The also understand that affordability is a big issue. Unless the electric water ionizer guys wake up and “get it” in a hurry, there will be a lot of dealers out of business before the next 4th of July rolls around.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

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  1. Have you heard of the Aqua-Spirit 5.0 Water Ionizer by Air water Life? They are a new unit and brand on the market and they sell their 5 plate water ionizer for $500! I just bought a manufacturer refurbished model for $250 shipped on ebay! You mention price in almost all of your articles, so I thought you’d be interested in researching this unit. It’s a 5 plate system with 150w of power and 81 square inches of plating total. Definitely not the most powerful in the industry, but it seems decent.

    • Hi Philip:

      People should not be turned off by a 5 plate water ionizer. I don’t know anything about the machine you mentioned, but if it has 150 watts of power, that is plenty of power. I have no idea if the machine is well made or not. The key to performance is always the source water, which means that people can throw away most if not all of the marketing nonsense.

      Nice grab for $250. If the machine produces a pH level of 9.5 for a two week detox and 8.5 the rest of the time, it should be fine. Remember to drink the water as soon as it comes out of the tap so that you receive the benefit of the hydrogen bubbles before they are lost.

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