Ten Changes Needed in the Water Ionizer Industry

Reporting the never ending shenanigans of the players in the water ionizer industry makes for interesting reading, but it is not what I want my blog to be about. I have found it very draining to write my recent articles dealing with all of the negative aspects of the water ionizer industry.

I’m going to summarize my final thoughts on what the water ionizer industry needs before I move in a new direction with my blog. My future thoughts about the industry will appear in the FORUM section. I want to get back to focusing the main part of the blog on educating the public about the importance of water in our lives.

The following is a summary of what I think should be changed to improve the water ionizer industry:

  1. Enagic needs to stop allowing its educators to lie and make false statements on the conference calls in order to justify their high prices. Enagic has turned its back on this practice for years and it now needs to be held accountable.
  2. Enagic dealers themselves need to call their head office and get the real facts so that they can stop spreading falsehoods to their clients.
  3. Tyent needs to stop pretending that their ionizersreviewed.com website is an “independent” website when everyone knows the truth.
  4. Tyent and Chanson need to support their dealers instead of undercutting them with sneaky tactics
  5. All the companies need to strive for lower prices to make the machines affordable to more people
  6. All the companies need to offer purification systems as people want clean safe water
  7. More companies should be offering the low cost Antioxidant Filters which clean and naturally ionize water
  8. The weak companies need to be replaced by strong, well funded new companies who have good business ethics. This process has already started to happen, but more cleansing is needed.
  9. The companies need to form an association to promote the industry and to self regulate the nonsense that has been taking place for the last few years.
  10. The industry needs to take a longer term view of things and focus on educating the public about the benefits of the water instead of fighting each other tooth and nail. The industry has only penetrated one out of every thousand homes in America, and it needs to focus on the other 999 homes.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author

2 Responses to Ten Changes Needed in the Water Ionizer Industry

  1. Hooray!!! Super pleased that you are taking the blog off the current tact and getting back to what’s really important. Lets get out there and spread the good word about how the water can change lives for the better.

    Look forward to the coming testimonials and other insights.

    • Hi Jody:

      Thanks for the vote. Anything negative that I have said is not going to put one more water ionizer into any home, and perhaps the opposite is true.

      That past month has been awful for me as I hate the negative stuff. I have it off my chest and it is time to move on. People need to understand how important water and a proper diet are to their health. There are lots of people talking about diet and not enough people talking about water.

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