Unbiased Testing “They All Work”

People that read my blog want to know if they should spend their hard earned money on a water ionizer, and if so, which one. They seem to appreciate the fact that this blog is my hobby that is for educational purposes only. I’m not affiliated with any water ionizer company and I don’t sell machines or receive financial compensation for my efforts.

I first learned about water ionizers through an outstanding Enagic Dealer. I was turned off by the price so I turned to the internet. I got hooked by the website www.ionizersreviewed.com (which has now been directed to www.ionizerresearch.com) because they claimed it was an independent and unbiased review site. I later found out it wasn’t independent at all. The so called independent review site, and others similar to it found on the internet are sophisticated marketing tools designed to convince you viewer that you should purchase the brand that they are directing you towards. The marketing people rely upon the fact that the potential customer watching the video believes that he or she is just a little bit smarter or has done a little bit more research than the next viewer.

I have always resisted doing comparison test because the machines all work and it is really easy to manipulate the results. Moreover, the results from the different machines vary from test to test.

The number of requests for an unbiased comparison video has increased a lot in recent months as more and more people are becoming aware of the low cost antioxidant filters. People still want to know which electric water ionizer it the best, but they also want to know how the antioxidant filters stack up. So, I finally broke down and bought a video camera and tripod.

The Purpose

The purpose of my test was to show the public that all the machines work, instead of trying to pick a winner.

The Machines

I tested four of the leading brands of seven plate electric water ionizers and one of the new antioxidant filters. The machines included the: Tyent 7070 Turbo, Chanson Miracle, EOS Platinum, Enagic SD501, and the Alkastream antioxidant filter.

The Test Procedure

I hooked up all five machines to the same source water. I tested all of the machines at the same time using approximately the same water flow rate for each machine in order to eliminate as many variables as possible.

I only tested for pH levels with the pH reagent drops because it is quick, easy, reliable, and the video evidence is unmistakable. Although I have used a pH/ORP meter to do thousands of readings over the years, I decided against using one for the test because I don’t really care if one machine produces marginally better results that another machine for any given test. The ORP readings are always suspect because of the finicky and it takes at least 5 minutes to achieve an accurate reading for each sample. Nobody wants to spend half an hour waiting for results that don’t really mean anything anyway. To make matters worse, the ORP test results vary from test to test. Therefore, a machine that seems to produce slightly superior results on one test might be slightly inferior on the next set of test results.

I set each of the electric water ionizers at Level 3 which is designed to produce a pH of 9.5 and ran the flow rate at approximately 1.5 litres/quarts per minute. I set the flow rate of the Alkastream at approximately one litre/quart per minute as suggested in its operating manual.

The Results

When the pH reagent drops were placed in the test tube with the source water, the color of the water turned green, indicating a pH of about 7.5.

When the pH reagent drops were placed in the test tubes containing water from each of the four electric water ionizers and the one antioxidant filter, the color of the water turned purple, indicating a pH of approximately 9.5 for all five machines.

Analysis of Results

All five of the water ionizer machines increased the pH level of the source water from approximately 7.5 to 9.5

All 5 water ionizers worked effectively and none of the five appeared to perform better or worse than the other machines. I performed a number of similar tests leading up to making the video on different days using a pH/ORP meter. None of the five machines statistically outperformed or underperformed the others on any of the tests. The machines all work, and they all work well.

I would recommend the use of any of the machines to anyone interested in improving their health and then maintaining a high level of good health moving forward.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video below. It is the first video I have ever made, so don’t expect a “slick” performance. It was made without a script or editing, or any professional props or techniques….but it is as 100% real without any tricks.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

10 Responses to Unbiased Testing “They All Work”

  1. Rob,

    Nice job! I really believe that the alkaStream unit is going to change the way people look at healthy drinking water in the near future. I believe it is about time. If the big chain retailer is wanting to offer it, then it’s going to happen.

    Of course there are going to be those people who don’t drink water, and won’t believe it can change their health in any noticeable way. Guess those folks will just have to stand back and watch for a while longer, while those who know it does continue to get their health back.



    • Hi Brenda:

      Thanks for the compliment on the video. If it looks like I was nervous at the beginning, I was. It is weird to just stand there and talk to a camera. As soon as I started doing something, I was fine. Hopefully, I will get better at it over time. I certainly have a new appreciation for people the work in front of the camera.

      The results from the tests on the video are what they are, and have nothing to do with me. Funny how that happens when nobody is manipulating the results. I have known that the antioxidant filters produce the same antioxidant drinking water benefits as the electric water ionizers since last fall, but I finally just got around to doing a video.

      My goal since the first day I started my blog was to educate people about the benefits of the water so that everyone could take advantage of it. Now that people can buy a great filter that produces healthy ionized water for $299, there is a real chance that water ionizers can become a mainstream product. If the Alkastream guys can get the support of the retail chains, it will happen a lot sooner that I had imagined.

  2. Hey Rob,

    good to see your ‘mug’ online. For your firsts video, a great job. A simple unequivocal comparison. Given the latest reports on fluoride, (http://www.naturalnews.com/032957_fluoride_brain_damage.html) I’m very glad water ionizers have overcome the fluoride barrier. A nasty, nasty chemical.
    Loving Italia, see you seen.


    • Hi Ian:

      Thanks for the vote. I was stunned to see how heavy I look on video. I jumped on my bike and rode till I dropped after watching it.

      I like the simple comparison because it cuts right through all the BS on the internet. Everyone in the business knows the truth, but nobody wants to admit that the machines all work.

  3. Hi

    Congrats on your first video! Soon you may do video blogging instead of text blogging 😉

    I am curious about the mineral content added to the produced water. Have it been meassured and do you know how much calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium is in the resulting water? Especially curious between the Alkastream and a general Ionizer machine.


    • Hi Dan:

      The primary driver of natural ionization in the antioxidant filters is always an alkali base metal. Alkastream uses magnesium. Based upon the test results provided by Alkastream, there is a minimal amount of magnesium residue left over in the water. You can check out the lab results on their web page.

      I’m still a big fan of electric water ionizers. Based upon everything I have learned from researching and testing, the antioxidant filters provide the same health benefits and purify the water for $299. Unless you need acidic water, it is a no- brainer.

      • Hi

        Ok, I have checked the lab rapport on Alkastream’s website and I can only see the water after filtration contains dissolved solids. For 500ml there was 59 ppm, and for 1200ml there was 251ppm.
        It would be insteresting to know what these solids are and how much is magnesium.
        .. I am just still trying to compare with this type of water and an electrolyzed water which usually have 4 important minerals added in the resulting water.

        • Hi Dan:

          I suggest that you contact Alkaway in Australia, as they created the product and had the testing done in Sdyney.

  4. Hi Rob,
    Just happened upon this as I have been considering Dr Mercola’s water filtration system but balking at the price and the perceived complexity of installation. I really appreciate that you took the time to make this video! I will look into the Alkaline further but was wondering – is this just for drinking water or can it be used for the shower as well. Thank you so much – I’m definitely a new fan!

    • Hi Catherine:

      It is possible to install a whole house water ionizer that could work in the shower. However, it is not really practical or cost effective. There are lots of shower filters available that you can find online.

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