Natural Water Ionizers ($249) Vs. Electric Water Ionizers ($1,500 to $4000)

The most popular question I receive from readers these days is: “Are natural water ionizers as good as electronic water ionizers?”

A natural water ionizer is more effective in terms of filtration, but it won’t produce acidic water like an electric water ionizer. Both types of technology are very effective when it comes to the health benefits from drinking alkaline water that contains hydrogen ions. Both technologies are effective at removing pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables by soaking them in water with high pH levels.

The goal of both systems when it comes to providing health benefits from drinking water is to produce free hydrogen, which acts as an antioxidant. That is where the similarity ends.

Electric Water Ionizers “EWI”:

Electric water ionizers run water across electrically charged plates that produce two streams of water. The “drinking” stream produces a mass of bubbles in your glass when it first comes out of the machine. The bubbles are hydrogen gas. When the beneficial hydrogen bubbles rise to the surface, the benefit of the hydrogen bubbles is lost in the air. That is why I always try to drink fresh water within the first ten seconds of it coming out of the machine.

EWI’s can produce tremendous variation in pH because they are artificially forcing ionization through the power of the use of combining electricity with the available minerals in the water. The pH and ORP of water produced by an EWI will always return to the natural ionization level of the source water, which is dependent upon the level of minerals in the water. Here is a cool way to demonstrate this fact. You can use an EWI to create really low negative ORP such as negative ORP. Run a few ounces of negative ORP water into a glass and use an ORP meter to test the level. Next, put the palm of your hand over the top of the glass to make sure the water doesn’t go flying out, and shake the glass vigorously for ten seconds. When you retest the ORP, you will find that it has dropped hundreds of points. The “temporary” or “unstable” ORP level will disappear as the water reacts to the movement and the air.

EWI’s don’t remove much in the way of contaminants. Some remove more than others (Jupiter’s Biostone filter being the best and Chanson’s tiny carbon block filter being the worst). I believe that every EWI should have a pre-filter system (about $250) because there is a lot of nasty stuff in our water that you can’t see.

Natural Water Ionizers “NWI”:

Natural water ionizers produce hydrogen ions naturally by running water over magnesium. This method of ionization was discovered by Dr. Hayashi in the year 2000 when he was working for the Japanese Institute of Water in an attempt to understand why water ionizers were so effective.

The pH and ORP in the water produced by NWI’s is “stable”, which is why the ORP level will sustain itself at a much lower level for long periods of time such as a week. I have people reporting from all over the USA and Canada that ORP levels produced by their Vitev Flo units maintain the ORP level for much longer than the water produced by an EWI. The reason for this is that the NWI’s put minerals in the water and the presence of the minerals causes an continued coupling and uncoupling of the hydrogen bonds that join hydrogen atoms to oxygen atoms in a water molecule. It sounds a little “scientific”, but it is true as electrical reactions are taking place in every piece of matter in the universe, including inside our bodies. So, if you plan to take the water with you to work or to the gym, you will get better ORP stability from an NWI than from an EWI.


The decision as to whether you should purchase an electric water ionizer or a natural water ionizer should depend upon your needs. If you need acidic water for skin care of sterilizing applications, or for really low ORP levels for strong detoxification, or fighting off cancer (Google Dr. Robert Young’s thoughts on this subject), an EWI is the answer. I always recomment a pre-filter system with a EWI.

If you are looking for clean and ionized drinking water for drinking water, I recommend a natural water ionizer over an EWI.

As always, the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

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  1. hi Rob,

    thanks for having this website, its like an oasis for information on ionizers.

    i saw this pitcher from cerra water at the wellness show last weekend. it sounds like the same technology as the alkastream but in a pitcher form? cerra water also has a filter that you setup like the alkastream but it cost more than the alkastream. here is a link:

    do you mind sharing your thoughts on the pitcher? i may also have an opportunity to get a chanson miracle at a very good price (about $1000) but obviously still a lot more than the pitcher.


    • Hi Kay:

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I checked out the website. It looks like a “batch” filter to me from a first glance. Looks way way way overpriced to me for what you get…but then I think that about most of the products out there:)

      Chanson makes a decent machine. A new Miracle for $1,000 is not bad value for the money. Chanson is bringing in a new model for the Miracle called the Miracle Max, so people might be blowing out the older model.

      • Thanks Rob,

        i thought the post got lost in cyber space so i sent you a message this morning with a couple more questions.

        would the batch filter provide same quality water as the alkastream or an ionizer (in terms of pH and the longevity of the water quality). i did more digging and it seems like that particular pitcher is the same as the biocera jug that sells for 47 lbs in the UK. so it is very overpriced, i am tempted to get it from the UK sites if its as good.

        i am also considering the alkastream, the only concern is whether i would get water with high enough pH for themaximum benefits? i think it says up to 9.5 depending on water source (i am in vancouver, bc and am not sure what our water is like besides it being soft) do you know if there is information on the specifics of our water here available? would drinking water higher than 9.5 be harmful or still beneficial?

        you mentioned the ORP stays stable for a much longer time with the alkastream than an ionizer, does that mean the water stays alkaline for a much longer period?

        i know its a bit personal but do you think the $1000 Miracle is better value than the $399 alkastream? if the miracle is $1600, then it would be an easy decision for me but at $1000, its hard to decide …

        thanks again,

        • Hi Kay:

          Lots of good questions in your comments.

          The output from a batch water ionizer will depend upon the filtration and the method and components used to create the ionization. Without actually testing a unit, I can’t really provide an answer that is worth anything more than a guess. I would say that a $2000 pricetag for a batch ionizer is crazy.

          I have tested the Alkastream extensively in my lab. The pH level of output from the machines are consistently around 9.5 to 9.7 when the water flow rate is set at 1 liter per minute. These results are almost identicle to the test results that I got from the Chanson Miracle, Tyent Turbo 7070, the EOS Platinum and the Enagic SD501 when I tested each of those machines at the recommended “drinking water” level.

          I found that I was able to adjust the pH level of the Alkastream within a range of 8.75 to 10.25 depending on the rate of the water flow. Output levels of any electric water ionizer and even the antioxidant filters will always depend upon the condition of the source water. However, an antioxidant filter will be much more successful in moderating the effects of the source water because the units essentially strip the water of its minerals and then rebuilds the water with minerals.

          The antioxidant filters are a really cool concept, because the filters are basically allowing the user to “create” the ideal “natural” drinking water. Of course the water output has been influenced by “man”, but the process and the materials are natural. I expect that the antioxidant filters will improve over time as the companies tweak the compositon of the contents of the filters.

          It looks like IonWasy is doing a lot of reasearch on their new antioxidant filter. I’m looking forward to being able to test their new natural ionizer as the concept of natural ionization that creates stable as opposed to unstable ionization makes sense. Although I really like the concept of natural ionization, I don’t understand why IonWays has put a $1,599 pricetag on their new antioxidant filter, as it seems to defeat the purpose of trying to make safe ionized water affordable.

          Your water in Vancouver is among the softest water in the world. The pH of the source water in most municipalities in the Lower Mainland are well above 7.0, which presents difficulties for electric water ionizers. Electric water ionizers require minerals in the water to work, but remineralization filters are not very effective if the pH of the source water is above 7.0 because they require acidic conditions to activate.

          Electric water ionizer companies don’t put much effort into their filters. Most of the water ionizer companies provide an initial blast of minerals to carry the filters along until new customers stop checking their test results. Other companies like Chanson use an incredibly cheap filter (my guess is that the real cost of the filters is about $2) that only removes chlorine. That is why Chanson recommends that everyone use a pre-filter system,which costs about $250 to purchase and additional $125 per year to operate. When the minerals from most filters run out, the electric water ionizers use massive amounts of power to utilize every tiny bit of mineral content in the water. It is a silly process when you think about it, because the water ionizer companies could simply spend a little time and money to develop better filters.

          I would never drink water with a pH over 10 unless I was trying to combat cancer. However, I supplied a number of our Olympians with machines when I was in the business and they just let it rip when it came to pH. However, they are not like normal citizens as their bodies are highly tuned machines that produce a huge amount of lactic acid from extensive training. The industry experts that I have talked to in Korea suggest drinking water with a pH of 8 to 9 over the long haul.

          Natural water ionizers produce much more stable and hence long lasting ionization because the ultimate level of ionization depends upon the lelvel of minerals in the water. While pH levels remain fairly stable in electric water ionized water, the ORP, which is a measure of the ability of the water to reduce oxidation is much more consistent and stable with an antioxidant filter. While electric water ionizers can produce stronger results initially, the results will always return to a stable level based upon the mineral content of the water.

          It is hard to compare an electric water ionizer with an antioxidant filter. If you want acidic water, the Miracle at a price of $1,000 is a good deal. You will need to spend another $250 on a pre-filter system for the miracle, so you should consider the Miracle to be $1,250. Even at that price, the Miracle is decent value.

          You didn’t mention if the Miracle is new or not. It doesn’t really matter, but I’m curious to find out if the Chanson people are panicking, or if you have a friend in the business. I have learned that the head office of Chanson in the USA secretely offers lower prices to people that call in. I also see Chanson sites that now offer a free pre-filter system when you buy a new water ionizer from them. I think the entire industry is going to have to drop their prices by a significant amount to try to compete with the antioxidant filters.

          My suggestion would be to contact someone in the area with an Alkastream and someone with a Miracle and try out the water for a few weeks from each machines. When Alkastream was doing their North American testing, the shipped test units all over the place to industry professionals. I know of a woman in Coquitlam and a man in Burnaby the received machines that you could contact. I also know a lady in Vancouver and a man in Richmond that sell the Chanson products. I expect you will find that they both achieve the same results, but you never know as everyone is different.

  2. Hi Rob,

    Thanks so much for the detailed information. When you said our source water here in Vancouver is very soft with a higher pH that would presents difficulties for electric water ionizers, what kind of result can i expect from the ionizer (lower pH/ORP?)

    how do you adjust the flow rate on the alkastream, by controlling output from the faucet or is there an adjustment on the unit?

    the chanson is a new unit, the person selling it is an authorized dealer but i have a feeling that he is getting out of it, he said this is his last unit so he has lowered the price to get rid of it. i probably won’t be getting the pre-filter at this time since all we have been using (for years) is a brita, so getting an ionizer would be a big step up already, definitely in the future tho if i am going the ionizer route.

    i was reading a bit about alkastream on alkaline water plus and the owner (cathleen) didn’t get a good a result as you or gabe (she tested it against the athena and kangen). here is a link to her test result:

    she also speaks highly of the athena, which is making the situation more complicated for me because there are a couple of athena available as private sales – 1 used for 3 years with 2 new filters ($800) and 1 brand new in box ($1100). arghhh, don’t give a woman too many choices!

    If you wouldn’t mind sharing those contacts that you have here, that would be very helpful. I don’t know how realistic it is to go and drink water from their home or place of work but you never know. it also makes a difference if i can get the alkastream locally too.

    thanks and have a great weekend,

    • Hi Kay:

      You are spending a lot of time putting your comments and questions together. I’m sure others are graterful.

      Vancouver Source Water: If you buy virtually any leading brand of water ionizer, you will get better results in the first few weeks of use that for the next six to twelve months. The reason for this is that the filters start out with lots of minerals and as the minerals get used up, the performance drops. The exception is Chanson, which doesn’t include any minerals.

      Chanson: The Chanson single filter is tiny and is a simple coconut shell based charcoal filter. Other than removing some chlorine, it is essentially useless. That is why Chanson always recommends a pre-filter. I think I know the fellow that is getting rid of his Chanson units. He is a good guy but has found that selling the units is difficult (which it is and will continue to be until people learn more about the water).

      Alkastream test results: I haven’t spoken to Cathy of alkalinewaterplus, but I did see her test results. The results were actually very good and all that anyone needs for healthy drinking water. The entire “bigger is better” advertising push in the USA is marketing nonsense perpetrated by Enagic and perpetuated by Tyent and Life. The discrepancy in test results can be attributed to a number of factors, with the emphasis being the differences in source water.

      When it comes to the Alkastream tests, there is another factor. Ian Hamilton arranged for 24 test units to be sent out to industry professionals, which were from the original “test” batch. It appears that 3 of the 24 test units didn’t produce results that were as good as or better than the output from leading water ionizers. I got my hands on one of the three filters as I had the person testing the unit ship it to me so that I could open it up. The “test” unit that I opened up that was not producing equivalent to electric water ionizer results was deficient in one of the major components. The manufacturer was informed of this and made some changes to the quality control procedure and they also beefed up the contents of the filter. That is why companies to beta testing.

      I would say that based upon what I have heard, the Athena is the best unit that IonWays (Emcotech) makes. Unfortunately, the IonWays products do not perform very well in soft water conditons or with well water (according to the Canadian distributor). The reason that they don’t perform well in soft water is due to the fact that they are underpowered. While the Athena has more power (110 Watts) than the other IonWays machines (80 Watts), soft water requires a lot more power due to the absence of minerals in the source water. If you are going to purchase an electric water ionizer, more power is better is extremely soft water conditions. If the water ionizer companies would get their heads out of their butts, they could address the mineralization problem, but they just don’t seem to get it.

      Your search for a water ionizer provides a great example of a couple of things that I have been preaching about for a long time. The first is that the companies in the industry are doing a terrible job of marketing, which ends up confusing many potential customers. The second is that prices are too high. As you have discovered, people can buy these units for a lot less money than the advertised prices if they do their homework. A representative of Tyent USA offered a Canadian customer a price of $1,399 last week on a machine that they advertise on their website for $3,495 (which they now have listed on sale for $800 off). As you can see, retail prices are irrelevent. Chanson does the same thing from their head office as they offer people private deals that their dealers simply can’t compete with. Why anyone would want to be a dealer for either company is beyond me. Maybe that is why the man in Vancouver is ditching Chanson.

      I don’t recommend any company or brand on my blog. If you want to speak directly with me off the record, I would be happy to do so. You can reach me by clicking on the CONTACT button on my blog and leaving me your telephone number and a convenient time to contact you. I will call you as I use Skype for free calling.

  3. Hi Rob,

    I just wanted to thank you for answering my question today, via a phone call to me. I follow your blog posts through your articles regularly, and appreciate all that you do for folks.

    I was awed by your timely response to my question about the Alkastream alkaline water filter system. I am considering promoting this to people I know, as I am concerned about their physical well being. Thanks, you are a great guy to get to know.


  4. Hi Rob,

    I also want to thank you for taking the time to call. I decided to give the alkastream a try but noticed that on the alkastream US site, it now says sales is temporarily suspended. do you know the reason? i am just wonder if they are just out of stock or something is wrong with the filter …

    thanks again.

    • Hi K:

      Ian Hamilton, the founder of Alkastream has informed me that the new website for Alkastream is When you visit the site, you can click on a flag for the country you want to deal with as the units are now offered out of Australia, Canada, Germany, and the USA. If you choose the American flag, it will direct you the new American distributor at the website I would imagine that they would be able to answer your questions.

  5. I have been in contact with Steve Lerum, the AlkaStream rep in San Diego, and have been given much excellent information. we currently have a reverse osmosis system installed that produces water between 5 and 5.5. (we have been buying Fiju water for several years.) would you remove the RO system and use tap water with the AlkaStream? or would you install the AlkaStream in-line with the RO system? we voted long ago to reject fluoridation of our water, but fluoridation was begun in February 2011. the lab reports on AlkaStream show fluoride almost eliminated, but i would feel better about having the double system.

    • Hi Patricia:

      I would start out by installing the Alkastream in-line with the RO machine. A friend of mine who runs a yoga studio has purchased a bunch of Alkastream units for herself and her students. She tells me that she and a number of her students are using the machine in-line with an RO system and are getting pH numbers in the mid to high nines. Her information surprises me, but then again it doesn’t. It takes a lot of work to move the pH from 6 to 9.5 because that means the water becomes about 5,000 times more alkaline so the results are impressive. I can’t confirm the results as I haven’t seen them first hand, but I have no reason not to believe my friend.

      I know that the electric water ionizers don’t work well at all with RO systems because their are very few minerals in the water once it has passed through an RO system. The antioxidant filters introduce lots of minerals after they have cleaned the water, so I can see how they achieve the good results despite the presence of the RO system.

      In your case, leaving the RO system in place would help reduce any contaminants in the water and also extend the life of the Alkastream filters.

      The ones that are using the unit in line with an RO systemand she tells me that

      • Hi, Rob…i emailed Gabe at alkaStream re this problem 2 days after i left my message for you. He said a contact of-his in Canada has several people with the alkaStream inline with an RO system and they have been getting 9.0 water for several months. I’ve ordered my unit.

        BTW, the bottled water we have been schlepping is Fiji, not Fiju. it’s 7.8. the only bottled water, of the many i have tested, that is alkaline. we are storing it for emergencies…like a California earthquake.

        thanks for all your information. it’s ALWAYS wonderful to find confirmation of a belief that others mock.

        • Hi Patricia:

          I suspect Gabe and I are talking about the same group of people because I told Gabe about my friend the runs the mediation retreat who has been having great success with the Alkastream and RO systems.

          Fiji water doesn have an alkaline pH, but the cost is crazy.

          The Mormons have been preaching the virtues of “preparedness” for more than 100 years. They often store water in barrels in their garages. I have people that I have talked to about this issue about the potential problem of contamination from “still” water and the lack of electricity in a catastrophic event. The Alkastream and other non-electric water ionizers seem like a great solution, but they would require a hand pump to run the water through the filter.

          • Hi, Rob…are you familiar with the material in this link? any confirmation or contradiction? i’m referring to the info about aluminum fluoride and fluoride in the water. we just read an article in our hospital newspaper which says 48% of people over 80 have some form of dementia…and it’s not a natural aging process. Patricia


          • Hi Patricia:

            Interesting…dementia being caused by aluminum pans and foil. I don’t have a comment as I haven’t had a chance to look into it. I bet the Alcan people will come up with all kinds of test results denying the claim.

  6. I’m a very traditional person. I believe the filter type is more economical and they don’t use electricity, therefore more environment friendly.

    • Hi Jean:

      There is no question that the non-electric ionizers are more economical as they only cost anywhere from 10% to 20% of what electrical water ionizers cost. They also don’t use electricity as you mentioned. I’m onside with both of those arguements.

      I think the most important factor is that they ionize water naturally, which means they produce stable ionization.

  7. Turns out Alkaline water is part of an anti-cancer protocol as well.

    Check it out:

    feel the flow…

    • Hi Scott:

      You have listed quotations on your site from a couple of famous authors. The authors and quotes are well known in the industry. When I read your comment, I was hoping for more.

      Thanks for joining us. I would like to learn more about the minerals that the site claims last 5 years. I have not found anything that lasts anything close to that long and definitely not at $35. Quite frankly, I find it hard to believe. Perhaps you can share what you know about the product with us as I’m always willing to learn.

  8. I have an AquaLiv natural ionization system. We ordered the cartridge that is supposed to produce a PH between 10-11, but it has only reached a 9.4. I have noticed that my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has greatly improved. However, the pain, dizziness, and food intolerances associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS) have not improved. It has been almost three months. I had talked to a lady who had a Vollara Living Water Ionizer using a new plate technology. Within three days, her daughter’s FMS had disappeared. Within 30 days, hers had. In your opinion, do you think electric ionizers are better for body detoxification for issues such as mine?

    • Hi Amy:

      I see you have written two comments on different threads.

      AquaLiv makes a lot of claims…some of they WAY out there. I don’t know how they can claim a pH of 10-11 because the output will always depend upon the source water. If your source water has a pH of 6.0 or lower, it will be very difficult to get the pH up to 11 under any circumstances.

      I’m glad to hear your Chronic Fatigue symptoms are improving. The water (any brand or process whether it be electric or natural) does a great job with fatigue because the machines literally produce energy.

      I’m sure you must be frustrated that your Fibro symptoms are not responding as well. When I was selling electric water ionizers a few years ago, I talked to many people that had great results with their Fibro…life changing in fact. I don’t recall speaking to anyone that didn’t have success with their Fibro when using the water, but that is a few years ago.

      The problem with any health issues is that every human being reacts differently to any new stimuli. If you don’t believe me, just check out the crazy long lists of side effects for almost any prescription medicine. Therefore, it is impossible to determine if the lack of success with your Fibro is because of the natural vs electric process, or something to do with the AquaLiv system, or is it a matter of your particular situation won’t respond to the water, or is it something else?

      My first recommendation would be to figure out if the hardness of your source water is the problem. Hard water destroys electric machines and it also play havoc with natural water ionizers like your Aqualiv system. Please check out my response to your other post as it goes into detail about water hardness.

      If hard water is not the cause of your lack of success with your AquaLiv system, my recommendation would be to try to get your hands on some water produced by an electric water ionizer from someone that lives in your area. If that is not possible, you could always buy an electric unit to test it. If you end up having to buy a unit, I would talk to the people that sell the units and tell them your situation and that you want to be able to return the unit if it doesn’t work. Hopefully you can find a company that will work with you on your terms. If you can’t find someone to let you try water from an electric machine or a company that will offer you a full refund if you are not happy (it would be reasonable for companies to ask you to pay for a new set of filters if you return the unit because they can’t resell a unit with wet filters), then try contacting as they sell the Hybrid for $549 to cancer patients and others who are suffering. I have used the Hybrid for several summers at my cottage and all our kids use the Hybrids when they have been away at college. The Hybrids have a mediocre filter, but they ionize like crazy.

  9. Rob–

    Great site, with good knowledge. I am debating between the Alkaway Ultra Stream and the pH Miracle WaterMark. They seem to be good products, at a good price. I was wondering if you could recommend one of those, which would you choose? I’m leaning towards the Ultra Steam, simply for price considerations.

    • Hi Matt:

      The Ultra Stream is the second generation of Alkastream. They are based in Australia.

      The pH Miracle WaterMark is Robert Young’s stab at natural water ionizers. Rob used to tell us that natural water ionizers couldn’t work, but he has finally recognized the truth and put his name on a new entry.

      My preference is the Vitev Flo ($399) which is made in California. The Vitev guys make great products and they have incredible integrity which separates them from the competition in a big way.

  10. Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is magnificent, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about Antioxidant Filters ($329 to $499) Vs. Electric Water Ionizers ($1,500 to $4000) | Alkaline Water | Kangen Water | Ionized Water .

    • Hi Baju:

      Thanks for the kind words. I wouldn’t say blogging is easy, but it is a hobby that I’m passionate about.

  11. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking
    and checking back often! Thanks!

  12. Hi, This is a Excellent post. I was checking this blog continuously and I’m impressed! Extremely useful info especially the last part) I appreciate such information very much. I was seeking this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck to you. The info has been so very much appreciated!

  13. Hi! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell
    you I really enjoy reading through your articles. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the
    same subjects? It’s So much appreciated!

    • Hi Dewey:

      I receive all Google Alerts about the subject of alkaline water and I see that there are quite a few bloggers popping up on the subject. Unfortunately,almost all of the articles are typically thinly veiled covers for a sales pitch.

  14. I know you didn’t talk about the Aqualiv water filter system… what are your thoughts on this system? After much research it seems like it removes contaminants very well, and leaves good minerals in… also they claim they erase “water memory”, which I am a little bit on the fence about b/c it seems like a radical claim, but after talking to a lady on the phone she said they are just spinning the water in a vortex using water pressure to “erase” the spaces left by the contaminants. If you have any thoughts on this filter please respond!! Thanks!!!

  15. Hi Rob, I just bought an ultrastream and at first the pH was showing 10.9 with a properly calibrated meter. After turning the flow rate up it was 11. Since running a few hundred litres through it is around 10.7 to 10.8. The source water is in the 9’s and so this is the problem. The retailer suggested buffering it with cider vinegar which I’m not prepared to do for a number of reasons. My friend has various health issues including ME and for the past 16 years since getting ill she has unquenchable thirst and drinks 10 litres per day. I just don’t feel comfortable with such high ph levels. You you have any comments or opinions on this? Any help would be appreciated. My overall impressions of the device are good and I am very impressed however the source water is the issue. At the moment I’m considering returning to using my ph miracle watermark as at least it has adjustable pH…or getting a Chanson which would give hydrogen gas plus the high concentrations of negative hydroxyl ions. Someone said you can use sodium borohydride to generate negative ORP and also hydrogen…sounds a bit iffy to me as not sure if hydrides are safe. Any help here is much appreciated.

    • Hi Dom:

      Your comments are very interesting to me as they seem simple on the surface, but then you mention getting a Chanson which would give hydrogen gas and the use of sodium borohydride. Why Chanson? Are you associated with Chanson, or do you think a Chanson is any better at generating H2 than other electric water ionizers? It doesn’t.

      Water is in a constant state of equilibrium whereby the H2O breaks down into H+ and OH- which then recombine into H2O (hence the equilibrium). Electric water ionizers deliver electrons to the cathode of an ionizing chamber. The electrons attract the acidic H+ which is simply a proton without an electron. An electron attaches to the H+ turning it into H which is a very active free radical because it only has one electron and the first level of electrons must have 2 electrons to be stable. So, one H can bond with another H forming molecular hydrogen (H2). The brand name on the electric water ionizer is irrelevant unless Chanson has miraculously created a way to undo the simple laws of science that make it better than any other brand. The guy behind Chanson has obviously done some research into H2 and is using the knowledge to try to make it seem like the Chanson machine is better than other machines….it isn’t. The guy behind Jupiter/Ionways/Alkavida (or whatever they call themselves this week) also knows a little bit about H2 so you can expect to see “H2 Wars” coming soon to the electric water ionizer industry in an effort to recuscitate the industry from it current near death status.

      I’m glad to hear you like your Ultrastream. I’m hearing that a superior system built along the same principle as the Ultrastream will be available for about half the price in the near future. If you follow my blog, you will know that I support good products and the lower the cost, the better I like it.

      Since you have already purchased an Ultrastream, you can lower the pH of the output water by simply stirring in a tiny amount (part of a teaspoon) of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Bicarbonates act as a buffer that will immediately bring the pH level of the water to about an 8 pH even if the pH of your Ultrastream water is near 11. The human pancreas dumps bicarbonate into the small intestine to buffer the pH of whatever leaves the stomach so that the intestine is not damaged. Adding a tiny amount of Arm and Hammer baking soda to your Ultrastream water will do the same thing.

  16. You mentioned ” The reason for this is that the NWI’s put minerals in the water and the presence of the minerals causes an continued coupling and uncoupling of the hydrogen bonds that join hydrogen atoms to oxygen atoms in a water molecule.” With this statement its safe to then say that the pH is being manipulated via added minerals which build up can occur and harm bodily tissues. Furthermore if the minerals cause a coupling and uncoupling of hydrogen bonds that join hydrogen atoms to oxygen atoms then it no longer atomic hydrogen (hydrogen gas) which is state hydrogen needs to be in, in order for it to have therapeutic effects in the body. In other words its no longer hydrogen if a bond occur.

    • Hi Xavier:

      It has been a few years since I wrote that article. I have learn a lot since then.

      What I have learned is the water breaks down into H+ (missing an electron) and OH- (has an extra electron) and then reforms into H2O as part of a never ending equilibrium state (I’m sure the scientists have a better way to word it).

      So, H2O < ----> H+ and OH-

      When you add an alkaline element such as Mg to water, you get Mg +2H2O—–> H2 + Mg(OH)2 where the H2 has two protons and 2 electrons and is thus stable

      It turns out that the H2 is responsible for all the health benefits

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