Water Ionizer Prices Dropping Fast

Electric Water Ionizer Prices are Dropping Fast

One of our readers (Kay) has been commenting this week she has been shopping around on the internet and has found that she can purchase different brands of water ionizers for well below retail prices. Lower prices have always been available to those who made the effort to find the deals. Now, it looks like the entire retail pricing structure is breaking down. The machines are still great, and the lower prices make it better for everyone.

Lower Prices Are Inevitable

I have been writing for some time that electric water ionizers are simple electronic devices. The prices of electronic appliances usually start out high when they are first introduced because of the lack of supply and the need to recover development costs. However, the prices of electronics typically drop off quickly once the competitions starts up. That has never happened to the water ionizers in America despite the fact that they have been available here for ten years.

I predicted last fall that we would see the price of water ionizers start to drop this year. I assumed that a combination of a tough economy, Dr. Mercola’s bashing, and the introduction of the low cost and effective antioxidant filters would take their toll.

All of the above factors have played a role in lower prices. However, an unexpected but powerful influence on driving prices lower has been the disgraceful behavior of companies such as Tyent USA and Chanson Water Ionizers USA, who have been undercutting their own dealers. Why anyone would sign up as a dealer for either of those companies is a mystery to me.

Specific Examples of Dealers Being Undercut by Their Own Head Offices

Chanson Water Ionizers USA: A customer in Toronto was recently offered a Chanson VS70 and a pre-filter system for $1,495. The retail price of the VS70 is $2,395 and they pre-filter system for $198. The retail price of the package is $2,593. Chanson offers a 35% discount to its dealers, but it offered this particular customer a price that was almost $200 lower than the dealer price. What do you think the Chanson dealer thought about their own company selling product to the public for less money than they sell to dealers? If Chanson sells a product to a caller for $1,100 below the retail price, then what is the REAL price? Chanson Water Ionizers USA is sending a clear message to the public that prices are negotiable in North America and it is sending another message to its dealers.

Tyent USA

Tyent USA are a piece of work. They have been undercutting their dealers for a long time, but they used to be more sneaky about it by selling through websites where they pretended to be retail dealers. These days, Tyent USA is either in trouble, or they just don’t care about their dealer network now that they have entered the MLM business with their Evontis line of products. Tyent USA is openly and blatantly cheating on their dealers. Last week, I had a call from a former customer from when I was in the water ionizer business. A representative from Tyent USA offered a customer a Tyent 9090 Turbo for $1,399. Tyent USA offers the same machine on their website for $2,695 and sells the machine to their dealers for $1,600.

Life Ionizers:

Life Ionizers offer their 9000 machine on their corporate website for $2,997, but they have market the price down to $2,501 plus they offer an additional $300 in bonuses. But that is just an opening offer! I had a reader call me last week who wanted to know what my opinion of Life Ionizers was. I asked him why he was interested in Life because I have made it very clear in the past that I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole. He indicated that once he called Life, they called him every day offering to drop the price. They had finally reduced their offer to $1,699 and the reader wanted to know if he should buy the machine. So, what is the real price? What do you think Life dealers think about the fact that Life offers a $1,300 discount to people who call in for a quote?

It is obvious to see the distributors of the above companies have large profit margins to work with. It appears that they are either desperate to dump inventory, or they just don’t care about their dealers anymore. The net effect will be two-fold. First, the price to the public is coming down rapidly because the distributors are willing to slit the throats of their dealers. Second, as the dealers abandon the offending distributors, they will be dumping their inventory, which will act to drive prices down even further.

All of this is good news for the consumer because the prices are crashing down and the machines work. I guess the dealers decided to stop slitting each other’s throats and have now decided to slit the throats of their own dealers. One interesting side effect of all of this insane behavior by the different distributors is that Enagic is seizing the opportunity created by the confusion being created to present themselves as the “old reliable” option that people can count on.

Specific Examples of Dealers Slashing Prices

The Chanson Miracle is advertised on the Chanson corporate website at the special price of $1,650. However, our reader Kay indicated in her messages in the comments section of this blog today that she found a dealer who would sell her a brand new Chanson Miracle for $1,000. So, what is the REAL price?

Kay also wrote on my blog today that she spoke to an advertiser on Kijiji who would sell her a brand new Jupiter Athena (retail price $2,195). So, what is the REAL price.

New Tyent Turbo units are being offered on Ebay for $1,499.

I found an almost new Enagic SD501 listed on Ebay today for $2,200. However, if you shop around you can do a lot better, as there are usually units offered for $2,000 or less. When you do call, you can negotiate much better prices because I bought my 4 month old SD501 for $1,500 when I was looking for a test unit.

When I got out of the business, a company called Water Healthcare (www.waterhealthcare.ca) purchased my inventory of Tyent machines. They also carry various other brands of electric water ionizers as well as the Alkastream antioxidant filters. The company has indicated to me that they are considering offering their electric water ionizer inventory for sale at dealer cost because they just don’t see the point of trying to compete with companies who knowingly undercut their own dealers. I expect this will become a trend across the industry in the coming months because it just doesn’t make sense for dealers to carry products of companies where they are at an unfair disadvantage. Why would anyone pay to advertise the products of a company when they know that the company will undercut them when people start shopping online? I suspect that at least one of the distributors, and maybe all of them had this in mind all along.

What All of This Means:

Those who have wanted to purchase electric water ionizers but have been deterred by high prices are now in a position to purchase the machines for about half the price that they have been selling for in the past couple of years.

This is bad news for the dealers that have invested their time and money in their businesses, but it is great news for consumers because the machines are amazing.

As always, the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

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  1. This will be a great news for me… for years now I am planning to buy a water ionizer but because it have a high price and I didnot have that much of a money i didnt buy one.. but now Praise! I can buy one! thank you!

    • Hi,

      Can you tell me where I can find discounted Emco “Athena” & “Isis” water ionizers at????

      • Hi Tim:

        I have heard good things about the Athena but I have never tested one. The Isis (aka Melody) is a good machine that I have tested.

        I can’t remember off hand who would give you a good deal, but I bet one of our readers can set you up. How about it readers, who wants to sell a machine to Tim?

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