Lymphoma cancer patient receives ionized water from an “angel”

I wish I had more time to dedicate to this blog, because it continues to be a never-ending source of amazement for me. Just when you think the world has gone crazy and nobody cares, along comes another example of human kindness.

I had a call a couple of weeks ago from a woman that desperately wanted a water ionizer to help combat her husband’s lymphoma. Lymphoma is a cancer that starts in the lymphocytes of the immune system. Lymphoma is categorized as either Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL). The outlook for cancer patients who have lymphoma can vary greatly as there are many different varieties of NHL. A significant factor in dealing successfully with lymphoma, as with most forms of cancer, is early detection.

The husband in this story is very sick and unable to work. She stays at home looking after her two small children. Despite the fact that they wanted a water ionizer badly, they simply didn’t have the funds to purchase a unit. A good friend that owned a water ionizer had been supplying them with ionized water. Unfortunately, the friend lived in another city and could only make it by the house once a week. For those that don’t know, ionized water is most effective when it is fresh out of the tap. In fact, the negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) begins regressing immediately, and in fact, loses about 80% of its impact within 24 hours. The lady in this story made the call to me when she discovered that the ORP deteriorated rapidly over time, as she realized that there was something more that she could be doing to help her family.

Her husband didn’t want her to call, as he is a proud man and didn’t want to ask for help. Fortunately for the family, the lady swallowed her pride and reached out. When she called, she apologized for asking for help, but I quickly suggested that I would do exactly the same thing if I were in her situation, as would anyone else who wants to protect their family.

She was hoping that I could lead her to someone that could provide her with a free unit in an effort to help her husband recover from the chemo. I informed her that I didn’t know anyone that offered such a service, but that I would call around. She was polite, but it was obvious that she was very disappointed.

How the heck do you find a free water ionizer for someone? I called some companies and they expressed sympathy, but indicated that they couldn’t just start giving away units, or they would be inundated with requests. So, it the companies won’t help, who would? I thought that perhaps I could find an individual or a group that might help.

I decided to make a list of people that I knew, who might be in a position to consider such a generous gift for a complete stranger. Then I thought of who I had been in contact with that had experienced life changing effects from the water. One obvious name popped up so I though why not try and call. I have to admit that it felt strange to be calling someone and asking for such a big favour, even if it wasn’t for me. Five minutes later, the unit was paid for anonymously, and the unit was on its way within the hour.

I called the lady that evening to let her know that a unit was on the way. She said that she didn’t understand how this could happen, as nobody helps a stranger with such a generous gift. When I explained that there are extraordinary people in the world, and that this was just another example, she started to cry. And cry. And cry. Between sobs, she said that there are no words for gratitude that she felt towards her benefactor. She asked me for her “angel’s” name. I told her that the person demanded anonymity. She said that wasn’t fair, as she had to say thank you. I told her I would pass on a message if she wanted, and I would ask the benefactor if would be ok to forward the message. The next day, I received an incredible message from her that expressed her gratitude to the stranger, and that the gift had already started working because it had given her family hope.

I was so moved by the message that I sent a copy of the message to the benefactor despite being informed previously that there was to be no contact. I didn’t want to call first, as I thought there was a good chance that the benefactor wouldn’t let me send the message. The next day, I received an email from the benefactor, and I braced myself for an electronic tongue lashing. However, the message from the lady was so powerful that the benefactor actually replied to the person anonymously. This is where a great story gets even better. The benefactor sent me a message, to pass on anonymously to the lady, thanking her for the gift of being able to help.

The way I keep score, there ended up being three gifts. The first gift is the actual material gift of a water ionizer. The second gift is the gift of hope to the family. The third gift is the incredible gift of giving. I don’t know about you, but this one really touched my heart.

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  1. Our body consists of 70% of water and let’s not neglect this important theory of drinking at least 8 glasses of water. Go for distilled water that contains no minerals which will be much more advantageous to our body health. If you exercise and loses water in perspiration, you will have to replenish it by drinking more water.

    • Hi Carissa:

      I agree water is important, but I would never recommend distilled water for drinking unless it was remineralized.

  2. Yes please only drink electrolyzed ionized water from Japan’s original model whereas knock offs will poison your body within 2 years. Mesh will disintegrate and titanium will be exposed which is very toxic. It is worth every penny and the smallest one still beats the competitor. Doesn’t every day count for your health? Change Your Water And Change Your Life Questions ????

    • Hi Beth:

      I assume you are referring to the Toyo company in Japan who started it all. They sold one of their 19 products to Enagic in 2002. Enagic spent two years building their very sophisticated MLM system before entering the market place in 2004

      There is no evidence to support that mesh disintigrates faster than plates.

      Titanium from plates is very likely to be exposed. The machines like Enagic with a lot of power are the most likely machines to wear platinum off the plates.

      Enagic machines are good. If Enagic’s machines worked better than other machines, it would be easier to swallow their outrageous prices.. Unfortunately for Enagic and its customers, the reality is that they are not better than other machines. In fact, a very strong case can be made that the natural water ionizers which sell for about $400 are superior when it comes to providing health benefits. I’m having VYVwater’s new sports water pitcher($59) tested as I write this message. My hope is that it produce far surperior results to the Enagic SD501 when it comes to producing molecular hydrogen.

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