Miracle Water?

People are starting to refer to alkaline ionized water as Miracle Water. I don’t like the term, as it hints of promotional hype. The reality is that the water helps the body remove acid so that it can heal itself. The real miracle is your body. You just have to give it a chance to work properly.

What started out as a simple blog to share my story about how alkaline ionized water eliminated my acid reflux and arthritis, has evolved into something much more important than I ever imagined. It seems the blog has inspired others to share their own personal stories about how the water has helped them with their own personal situations. I believe that those who share their stories are providing an invaluable service, as tens of thousands and sometimes even millions of others are looking for information about the same diseases. Real stories from real people provide information and hope for those that don’t know where to turn, after the medical and pharmaceutical systems have let them down. I’m not a doctor basher. Doctors provide a valuable service, but our current social structure is flawed and doctors are left as the scapegoat. It is not the fault of the doctors that they have not been trained to help people learn how to become, or stay healthy.

When my wife first introduced me to the water, I couldn’t have been more skeptical. I would have bet 1,000 to 1 odds against the water helping me at all. Imagine my surprise when my acid reflux disappeared within a week, and my osteoarthritis disappeared in a couple of weeks. How could that be? I had been taking pills and a topical transdermal NSAID for my arthritis for several years, and pills for my acid reflux for a longer period. The medications only masked the problem and my physician indicated that I would be on medications for the problems for the rest of my life. How could something as simple as water fix the problems in weeks?

I have come to realize that each one of us owns and operates the most sophisticated machine in the world. That machine is your body. No amount of money or scientific knowledge can produce anything that comes close to the miracle of your body. So, why do we treat our cars better that our own body? We put the proper fuel and lubricants into our cars, but we neglect and often abuse our most precious asset.

It appears that most of the people in our society have very little interest in their health as long as they believe they are healthy. It is only when they begin to experience problems themselves, or if a loved one becomes ill, that they begin to consider the consequences of what they are doing to their bodies. In Canada, the situation is made worse by the fact that Canadians believe that the medical system will take care of us them when we do become ill. It is easy to understand the frustration of a patient when their doctor tells them the equivalent of “it sucks to be you”, because they are unable to provide anything more than a prescription to control the pain or the symptoms. My own physician gave me the bad news many years ago that I would have acid reflux and it was not going away. The good news was that “we” could manage the problem with prescription drugs. To this day, I’m still trying to figure out the good news part of the equation.

When the process was repeated for my arthritis, I was angry because the arthritis was having a significant impact on my life. The only thing the medical community could offer was “take one of these pills in the morning and one at night, and “we” can manage the problem. He also told me that “we’ would have to monitor the situation, as the drugs would probably damage my gastrointestinal tract over time. Great!

When the doctor later told me that I should get started with a third prescription to reduce my cholesterol levels, I refused. I would like to tell you that I immediately started to eat better, but I didn’t. I have to give all the credit to my wife, as she kept researching, and trying things that might help me. Eventually she came upon the “miracle water”. I haven’t had to take pills for anything since I started drinking the water more than a year ago.

I spend a lot of time these days researching and learning about water. I talk to companies that make filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis machines, and of course water ionizers. I also spend time talking to people who drink alkaline ionized water. At first, I was surprised how many people were telling me that the water improved or changed their lives, because I thought I was the only one. What has become clear after many conversations is that a significant percentage of people that drink the water experience rapid relief from acid reflux and arthritis. Also surprising to me initially was how many people experienced significant weight loss over a few months, without dieting. The weight loss always came as an unexpected bonus, because nobody started on the water trying to lose weight. I was also surprised by how many people (women in particular) had experienced relief from constipation and bloating. Many people that I have talk to feel they have more energy and they experience less pain. While any of the above would be reason enough to want drink the water, the benefits go much deeper.

Disease manifests itself in a wide spectrum of ways. Clearing up acid reflux is great, but it pales in comparison to beating cancer. I have spoken to three different people since I started this blog that have told me how they beat cancer with the water. The liver and prostate cancer stories have already been written can be reviewed at this site. The breast cancer story will be available as soon as I confirm all the facts. It is critical to me that that the stories can be verified. I hope to be able to present dozens or perhaps hundreds of articles on cancer alone over time.

I have also interviewed people who have reduced or eliminated their Type 2 diabetes medications. There are more than twenty million people in Canada and the United States with Type 2 diabetes. Twenty million! Type 2 diabetes is reaching epidemic status and nobody seems to care unless they have the disease themselves. There is “real” good news in regards to Type 2 diabetes, as it can be controlled and eliminated with diet, a little bit of exercise, and reducing stress. Stress plays a significant role in our health and it is overlooked by virtually everyone. I expect that the water will play a significant role in reducing diabetes in our society, as virtually every brand of water ionizer (except the expensive Multi Level Marketing units) can be purchased for less than the annual cost of controlling a simple case of diabetes. I believe it is only a matter of time until the insurance companies get involved as a cost saving measure.

I have listened to stories about success with skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, and fungus when acid water is applied to the skin. Acid water is produced as a bi-product when a water ionizer machine creates alkaline water for drinking.

I’m also receiving stories about the positive effect the water is having on digestive disorders such as IBS, colitis, and Crohn’s disease. The water also provides relief to many that suffer from constipation and bloating. Relief for arthritis and acid reflux typically occurs in days or a few weeks, but it seems that the digestive system disorders require a person to drink the water for about six months.

How can water do all this? Is this miracle water? The key to understanding why the water is so effective for such a wide variety of diseases is to realize that the water is not healing anything. The water is simply helping the body get rid of the excess acid that builds up over time. Your body does the rest if you give it a chance.

The human body can sustain an unbelievable amount of abuse in terms of improper diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, and stress. However, the body can only tolerate only so much abuse before it begins to break down. This is where alkaline ionized water comes into play.

The human body is a magnificent machine, but it is a machine. It needs fuel and it needs to eliminate the waste from fuel combustion, just like any other fuel driven machines. However, unlike other machines, your special machine has the ability to heal itself if it is properly maintained.

In the most simplistic description possible, the water ionizer splits stable water (water with no charge) into negatively charged alkaline water and positively charged acidic water. The negatively charged alkaline water helps the body eliminate the positively charged acid from your body. Once the body eliminates the acid, it can return to a slightly alkaline state, and the miracle that we call our body does the rest. That is why we see amazing results across such a wide spectrum of diseases. The body does the healing, not the water.

The human body is equipped to handle a diet of 80% alkaline and 20% acidic food or liquids. That means 80% green veggies and some fruits, and only 20% meat, sugar, flour, and pretty much all the things that most of us eat. While your body can digest acid foods, it was never meant to handle a diet of 97% acids.

Your body eliminates acid through the digestive system, primarily by means of urine and feces. We also sweat away a small amount of acid, and minute amounts simply by breathing.

When your body has to deal with more acid that it can eliminate by natural means, it will protect itself by surrounding the dangerous acidic cells with fat, and typically deposits them around the waistline or buttocks.

As we eat more fast foods, and perform less exercise, to potential of obesity and then degenerative diseases increases dramatically. As acid accumulates over time, it contributes to the deterioration of the immune system, and degenerative diseases like arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer begin to develop. The alarming rate of increase in childhood obesity and the near epidemic levels of Type 2 diabetes should be a wake up call to all of us.

Each and every one of us can take simple steps to give our body a chance to be healthy. We all experience the frustration of recognizing flaws in the system, but in this particular situation, you can make a positive contribution to your health.

I have been advised to place a disclaimer in all of my posts. I don’t know why a disclaimer is necessary, as freedom of speech is supposed to mean something in our society. Everything in this article is factual and true to the best of my knowledge and understanding. This site is dedicated 100% to providing information, and it will never be used for promoting products. However, here goes:

The author of this article is not a physician. All comments made in this article are the opinion of the author, or the opinions of those that have provided the information, and are not intended as advice. All persons with health issues should consult with a physician.

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3 Responses to Miracle Water?

  1. Hi

    just got my Ionizer and look forward to all that I have read!, i tale great care of my body, but i have dealing with a viral herpes situation for some time and i know deep down that the water is the key in creating an enviroment that the virus cannot survive!

    thank you


  2. Hi Ian:

    Great to hear your are on the water. Please let us know how you make out with the water. We can all learn from your experience.

  3. Hello,

    I love this water! I do not own my own system because this economy has destroyed my income & credit. But it has strengthened my quest for naturally healing! A friend gifts me the alkaline water.

    My job is at a medspa where I help others look good through skin care & weight loss. I inform them that skin is a window to within! And weightloss will happen when the body’s pH is alkaline! (Adjust your food & water)
    Also cleansing is very important. The website http://www.doctoryourself.com can offer research done with vitamins & minerals & how they benefit the body. Search iodine &how the body needs it.

    I could go on for hours! I am passionate about re-discovering all that God has provided for us to heal ourselves. Did you realize that essential oils are listed in the Bible over 250 times, hmmm.. and countless mentions of water! Maybe we need to open that good book & read!

    I strongly encourage people to use this wonderful computer to research everything & make sure there are multiple sites with the same feedback, then you know you are on to something! If you search alkaline water you will find hundreds of thousands of wonderful testimonies!!

    People spend billions of dollars looking for that magic pill, when all they really need is cleanse & alkalize! Did you know it could improve your athletic performance too! The micro-sized particles of the water enable nutrients to be delivered through the cell membrane.

    Also, I am not a doctor, and everything that I am saying is for entertainment only. When you talk to your doctor about any condition you may be suffering from, please inform them about alkaline water, your doctor may thank you.

    So here is another entertaining thought:

    Cancer thrives in an ACIDIC environment!

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