Type 1 Diabetes: Dr. Robert Young’s Success Story

I received a testimonial today for Type 1 Diabetes from Dr. Robert Young’s  Facebook page.  The referral came from www.iesolutions.wordpress.com (thanks Gabe).  The message is about the success Dr. Young is having with the two children of the Fuhr family.  

Dr. Young’s believes that the key to curing many diseases, including Type 1 Diabetes is through a proper alkaline diet.  including drinking alkaline water.  I’m a big fan of Dr. Young’s work and agree that becoming alkaline is the secret to a healthy life. 

Dr. Young’s message comes with a plea for people to donate to his non profit organization that helps children with Type 1 Diabetes.  The message also comes with Dr. Young’s standard self promotion of his business ventures.  I’m not a big fan of helping with strings, but I’m grateful for the work that Dr. Young performs and the time he takes to educate the world. 

Here is what Dr. Young posted about Type 1 Diabetes:

“Today I met the Fuhr Family and taught them about the pH Miracle, the New Biology and how to reverse Type I diabetes. They have two family members who are Type I diabetic. Heather who is 13, and has been doing diabetes for 6 years. She has cut her insulin intake in half and is only taking 30 units a day. And, Isaac who is 6 who is down to 5 units of insulin a day and has gone off the pump and any insulin as of today. He was taking as much as 30 to 40 units per day. Now Heather and Isaac are on the pH Miracle for Diabetes and will be off insulin. Everyday I have families calling me for help to help their children with diabetes. The pH Miracle Center needs your help. We need people who can sponsor a diabetic child and their treatments. Since we are a non-profit charitable organization we need money donations so we can help more children. Currently we are giving over 1 million US dollars a year to help children with diabetes, Autism, ADD, and cancer. We hope you will become part of our program to help a diabetic child. The need is great. If you want to help please call our office at: 760-751-8321 Thanking you in advance Dr. Young”

The information in this testimonial is not meant as medical advice and the opinions expressed are from Dr. Young.  It is advisable to contact a health care professional for health issues.

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  1. Hi Rob and Gab,

    Thanks for sharing this. Recently I was invited to a Black Tie event to raise funds for Juvenile Diabetes research by the CEO of a huge insurance company that is a major contributor to research funding.
    I have passed this link on and hope that she will in turn pass it to those whom can make a difference.


  2. Hi Jody.

    That’s awesome. Please keep up posted on how that goes.

    The story I copied/pasted from Dr. Young is not the first. He’s had at least 1 per week now for the last several weeks and is apparently close to receiving grant funding from the National Institute of Health here in the States to be used on additional type 1 patients.

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