Eczema – Vancouver, BC

I have suffered from eczema all my life but for most of my adult life it has been under control and barely noticeable. For 3 months now it has flared up on my face, neck, arms and torso to the point where I can’t work, barely sleep and my entire life has been put on hold. To add to the joy of it all I also develloped a staph infection on my face, neck and arms. Seeing as I’m only 26 years old and used to leading a very active lifestyle this has been quite depressing. I started drinking the Tyent water and rinsing with the acidic level 1 about 3 weeks ago. I took pictures of the worst patches on my arms, face and torso before I started using the water. I noticed almost right away an improvement in the elasticity of my skin because of the hydrating effects of the alkalized water and the washing effects of the acidic. I took pictures again just recently and the redness has gone down about 30%. The rash has stopped spreading around my back and has in fact receded to just a patch on my upper stomach and redness on my chest and shoulders. My skin is no longer puffy and inflamed and the staph infection is gone from my arms and under control everywhere else. Since using alkaline water, both internally and externally, I have slowly but steadily been feeling better. I will keep you posted with more updates as my healing progresses.
– RL, Vancouver, BC


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  1. I had a customer call in today to order more filters for his water ionizer he bought in July. I mentioned that that seemed pretty soon to be needing new filters, and wondered if he was giving away a lot of water or selling it. He said that he and his wife were using the water for more than just drinking and followed with this great story.

    His wife has had eczema on her head for a long time [I think years] and she was very embarrassed by the looks of it. She started drinking the alkaline ionized water, plus every time she washed her hair she would get a bin of water to rince her hair/head in. Her eczema is all gone now! …but they’re still doing the same things to make sure it doesn’t come back.

    He also said he had a really annoying patch of itchy hive-like things that the Doctor called seborrhea. The doctor had told him he would always have to live with it and all he could do was to give him some coretzone creme. He has had this since the Vietnam war! He said this was also gone now, and the only change was the water. He’s getting ready to report all of this to his doctor next month when he goes for his regular visit.

    • Hi Cathie:

      Thanks for providing the testimonial. I will put your comment on the eczema page in our testimonial section. I will give your website credit of course. Every new testimonial or story posted on the blog adds to the credibility of the industry. While it is great the Mr. Clinton and his doctors have stepped up to tell the world about the importance of becoming alkaline, we can all do our part by sharing our stories. When somebody is trying to decide if they should spend money on a water ionizer or hydrogen machine, their decision will be affected by many things. If we can build a huge library of “real life” stories and testimonials that support the water, people will naturally feel more at ease with the decision to invest in their health.

      I have added your blog to our new “Top Referral sites” on the home page of the blog. Your referrals and comments help us build a better blog. Hopefully others will follow your example. The idea is to make this blog available to anyone that is interested in learning more about the benefits of becoming alkaline. If we all share our information, stories, and research, we can accomplish so much more as a group than anyone could possibly achieve on their own.

      I believe it is essential to the future success of that I remain completely unbiased towards specific brands or companies, while being a strong supporter of the entire industry. I decided when I started my blog tha the right way to grow the blog was for me to give and give and give without expecting anything in return. So far, so good.

      When I was a dealer, I shared openly and freely with others, but I was the exception. The strategy worked very well for me. I suspect that you are experiencing great success as well because you are trying to help others by sharing your knowledge and experience. I can only hope that other dealers pick up on the “win by sharing” theme.

      At some point in time, if my blog grows and I have to hire staff, I would consider allowing companies to place advertising banners on my site. The banners would allow me to cover the costs of paying a staff without me selling anything. If banners are ever allowed, which I don’t see happening for a long time, I will make it very clear to the public that I don’t support the companies or products that advertise. As long as I continue to receive the incredible help that I get from people like Bernard and Kenny who do all the back office stuff for free, I don’t see any need to bring business or money into the equation.

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    • Hi:

      I checked out your website and found it to be really interesting.

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