Water Ionizer’s For Cancer Patients

When I retired two years ago, I gained the freedom to speak openly about the water ionizer industry. I’m a huge supporter of the health benefits of ionized water and believe that everyone should be drinking the water. However, I’m not a big fan of the high prices being charged for the machines. What really bugs me is that the people that need the water the most….cancer patients dealing with unexpected bills…people off work due to prolonged illness….often can’t afford the machines.

My wife operates an independent online water ionizer store. When I refer to independent, I’m referring to the fact that she sells various brands of water ionizers as opposed to being restricted to selling only one brand. There are a few other independent sellers in in the market place, but her company is unique in one very special way……she sells water ionizers to cancer patients and others who need the water the most for half price, which only covers her cost. Needless to say, her business is doesn’t make a profit, but that is not her goal.

If you have cancer or other serious health issues, check out www.waterhealthcare.ca

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  1. Your article interest me in your venture for new products for health. When health is on the primary concern, we don’t want to kid ourselves with safety.

    I love the way your wife take on the challenge and the way she helps people on getting the one products they can’t afford to have…

    • Hi David:

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. I will pass on your compliment to Mary.

      I don’t know much about your company other than I have seen your products advertised on Google Adwords. I have never had the opportunity to test your products as Mary won’t let me buy anymore machines. I do know that the prices of your products are very affordable in comparison to many of the products on the market. If your products test as well as the leading machines and are reliable, then I would expect your company to be successful. The public needs more affordable machines.

  2. If soneone has prostate cancer, should they drink ionized water or will the water from the
    ALKA Stream ionizers work just as well and give them the same benefits? Thanks, Jim K

    • Hi Jim:

      I don’t know the answer to your question about whether the Alkastream is as effective as electric water ionizer for someone who has cancer.

      I’m not a doctor and don’t pretend to be. If I was going to pretend to be something, it sure wouldn’t be a conventional doctor

      I think the answer depends upon what treatment the cancer patient is undergoing. Dr. Robert Young uses really strong ionized water (pH of 11 and ORP of 800) in lieu of chemotherapy. My understanding is that ionized water actually takes on oxidative properties (like chemo but milder and natural) once the ORP exceeds –400. If the person with cancer chooses to use an ionizer instead of chemotherapy, I think an electric water ionizer makes sense because of the crazy hign temporary pH and ORP numbers that the electrolysis process creates.

      My limited knowledge and experience in talking to cancer patients that are undergoing chemo and drinking the water at the same time indicates that the water helps. Patients that are undergoing chemo don’t drink the water the day of treatment or three days afterwards. People tell me that they recover much faster from the side effects than the other people that are undergoing the same treatment. The logic is that you don’t drink the water while the chemo is acting as the antioxidant properties would conflict with the chemo. However, as soon as the chemo is “done” the goal is to flush the chemo out of your body as fast as possible.

      If you are not undergoing chemo, I don’t see why the Alkastream wouldn’t work just as well as an electric as they both do the same thing.

      I hope this helps


  3. HI again, reading more about the Alka Stream after reading more of your postings and it seems like it could be a winner for our son heading to college with some of his health issues while keeping the cost down. However, after seeing 3″you tube” video testings the Alka Stream vs electric ionizers, the ORP only reached -170, -165, -152 against the -450, -475, and -430 with the electric versions. and the Alka Stream ORP decreasing over several days down to -72 while the ph stayed at a good 9.0 through 9.5. The advertisement claim the ORPS are higher. But after seeing the numbers with the test, should this be a concern or should I be more than satisfied with the ORPS for the Alka Stream ORPS of -170 for my son and for me for that matter…lol Just what kind of ORPs does a person need to be useful and helpful to their body?

    • Hi Cely:

      The YouTube videos you watched were produced by Cathie at AlkalineWaterPlus. She is the top selling Jupiter agent in the USA.

      I wrote an article about her testing which you can see at: http://www.waterfyi.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=3868&action=edit

      The test that Cathie does is completely useless imo when it comes to real life. Yes the electric water ionizer can create initial values that are higher, but they are not natural as they result from violant reactions of electrolysis. If Cathie had put her hand over the top of the glass and shaken the glass for ten seconds, the ORP for the electric sample would have gone to zero because they ORP (electrical charge) is ultimately determined by the mineral content of the water. Cathie’s experiment makes for good video but is completely unrealistic when it comes to real life.

      The next issue that drives me crazy is the electric ionizer companies claims of more more more. When my wife and I visited Korea and met with engineers, they said Americans were crazy. The told us that healthy people should drink water that has an ORP of -10 to -15 and a pH around 8.5. The huge values that the water ionizers promote are only for those battling cancer or some other debilitating diseases.

      I dunno…I’m not a doctor and doctors obviously don’t have a clue either. When the engineers who have been building machines and studying them for 25 years tell me that it is better to go milder rather than stronger, I listen to them. I haven’t found anyone other than Dr. Robert Young who advocated drinking strong alkaline water all the time.

  4. OMG…..thanks for writing back. My first “ever” response. And, it has been your unbias opinions that has helped me with the looooooong journey. I wrote AlkaStream about if I bought two could there be a little discount and there is a “sale promo” just showing white, but an email saying either. (No response yet from them.) THEN, I saw “New Cell” which is IDENTICAL in looks as the AlkaStream. How did that happen? Partners perhaps that have gone their separate ways? I’m sticking with AlkaStream, but was curious about the identical twins in the two non-electric machines. Thank you sooooooo much again.

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