Cure Gout With Water

I spoke to nice fellow from Canada today who contacted me to thank me for my blog.

He found my blog in May of 2011 when he was searching “alkaline water”. He had been suffering off and on with gout in his feet for five years. He had attended a Kangen presentation and became interested in the water as a potential cure, but didn’t want to spend $4,000. He ended up buying an Alkastream for $329.

James let me know that his gout was gone completely in three weeks and has never come back. When I suggested that he spread the word about alkaline water, he told me that his entire family was using the water ionizer and that his parents had also purchased a machine.

This story is similar to hundreds that I have heard over the years. Hopefully the lower priced machines will make spreading the word a little easier.

If you have a story you would like to share about how alkaline water or an alkaline diet helped you out, I will put it on my blog. My blog is about water, but alkaline diets are also really effective as well, and I’m always happy to share good news.

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