Enagic: Team Leaders Circle The Wagons (Part 4 of 4)

This is the 4th of a 4 Part series about the New Reality being faced by Enagic (Kangen) dealers:

Part 1 illuminates how Enagic’s Head Office has never let the truth get in the way of business, which set the tone for Enagic Dealer behavior over the years (http://www.waterfyi.com/water-ionizers/enagic-when-the-truth-is-bad-for-business-part-1/

Part 2 summarizes the feelings of anger and betrayal that Enagic Dealers are feeling towards the company (http://www.waterfyi.com/water-ionizers/enagic-dealers-are-angry-part-2-of-4/ )

Part 3 takes a deep dive into many of the Kangen Myths that have been presented as “facts” by Enagic Dealers over the years (http://www.waterfyi.com/water-ionizers/enagic-a-closer-look-at-kangen-myths-part-3-of-4/)

Part 4 sheds light on the response of the Enagic business leaders to the problems facing Enagic (http://www.waterfyi.com/featured/enagic-team-leaders-circle-the-wagons-part-4-of-4/

The Swagger Is Crumbling

Enagic Dealers have always carried a swagger when it comes to their products and their company. Despite the overwhelming evidence that debunks many Kangen Myths, Enagic Dealers have remained steadfast in their belief that the many Myths that they tell themselves and their customers are actually “facts”. The unshakable belief in the pseudo-science created by Enagic team leaders has empowered thousands of Enagic Dealers and has left them believing that the “stories” they have been telling friends and family are actually true.

Now that Steve Trapp (Enagic’s Head of Technology) has publicly debunked a number of Kangen myths, the Enagic team leaders have been frantically trying to prop up Enagic’s crumbling foundation. This reaction by the team leaders doesn’t come as a surprise as the financial livelihood of these professional recruiters depends upon the blind faith of lower level Enagic Dealers.

What The Team Leaders Are Saying:

Let’s start with Michelle Raley, the moderator of the 7,700 member of Enagic’s Facebook page. As the moderator, Michelle has the power to include comments she likes and eliminate comments that she doesn’t want to appear on the site. As such, Michelle wields a great deal of power and influence over Enagic dealers.

This is what Michelle had to say recently after the Steve Trapp disclosure:

It’s really pretty simple. No medical or income claims. Instead of micro cluster, we say hydrogen gas….h2. We are always learning.

The good news is that at least Michelle is finally talking about H2. The bad news is that Michelle’s comment demonstrates a profound lack of understanding or concern for scientific reality. Micro clustering was a marketing hoax that Enagic has been riding for years while H2 has the backing of the medical and scientific communities based upon 600 plus published research papers. The fact that Michelle simply recommends exchanging a fake buzzword with a science-based fact without any explanation is perhaps a perfect summary of the entire Enagic marketing effort where truth is an after thought.

Next, lets see what Carlos Panthera, a notorious Enagic Team Leader had to say on the Enagic Facebook page after Steve Trapp’s revelation:

“There is no reason to worry about the recent treasonist within our organization who is leaving. They can say or do whatever they want…it will have no effect on Enagic”

Carlos also declared…..“Enagic has done nothing wrong in 40+ years. That’s why they have no concerns and probably won’t even make mention of it. They’ll keep producing as always and ignore the ridiculousness.”


“this company will have no problems ever”


“naysayers, even treasonist within the company can have no effect on the organization”


“They may cause a few weak folks or misinformed folks to follow their rants to join the revolt”. But, they cannot bring down or even harm the organization”

Where do I begin?

Lets start with the fact that Enagic was formed in 2002 when the company acquired the right to re-brand the Toyo Pureport II. Enagic didn’t actually begin selling their “SD501” until 2004. Surely a high ranking Enagic Team Leader who carries a great deal of influence would know this fact. Where does Mr. Panthera come up with 40+ years? Why would Enagic allow one of its Team Leaders publish such a lie.

What type of person would call someone who tells the truth a “treasonist”? It seems that Mr. Panthera considers anything that might be bad for business as fair game.

Mr. Panthera seems to believe that Enagic is and will continue to be impervious to anyone or anything that could slow down it’s business model. Mr. Panthera’s statement “They’ll keep producing as always and ignore the ridiculousness” perfectly summarizes Enagic’s history and its Dealers of turning a blind eye to the truth when the truth is bad for business.

I can list more “drum beating” examples of Enagic Team Leaders rallying the troops, but I think you get the point.

The new reality for Enagic dealers

Enagic’s Head of Technology has finally come out and refuted a number of Enagic “Myths” that Enagic dealers have been telling themselves and their clients are actual facts.

The scientific and medical communities have steadfastly refused to accept the psuedo-scientific claims made by Enagic over the years. On the other hand, those same professions have backed the 600 plus scientific studies on hydrogen gas that indicate the gas is beneficial to more than 170 human diseases.

It is time for every Enagic dealer to take a good look in the mirror. It’s time to face reality and start treating family and friends with the respect and love they deserve by telling them the truth. Take whatever time you need to learn the science and share your knowledge with them with the same passion that has made Enagic a market leader for years.

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