Enagic: When The Truth Is Bad For Business (Part 1 Of 4)

This is the 1st of a 4 Part series about the New Reality being faced by Enagic (Kangen) dealers:

Part 1 illuminates how Enagic’s Head Office has never let the truth get in the way of business, which set the tone for Enagic Dealer behavior over the years (http://www.waterfyi.com/water-ionizers/enagic-when-the-truth-is-bad-for-business-part-1/

Part 2 summarizes the feelings of anger and betrayal that Enagic Dealers are feeling towards the company (http://www.waterfyi.com/water-ionizers/enagic-dealers-are-angry-part-2-of-4/ )

Part 3 takes a deep dive into many of the Kangen Myths that have been presented as “facts” by Enagic Dealers over the years (http://www.waterfyi.com/water-ionizers/enagic-a-closer-look-at-kangen-myths-part-3-of-4/)

Part 4 sheds light on the response of the Enagic business leaders to the problems facing Enagic (http://www.waterfyi.com/featured/enagic-team-leaders-circle-the-wagons-part-4-of-4/

You may be familiar with the famous quote: “the truth will set you free”.

It will be interesting to see if the loyal Dealers of Enagic will really be set free by the recent revelations by Enagic’s Head of Technology whereby he exposed the falsehood of a number of long standing Enagic myths. Or, will the Enagic Leaders once again circles the wagons to protect the “mother ship”(yup, “mother ship is what one of the Leaders called Enagic in a recent post on the Enagic Facebook page).

The truth, as defined by scientific evidence which clearly exposes a number of false claims that Enagic Dealers have been making for years, has never been an issue for the company of the Dealers themselves. While it is easy to point a finger at the Dealers for spreading false claims, why would the Dealers themselves worry about the science when the company itself has turned a blind eye to the truth for years. If the company doesn’t move a finger to prevent the spread of false claims despite knowing the truth, how would the Dealers even know the claims are false?

The mess that has recently engulfed Enagic is not on the heads of Dealers. Any yet, the Dealer are going to be the ones who suffer the consequences just the same when it comes time to explaining to friends and loved ones that they were sold overpriced products based upon false information.

I have had a love-hate relationship with Enagic (Kangen) for many years. What does that mean?

On the love side, I have written a number of articles about my sincere appreciation for how dedicated and hard working the Enagic dealers have been in spreading the word about the benefits of drinking clean, healthy water. I appreciate the fact that many Enagic dealers have been supporters of this blog over the years. In fact, one of my articles that Enagic dealers have supported has received nearly 100,000 hits and over 200 comments over the years. That is very humbling for me as this blog was never meant to be anything more than sharing what I learned from my research with others.

On the negative (hate is a very strong word) side, I have also written a number of articles about my disdain for the multitude of disinformation (that’s my polite description) that I have heard on Kangen sales calls or seen in print. One day a few years ago when I was particularly peeved with the nonsense I had recently listened to during a weekly Enagic “rah rah” sales call, I contacted Enagic’s head office about the false statements. The company disavowed any knowledge of the statements and said it would diligently pursue my complaint and report back to me. No action was ever taken and the company never reported back.

When the truth is “bad for business”:

In the past, Enagic’s legal department has sent me letters formally requesting that I remove articles from my blog or they would commence legal action against me. The last time I received one, I contacted the head of the Enagic’s legal team. Once he had delivered the typical “do you know who we are?” and “we will crush you with legal fees” bullying tactics, the gentleman was actually very respectful and pleasant. He agreed to read through every word of my article with me over the phone. After finishing the article, he admitted that I had not slandered or libeled Enagic in any way. Nonetheless, he said that Enagic would formally initiate its lawsuit against me if I didn’t remove the letter from my blog. When I asked why, he told me that my article was “bad for business”.

I proceeded to inform Enagic’s lawyer that I was a law-abiding citizen and that if he could get a judge to force me to take down my article in spite of that action clearly denying me my right to speech, I would comply with the court’s decision. I informed the lawyer that I would do my best to make sure that it would take two years to get through the legal process as I would subpoena records from Enagic which would be my legal right during discoveries. He was particularly unhappy with my declaration that I would be asking the courts to force Enagic to disclose the cost of their products as I had written about that subject. I told the lawyer that I would enjoy publishing every document on my blog during the process. I let the lawyer know that if the process didn’t destroy Enagic’s reputation and I was forced to take down the article, I promised him that the article would appear on 1,000 other websites within a 24 hour period including markets where American courts had no jurisdiction. The lawyer told me that I played dirty. Imagine that, me being accused by Enagic of playing dirty when all I did was report the truth. By the end of the call, the lawyer apologized to me for Enagic’s actions and said that Enagic would not pursue the matter further.

I’m not the only one that has been attempting to get Enagic to act responsibly when it comes to being honest with the public. Tyler LeBaron, a chemist and ex-Enagic Dealer has been sending Enagic a steady diet of scientific evidence for four years regarding a number of false claims that Enagic dealers have been using to mislead the public. There are others as well.

Given that Enagic’s Head Office has never demonstrated in any meaningful way that it cares about the actual science or encouraged or enforced its dealers to stick to science, it is not surprising that false pseudo-science has run rampant among Enagic dealers for years. The day of reckoning is now here for Enagic Nation.

This is the first of a four part series on this topic as there is far too much information to cram into one article. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I could write a book on the topic based upon the mountain of information and evidence that I have in hand (thanks to all those who sent in the documents to support this series of articles). Fortunately, I have far too many positive things in my life to focus on rather than taking an extended journey into the ugly world of Enagic Nation.

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