Praising Enagic for Building Awareness of Kangen (Ionized) Water

I have been pretty tough on the Enagic people and their Multi Level Marketing system.   I have discouraged people from getting involved with their marketing system, because of the fact that their products are about double the price of competitive products, and the wide variation in the level of knowledge of their representatives.

So why am I now praising Enagic and their dealers?  One of my goals for this blog is to encourage the water ionizer industry to be more responsible to the public.  That means offering better products and lower prices, and to market their products with honesty and integrity.  However, the primary purpose of this blog is to build awareness of ionized (kangen) water so that people can understand how important the water is to our health. 

When it comes to creating awareness in the water ionizer industry, nobody compares to Enagic.  I did it….I gave Enagic a compliment and I didn’t burst into flames!

The water ionizer industry in North America is unsophisticated, uncoordinated, and it is stuck in neutral when it should be growing like wildfire.  The industry is stuck because nobody in the industry is working at educating the public about the incredible benefits of water ionizers……nobody except Enagic that is.  Enagic and its hard working representatives have done all the heavy lifting by themselves.   

Most of the other players in the industry focus their efforts on trying to grab as much as they can from the work done by Enagic, instead of actually creating awareness themselves.  The other companies fight and bicker and play nasty tricks on each other.  They use deceptive “independent” reviews or present phony comparison charts instead of actually building something.  No wonder the public gets confused and the industry is stuck in neutral. 

While the Enagic corporation is to be commended for its foresight in regards to building and educating its network, it is the Enagic representatives themselves who deserve the real credit.   They dedicate their time and effort to educating the public about the merits of the water.  The representatives have a financial incentive to do their work of course, but they couldn’t sell their machines if they didn’t believe in the benefits of the machines.  So, I salute Enagic and its army of representatives who actively build awareness of ionized water with each and every call and meeting. 

One final thought.   Enagic needs to reduce their prices now!  If they don’t, I expect Enagic will be a mere historical footnote in the near future, and that would be a shame.  It would be easy for Enagic to reduce their prices .  They could cut back on their commission structure and the corporation itself should drop the price that it sells the units to the marketing system.  There would still be plenty of profit for everyone.  Come on Enagic….if I can figure it out, surely you can to. 

The opinions expressed in this article are solely attributable to the author.

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  1. Hi Rob.

    I have been following your blog quietly for a few months now and have learned a ton from you. You are one of the few who stays impartial and I thank you.

    In the sake of transparency, I work with a network marketing company. The name is not important, other than to say it is not Enagic. I work with them because I completely believe in the power of alkaline water and want others to know as well. Unfortunately, if it wasn’t for distributors, an even fewer number of people would be enjoying the benefits today. They sure aren’t going to hear about it from western medicine.

    My real reason for writing though is because of your final thought above. Everything you say is absolutely true. They have priced themselves out of the market and stopped being innovative long ago. Being #1 often leads to complacency and status quo.

    You will see the end of Enagic in it’s current form begin officially on May 26th.

    • Hi Gabe:

      Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate the positive feedback. I put a lot of work into researching and writing, and the feedback energizes me. When people comment, it gives me hope that somebody is actually reading this stuff.

      Your passion for the water shines through. It is people like you who take the time and effort to educate others on a one-on-one basis that make it inevitable that the awareness for the water will continue to grow. Kudos to you and the small army of people like you who share their time and effort.

      You are absolutely correct when you give credit to the distributors, whether they be from Enagic or Ionways (the network marketers) or from other brands that market in the more traditionals sense. I hope to be able to do my part with this blog. We simply can’t leave the responsibility for the growth of the industry in the hands of the people that are currently dominating the industry in the States. They have long forgotten the altruistic goal of helping others as the millions of dollars pile up in their bank accounts.

      I think many people would be interested in your statement about Enagic and May 26th. Please expand upon your comments if you are in a position to do so.

  2. I’d be happy to Rob. Am I free to release a company/manufacturer name? Don’t want it to seem like I’m recruiting.

    • Hi Gabe:

      I have already had Enagic dealers contact me asking me what you were referring to.

      This blog is not about recruiting or selling products, but people are always interested to learn about new products or systems. You are welcome to share whaterver information you have. If I feel that the information crosses the line into blatant commercialism, I will just zap it (ohhhh the power..hehe).

  3. Understand. I think it’s going to boil down to a new technology which creates a higher caliber, longer lasting water without needing the precious metal plates all ionizers contain. I don’t have any details on it yet, just know it’s now patented.

    Most costs are related to those plates, so if they are no longer needed…then costs should decrease as well.

    I’m hearing up to 50% less. Will keep you posted.

    • Hi Gabe:

      I was hoping you would write back.

      There is research being done on machines that are not based upon electrolysis. I don’t know when they will be available, or how effective they will be, or what they will cost.

      The plates are the most expensive part of a water ionizer if the the machine uses 5 plates or more. However, the plates are not nearly as expensive as people think, and they are a fraction of what Enagic reps tell their potential clients. There are a number of great machines on the market now that cost less than half of the price of an Enagic SD501 that you were referring to. It gets better, as the cost of machines are starting to come down and prices will drop even further as competition increases.


  4. Hey Rob,

    Just finished watching the presentation tonight. This is what I was able to jot down. Hard copy and recorded information will be available tomorrow. As will tests conducted against the current market leader.

    The first patent for water ionization has been awarded for a process call Direct Disk Ionization.

    Benefits are as follows:
    1. Plates are no longer needed
    2. Automatically adjust to source water ranging from RO to TDS of over 1000.
    3. Measures incoming TDS and adjust power supply accordingly to provide selected pH
    4. Only 1 moving part…longer service life.
    5. Contains 2 built in filters. 1st stage carbon and sediment, 2nd stage is carbon and food grade calcium sulfite to ensure quality calcium is utilized.
    6. Switch mode power supply works with voltages of 100, 110, 220 and 240. Only thing needed is adapter.
    7. ORP can be produced with higher flow rate.
    8. Water cooled power supply…can run continuously
    9. Cleaning cycle only kicks in after water is produced…will not interrupt production
    10. Hot water will not hurt the machine
    11. Water tight exterior. Has been tested while submerged in sink full of water.
    12. Comes with reusable mineral port. Expensive 1 time use cartridges aren’t needed. Can use normal sea salt from grocery to create 11.0 or 2.5.
    13. 8 pH selections from 4 – 10

    Price — 1999.99.

    Will send more as I have it. I will also talk to company and see if they will send you one for testing. 😉

    You have my email, please send me one of yours which I can email documents to.

    • Hi Gabe:

      Thanks for keeping us updated about an alternative form of water ionization.

      The concept could be interesting if the product actually works, but I must admit I’m disappointed with the price. The ionizaton plates typically make up about 30% of the cost of the parts of a water ionizer. Based upon the information that you have presented, the unit you are talking about should be made available to the public for under $1,000. The lower price would still allow for reasonable profit margins and standard distribution costs. I suspect the $1,999 price is based upon meeting the current market prices being charged by the majority of the companies that don’t use a MLM program.

      The price of water ionizers is finally starting to come down, which is a sign that the industry is beginning to mature. I expect (or at least I hope) that prices of top quality machines will end up being about $1,500 in the near future with the price eventually settling the the $1,000 range in the next couple of years.

      Please keep us informed about the new technology.


  5. That depends. We don’t know how much DDI costs to manufacture, nor the additional upgrades. Comparing this unit to any of the others is pretty difficult considering the differences.

    I would equate it to saying there is no reason a mac should cost more than a PC. It depends on the user.

    I listed 12 upgrades to the current Enagic $4000 machine. How much do you think they would charge for an equivalent ionizer?

    You insinuated it may not work. Why?


    • Hi Gabe:

      You are correct in the fact that I have no idea what it costs the company to produce the “new” part.

      I didn’t insinuate that the new technology may not work as I have no clue if the unit will work or not. I would need to test a unit and see how it performs over a period of a few years in order to be able to accurately judge its performance.

      I used to purchase large quantities of water ioinzers when I was in the business. I have also visited water ionizer factories in Asia that manufacture units for various different companies. As a result, I have a fairly good idea of the costs of the actual units and the component parts. I don’t just make this stuff up!

      I’m not trying to pick a fight with you. I just happen to know what things cost. The price of water ionizers can drop significantly while still allowing for good profit margins. I also know that the features that you mentioned are covered by many of the modern water ionizers available on the market.

      If the unit that you are researching is an MLM product, my guess is that the price will be significantly higher than it needs to but it all depends upon the structure of the MLM system. For example, I feel the prices of the Enagic machines are outrageous. The high prices are a result of the fact that the units are offered to the sales team at very inflated prices AND the sales payout structure is simply too generous. The Ionways MLM structure offers units to its MLM system at lower prices and the payout to the sales team is lower than the Enagic system. As a result, the prices of the Ionways products are still too high in my opinion, but at least their products are priced closer to the products offered by the mainstream marketing methods. One of the companies in the States that offers water ionizers via mainstream marketing methods has introduced a three tier payment system which is essentially a mini MLM system. While they are attempting to build a quasi- MLM system for their retail referral network, they continue to offer excellent prices, by offering discounts rather than bumping prices. It is too early to tell if they will succeed, but I have to give them points for trying.

  6. Hi Rob,

    Please don’t take what I said as picking a fight either. I was just asking if you knew something I didn’t considering your breadth of experience.

    I have a hard time comparing this unit to the others because it’s the outlier. At the most basic level it’s no longer a traditional ionizer. I saw yesterday Enagic now has a 12 plate unit for $6K. It seems all other manufactures are caught in a “plate race”.

    More information will be announced in the coming weeks, and I expect more education/proof of Direct Disk Ionization performance as well. I’ll keep you posted.

    This is a network company that is very established in other environmental and health technology industries. Much of what they already offer is very unique. The ionizers are just the latest division added.

    I have not compared compensation to other alkaline water companies, but do know numerous distributors have left “us” to join Enagic because there was greater profit per sale. Once they were introduced to the concept of alkalinity, they jumped for the $. I think that speaks more to their character than it does to Enagic.

    This has raised a question for me though which you are more than qualified to answer. Are there ionizers not manufactured in Japan, Korea or Taiwan? Why do those countries seem to have a stranglehold on production?

    Thanks Rob,

    • Hi Gabe:

      I received information from a reader that is familiar with your posts about the new company that you have been referring to. He didn’t want to get into the discussion on the blog, but here are his comments:

      “FYI -the MLM company that Gabe was referring to is Vollara, the old Ecoquest. You are right on target with him on the overpriced units. Vollara first came out with a unit last August and sold a bunch of them to there distributors. They didn’t work and failed in the field. Now they are now rolling out a new so called technology: DDI Direct disc Ionization, which sounds interesting but then again I don’t believe in using folks as guinea pigs to see how long a unit will last. Things need to be tested first then rolled out, but we know all about mlm hype”

      I agree with you about the “plate race”, as it is a joke. I spent a day with an engineer in Korea that has been in the industry for 25 years and makes the plates for most of the water ionizer companies in Korea. He told me that using more than 5 plates doesn’t really help except in hard water conditions. He also said that using more than 7 plates for retail water ionizers is just a gimmick that adds nothing of value. I trust his judgement, as he make all kinds of plates and wasn’t trying to sell me anything.

      I have stated often that I think MLM organizations drive the price of water ionizers up far too high. I’m grateful for the efforts of the actual individuals who put out great effort to educate others, but lets get the prices down.

      The Chinese are working hard to cut into the domination of the market by companies in Korea and Japan, and to a lesser extent Taiwan. I think the credibility of the quality and safey of Chinese products will hold them back for a few years, but they will definitely be a player in the future. Manufacturers of water ionizers from Korea and Japan are working with Chinese companies in order to take advantage of lower labour costs and the almost total lack of concern for the environment. I would be wary of Chinese water ionizers for now, but I believe that it is inevitable that they will eventually get on top of the quality issues and help bring lower prices to the marketplace. The “stranglehold” as you put it, that Korea and Japan have comes from the fact that things got started in Japan and then the manufacturing transferred to Korea due to the fact that Koreans had lower labour costs and very good quality control. The work ethic and discipline of the people of both Japan and Korea is very impressive. The main Taiwanese company that is manufacturing water ionizers started out as the repair and warranty centre for Toyo water ionizers (who make the Enagic machine), and they eventually started producing machines themselves about ten years ago. Eventually, the manufacture of water ionizers will end up wherever costs are low and quality control is high.

    • Gabe ,

      I have to comment on your reasoning and assumming people left the company you are with to chase the bigger money .. I can assure you that is not the reason by no stretch of the imagination for the majority of them , maybe some but not most.

      I dont know how long you have been with them but I am certain I never heard of you when I was there , and I was there dating back to 1997. When it was an amazing company and opportunity , up until about 2004 when it started to decline and then went into receivorship and was acquired by the company who owns it now ..

      I like some of your posts I think you are a credible guy and you truly are interested in helping others , so I applaud you for that ..

      But let’s not assume that we know something we know little about . I personally know most everyone in that company who is anybody of significance and by that I mean the big money earners from waay back to present …

      I only wanted to make it clear to you that just like every other MLM out there the companies all misinform their people in terms of why people leave and how great we are and you need to be loyal and then all the leaders start praising the owners and the leaders like they are Gods , I have ben there and done that and learned a lot …

      It would be refreshing to see MLM leaders and followers simply endorse the industry and stop bad mouthing each other and trying to rob each others distributors claiming thier better and not just the company you refer to but all of them including Enagic ..

      Then we have the bashing of Enagic by your company didn’t hurt Enagic but they sure did bad mouth them big time .Your leaader especially …. Those decpetive practices are the pits of the industry they work in …. I am not picking a fight here just seems you are misinformed I am setting the record straight . Your company caused many people to go from living a healthy wealthy lifestyle to near poverty the way they mislead everyone to believe they were still doing well .. Just so you know that is why most everyone who moved to Enagic moved there and by the way December 2010 Enagic Distribuotors sold 5000 machines most of which would be SD 501s .. They are growing and with the new incentive it is about to go off the charts ..

      Best of luck to you with your company just beware of the snakes in the grass

  7. Hi Rob,

    I would like to compliment you with your very nice blog; not only does it look good, but it’s also clear, well-stated, interesting to read and very informative.

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to explain me in several detailed e-mails more about all different sorts of Ionizers.

    You have been a real help in my decision.

    • Hi Sandra:

      Thanks for the nice comments.

      The internet has allowed people all over the world to be neighbours. People from 75 different countries are now reading my blog, including Belgium, which is your homeland.

      As we discussed, there is limited availability for products in Europe at the moment. However, that will be changing soon. At your request, I contacted a number of manufacturers and they will be opening up dealerships this summer or later this year in Europe. That is good news for Europe because it means greater selection and stronger competition. It also means that customers will be able to have their products serviced in a local market, which is very important.

      Good luck with your new water machine.

  8. Hi Rob,

    Did an announcement come out about Enagic on May 26th? I missed it if it did.


    PS Keep up the good work

    • Hi Cliff:

      There was nothing announced by Enagic. It turns out that the man the mentioned the date (his name is Gabe) was referring to a product announcement of another MLM company that is working on a new concept in ionizers. One of the readers of this blog filled me in on the details of the company. It could be interesting, but I would not be a buyer of the item due to the fact that it should undergo a lot of testing before it is introduced to the the market. The price of the product has also been set at about $2000, which is likely in response to the price of other machines as opposed to what the machine is really worth. Sooner or later, the prices will come down as the competition increases and the industry matures.

  9. I appreciate your efforts in promoting true health and educating people with so many informative and unbiased messages.

    I am an Enagic dealer who purchased the machine 2 years ago and started the business about 1 year ago. I am doing good and almost 6A (I supposed you know what is 6A). But I must admit I feel uneasy, annoyed and confused for the past two months because those negative messages on the internet. I stopped selling the machines since then and I want to make sure the things I am doing is righteous (because a friend of my downline told him this is not righteous because overpriced, well we are all Christians). The situation in our country is they don’t browse on internet very often and their English is not good enough to understand what’s happening and even they know something has happened in Enagic, they chose to ignore it and believe what the company is telling them because they are earning huge money. Actually I don’t know what is happening in US Enagic, just saw some Sanatec website. My questions are :

    1. People keep saying that US$4000 is overpriced. Is there really comparable products but charged half price? Our education told us that our plates and technology are different and better to justify our price.

    2. What is really happening in US Enagic, I heard that some distributors have left but I still keep receiving meetings schedule and Enagic has just opened its office in Australia and Italy and the Philippines. It seems to me that it is booming.

    3. If you were to buy an ionizer, which will you choose ?

    4. Do you think Enagic will change its bonus plan so as to lower down the price. Are those $2000 machines can perform the same function as SD501?

    5. My father-in-law is a diabetic patient. His kidneys do not function well. After taking Kangen water, his constipation seems improved but recently he was asked to undergo “blood washing” (I don’t know what is it in English) and very soon he has to wash the kidney 3 times a day. I don’t know whether the water made him worse or not because the doctor said his posstasium is too high and kangen water carries high minerals. Is it true that people with kidney problems should not drink kangen water ?

    Await for your reply. Thanks.

    • Hi Anonymous:

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and sending me your well thought out message.

      I have been receiving messages similar to yours from 6A’s and other top ranking Enagic representatives that are dealing with the similar issues. While everyone on the internet criticises Enagic and their representatives, they fail to understand that the representatives honestly want to help others. When Enagic representative eventually learn the truth about pricing and how effective other machine are, they get disheartened. It is important that you and others like you continue to try to help others by sharing your knowledge.

      You have asked several questions, so I will repeat your questions and respond after each question as it is easier to follow.

      >> 1. People keep saying that US$4000 is overpriced. Is there really comparable products but charged half price? Our education told us that
      our plates and technology are different and better to justify our price.

      There are better products for less than half the money. Enagic, through its MLM system has created a “belief” amongst their representatives that the SD501 is superior. I have 11 different kinds of water ionizers in my lab including the SD501. I have tested all the machines many times under different conditions and I can tell you without bias and with 100% honesty that the SD501 is a good machine, but others that cost half the money or less perform as well or better. The other machines also are easier to use and maintain, and have much better features. The SD501 is a 14 year old machine that was originally called the Pure Port II sold by Toyo. Mr. Ochiro purchased the rights to the Pure Port 11 in 2001 and began marketing the product in 2004. I have to check back on the dates as I don’t remember exactly, but the dates are close enough. To put the SD501 in perspective, think of it this way….a 2010 Hyundai Accent sells for $9,995 in Canada, which makes it the cheapest new car in our country. The Accent is technically far superior to a 1995 Mercedes Benz which was recognized as one of the best cars in the world in its day. Technology improves over time….the SD501 has not!

      My research indicates that the SD501 costs less to build than most of the leading machine that are currently available on the market. You can sometimes see them for sale on professional distribution websites from Asia. The the low prices would astound anyone that has been to an Enagic presentation.

      >> 2. What is really happening in US Enagic, I heard that some distributors have left but I still keep receiving meetings schedule and Enagic has just opened its office in Australia and Italy and the Philippines. It seems to me that it is booming.

      I can’t see how Enagic can survive. Other products are superior and cost much less. The internet means that information spreads very fast today. It is just a matter of time until everyone knows the truth. That is why Enagic is moving quickly to other countries. The same thing happened with cigarettes. When the news about the problems with health became public in the USA and many people stopped smoking, the tobacco companies started focusing on foreign markets. McDonalds restaurants are another example. While kids still want to eat at McDonalds, many adults in North America don’t want to eat there anymore. So, McDonalds expanded to foreign countries.

      >> 3. If you were to buy an ionizer, which will you choose ?

      There are many good ones. My wife and I visted Korea in April to tour factories to look at their products and speak to the engineers and business owners. I was very impressed with a couple of companies, but this forum is not about supporting brands or companies. I gave you the specific information in the private email that you sent to me. Suffice it to say that there are more and more outstanding products available on the market. The prices in North America are far too high, but that will change as the industry here matures.

      4. Do you think Enagic will change its bonus plan so as to lower down the price. Are those $2000 machines can perform the same function as SD501?

      I don’t have any idea about Enagic’s plans. All I know is that if they don’t bring the price of the SD501 down to $2,000 in a hurry, Enagic will be finished in America in the near future. If Enagic collapses, they won’t be able to expand in other countries as the negative information will spread quickly.

      I have already answered the question about the performance of the $2000 machines.

      5. My father-in-law is a diabetic patient. His kidneys do not function well. After taking Kangen water, his constipation seems improved but recently he was asked to undergo “blood washing” and very soon he has to wash the kidney 3 times a day. I don’t know whether the water made him worse or not because the doctor said his posstasium is too high and kangen water carries high minerals. Is it true that people with kidney problems should not drink kangen water?

      There are two schools of thought about ionized water and kidney patients. The kidneys act as a clearing centre for the body as they get rid of toxins. Water ionizers make the kidneys work harder as the water creates the release of toxins. Therefore, one school says that kidney patients should not use ionized water as it can overwork the kidneys. The other school says that the water will eventually help eliminate the toxins and allow the kidneys to repair when the environment of the body becomes more healthy.

      My research tells me that every case of kidney disease is different. I think it is very important for a kidney patient to speak with their physician before purchasing a water ionizer or drinking ionized water. The reason for this is based upon the fact that the physician would likely be aware of the severity of the kidney problem.

      I’m not a doctor, but my gut instinct tells me that kidney patients would benefit from ionized water. However, it is very important to learn the status of the kidney malfunction first, and proceed very slowly with the knowledge and approval of a physician. Kidneys play a critical role in human survival and it is imperative to put safety first.

      I have witnessed and spoken to so many people that have benefitted from the water. It almost seems like it is “miracle” water, but the obvious answer is that the human body is the miracle. The water just allows the body to heal itself. It only makes sense that the water could help with kidney function.


    • well as far as the Kidney issue, i think i can give you more information how this ionized alkaline water can actually beneficial to any Kidney problem as long as they know how to use this alkaline water. you can write me at and i will give you more facts and information you need to avoid the problems associated to alkaline water and Kidney problem. i just can not discuss it here since it might offend some people that don’t even read their manual before using their water ionizer. there are a lot of hidden facts that i can give you guys interested to know about these hidden facts associated in the pros and cons of drinking alkaline water w/o prper knowledge special if they don’t read their manual more deligently. so, email me guys if you want to know about these facts. it’s not the water produced by these electrolysis technology, but rather people were not educated properly about these pros and cons. remember the saying, on anything,”people perish because of the Lack of Knowledge”. email me guys and i will be glad to share you what i have learned from my years of experimenting and comparing all these top model alkaline ionizers. thanks again and God bless jv

  10. Hi Rob…been away for a while and just now noticed the email response to my last post from one of your readers. My intent was to keep the integrity of your blog and not mention yet another company, but guess that won’t be the case any longer.

    Yes, the name of the company is Vollara, but the description shared by the emailer is a little off. Vollara is not the “old EcoQuest” You can’t believe everything you read on the web. EcoQuest went under due to poor business practices and warranty issues. Vollara’s parent company, Aerus Holdings, purchased all of the intellectual property, technology rights, etc. The old leadership is no longer.

    Since the purchase, significant changes have occurred which I won’t go into for the sake of brevity. However, I will stress one item. Aerus also owns Electrolux [as well as many other companies]. Electrolux is known for product quality, very high manufacturing standards (.001% defect rate) and superior performance. Those same standards now apply to Vollara technologies.

    The emailer also indicated that our customers are “guinea pigs”. Vollara didn’t just come up with DDI last week and throw it together. This has been on the proverbial drawing board for a long time. Aerus is not a MLM company and do not operate in that sense outside of the Vollara division. The same “traditional” business practices, strategy, R&D, etc that they use across their family of subsidiaries apply here as well. The only change is marketing. Vollara has been in the works for 10 years…9 of that have been planning. That’s not guinea pig thinking and hype won’t last that long.

    The reason Enagic’s international trainer left was because of extensive testing done on this unit. He’s like you Rob…tested them all and found this one superior. In fact, Vollara asked him to come test it because he was the best from the best company. They let the fox in the hen house. The only way you do that is to know without a shadow of a doubt previous testing and development was accurate.

    Last comment…price. In some ways this seems like a Utopian conversation. Kind of like wind and solar energy someday powering the globe. You, and the emailer, argue that the price isn’t low enough. What would you say is the perfect price? Is there another company in the market today who is lowering their price? I only know of 1. Vollara’s decision to charge $2,000 in a market that supported twice that will have huge impacts. Other companies will either have to follow suit or go away. I hope millions of people reap the benefits from this decision, whether they become Vollara customers or not.

    Your blog today on bottle water and oil [which was great by the way], brings up another interesting point. Traditional ionizers use up a great deal of precious metals and water during manufacturing. They aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. Our new Living Water unit uses a tiny fraction of previous models and requires less energy to produce the water. What’s that worth?

    • Hi Gabe:

      Thanks for keeping us informed. I don’t really have a comment as I don’t know anyting about the machine. Perhaps you can arrange for the company to send me one to test. They can have it back after I test it, as I already have more machines than I could ever possibly use.

  11. I’ll see what I can do.

  12. I have been reading the blog and find the info between Gabe and Rob very informative. I am in the process of buying a machine and getting very close on the model I want, however your info on a new type of machine that has a new technology without plates has raised my curiosity. Can you please send me information on this produck.

    • well if you are thinking to buy one of these water ionizer, you must know that there are things that people were not informed about how to choose the newest technology in the market. first, as we all know they are all in the race of promoting more plates are better. infact, it is the other way around. you can compare this to cell phones, laptop computers and car engines. so so know now. the lesser plates the better as long as it can produce over -750 ORP or more w/in the range of 9.5pH to 10.5ph w/c is the average drinkable pH. unfortunately, most these water ionizers in the more plates are better will be creating problems in the Industry sooner or later because of the high uneccessary wattage these machines are producing making it a non-users friendly to most ordinary people that don’t even read their manuals. so, i am willing to share you more knowledge not found in the internet and your eyes will be open to these hidden facts associated w/ the more plates the better. WRONG! so email me at and i will share you that facts. God bless

      • Hi JV:

        Thanks for your comments.

        I agree that more plates and more power are not an improvement. When Mary and I visited Korea in April of this year, the engineers that we spoke to indicated that more than 7 plates and more than 300 watts of power is a complete waste.

        The engineers stated that healthy people should never drink water with an ORP lower that -400 and should try to stay in the -150 to -300 range. If the ORP is lower than -400, it will actually act as an oxidant, like chemotherapy. Dr. Robert Young recommends the use of very low (-800) ORP water as part of his suggested protocol for cancer treatment.

        The engineers recommended that machines should only produce the minimum amount of power needed to create the desired level of pH and ORP. Excess use of power will degrade the platinum coating on the plates that are there to protect the plates from titanium colloids.

        Why is it that you want people to contact so that you can let them know your secrets. I have dedicated my life to educating others about the water and the machines. I do so for free. This blog is about sharing information so that people can learn. I’m sure that readers would appreciate anyh knowledge that you care to share and debate the merits of your information. This blog is being read by a lot of people now and I expect that if you share, you would be rewarded with business that you would probably never have received without sharing.

  13. Hi Rob!

    I was very pleased to have found this site and the way your helping people in this affair of buying water ionizers. Congratulations for your dedication to light up people’s minds on the subject.

    I live in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada and I am an Enagic distributor since last february. Of course I bought one SD 501 ionizer and tried all my sweats to sell many… but sold only one so far. I’m a bit discouraged and began looking out other companies that have the equivalent product for sale. That’s the way I found out your site.

    I would like to be a representative that sells water ionizers. When I called a company, I was told “If you refer 3 people that buy a machine like Tyent or EOS, you get your’s free. I don’t want a machine… I want to be paid commissions. I don’t want another machine that I will have to resell in order to get money. How could you help me on this?

    The lady at that I spoke to talked to me about EOS ionizers… what kind of quality are those??? Equivalent and comparable to Enagic SD 501, to Tyent 7070?

    How can I be a salesman for Tyent etc.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help, Rob.

    Gaétan Picard

    • Hi Gaetan:

      Thanks for the comments. I made a couple of small adjustments to your post such as removing your telephone number to prevent people from contacting you in an attempt to recruit you. I will call you privately to answers your questions to the best of my ability.

      It is great to hear that you are commited to helping others by selling the machines. As you have found out, the machines are difficult to sell. Those of us that have experienced the benefits of the water believe that everyone would want to start drinking the water as soon as they hear about it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way because of the high cost of the machines, and most people think water is water so why would they spend thousands of dollars on a machine that still produces water. I’m always amazed when Enagic dealers are successful, as they have the added burden of selling similar machines that cost twice as much as other machine.

      I’m sure you can work something out with the lady you were speaking to, and if not with her, then with another company. I would be happy to do what I can to help. I’m sure that you can find someone to work with, as peoplel like yourself are hard to come by.

      I visited the factory in Korea that makes the EOS machines when my wife and I went on our fact finding mission. I didn’t know much about the company before my visit so I was naturally skeptical, but I was blown away by the technology and the commitment by owner of the company. The machines are equal to or in many cases better than anything I have ever tested in terms of performance, and they are definitely superior to all other machines from a technology standpoint. Coupled with the fact that they sell for nearly $1,000 less that the other leading machines on the market and $2,300 less than Enagic, I have to admit I’m a big fan. The best news of all is that we can be sure that the competitors will step up to the plate with similar products in the coming months like they always do. Since the machines literally can’t get any better (I don’t consider bells and whistles and other marketing hype as improvements), I expect prices will start dropping, which is great news for everyone.

    • Hi JV:

      Once again, thanks for your comments. Once again, I think it would be beneficial for everyone if you would share you information publicly instead of asking people to call you to learn your secrets. Why not be open about sharing. The call me to receive my secrets is a little creepy.

  14. Hi Rob,

    Thank you for your reply… I’m waiting your call… I got to have more info


    • Hi Gaetan:

      I hope I was able to answer all of your questions the other day. If you have any further questions, I will be happy to help if I can.

  15. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for this great site. I live in Calgary and am looking to improve my health. Since you have done all the research I was wondering if you could suggest an ionizer that is affordable.

    I presently have an RO system and was wondering if you know anything about the system below.

    Thank You and God Bless,


    • Hi Michelle:

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I don’t make recommendations on line because it can turn into a promotional thing by people who sell the machines. If you contact me at my personal email, I would be happy to help you. I don’t make recommendations on the blog as I don’t want a salesperson to use the recommendation as an endorsement. I will ask you a few questions about your needs and water, and then tell you what I think would best suit your needs. You can then go online and shop for the best deal.

      I checked out the website that you provided. It looks to me like the product it is a very expensive remineralization filter. The site doesn’t offer any details on the product, so it is impossible to tell what is in the filter. I suppose you could call the company, but I have tried that before with different products and the response is always the same “oh, we can’t tell you that as our formula is proprietary”. That resonse always gets the same response from me…”goodbye”.

      There are many products on the market that add minerals to the water (remineralization), which in turn raises the pH of the water. However, these products are not anything like a water ionizer based upon electrolysis.

      There are a number of water ionzers available that are priced under $1,000. They all work in good source water conditions, but they are typically underpowered and only have one to three plates. Eventually, I hope we will see the best machines priced under $1,000 as competition and awareness increase.

  16. Thanks for the speedy response.

    I would love to contact you personally to find our more, but am new to the world of blogs, and don’t know how to go about doing that (is your personal email somewhere here that I have missed?).
    One more question I have regarding the plates in the ionizers. Is there a huge difference between solid plates and mesh plates? Is one better than the other?

    Thanks for your work and info!

    • Hi Michelle:

      My email is or the one that shows with each of my replies. I assume it shows, as I see everyone’s email. Maybe WordPress only allows me to see that addressses.

      There is some difference between solid plates and mesh plates. The mesh plates (which are not really mesh at all), provide more surface area if the plates are the same size. The additional surface area allows for more contact time between the water and the plates, which allows form more ionization to take place. I prefer the mesh plates, but the entire topic is greatly overblown by the advertisers. If you want better performance (more ionization), just slow the water flow down. Of course, the companies don’t bother to tell the public the facts.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


    • hi michelle

      mesh plates and solid plates will do the job and sometimes hypes are created on that. one thing i can say is that find a 5plates producing less than 100 watts water ionizer producing all the types of water from 2.5pH acid all the way to 11.5pH and can produce a high -ORP like -700plus w/in the 10.5pH , that is the best way to go w/ no artificial added enhancing support to do the job of their Electrolysis plates. that i would say a good and most advanced machines you should consider out there and it is safe from these white sediments normally found on high wattage machines. just email me at and i will share you those hidden facts. God bless

      • Hi JV:

        You must stop with your “call me and I will share my secret with you” approach. I don’t want to ban anyone from speaking their mind, but if your posts don’t offer anything more than “call me”, I will not allow you to post.

        If you want to have an intelligent conversation about the calcium sediment that sometimes appears after water has been ionized, we can all have an open discussion from it.

  17. Hey there, this is quite an interesting dialog. I have friends in both Enagic and Vollara. One thing I have found out is there is an Enagic machine that is only $2380 and one that is $1280 retail. Also, if you buy three Vollara machines at a time, they are only $1000 each. They use calcium sulfate in their filters to boost mineralization and thereby increase ionization effectiveness. I have done some research on this so-called DDI technology and cannot find anthing. What I have found is that the “disc” is no more than a round plate. There is only one plate in their machine.

  18. Hi Rob. I own a water business so I am constantly informing myself on the simple benefits of water for health reasons and the best type of water for myself and patrons to consume. I am a firm believer that the #1 health drink is water. And that the #1 cause for illness is dehydration. However I am getting overwhelmed with amount of information on ionized water. I have an Enagic machine that I am quite fond of and have had some profound personal health experiences. I am curious if you dont mind me asking, what water system you use? and why? I ask because I feel that you share the same passion for water as I do.Hence where your attention goes your energy flows. I am sure you are well educated. My business name is that of my astrological sign…AQUARIUS… THE WATER BEARER. I’ve been delivering 5 gallon jugs for over 8 years. NO WATER, NO LIFE! KNOW WATER, KNOW LIFE! Thanks in advance, respectfully Chantal Julien.

    • Hi Chantal:

      We just had our Thanksgiving holiday here in Canada yesterday. We have so much to be thankful for. This year, the toast at dinner was to the fact that my son survived what could easily have been a fatal car accident. While it is easy to point out the major events, everyday I’m thankfull for people like yourself who care about helping others and do something about it.

      I use a lot of different water ionizers as I currently have ten different kinds of machines in my house.

      I have a Tyent Turbo under my kitchen sink that is located on an island. I installed it a long time ago and have never had any need to change it.

      I’m testing a convertible style water ionizer that I have plugged in on my back kitchen counter. The machine is very flexible because you can hook it up to a tap like a regular water ionizer, or you can can simply pour water into the top of it like a coffee pot. I like the machine becasue it works very well and the supplier intends to price the unit under $800, which is much lower than other water ionizers. The only downside that I see to the unit is that it has an inferior filter that is slow, and doesn’t remove the taste and odour of the cholorine to my satisfaction. Therefore, I just took the filter out. I have a pre-filter system under my sink which provides me with much better water than I would get from bottled water and at a fraction of the price.

      I’m also testing a product called the Alkastream, which is hooked up to my kitchen tap with a diverter valve. The Alkastream doesn’t need to be plugged in as it is a hydrogen machine. It works by running water through a sophisticated filter. The filter removes fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury, VOCs and a bunch of other nasty stuff. The machine produces excellent pH and ORP values for drinking water which means it offers the most important property that people are looking for. When Mary and I were in Korea in April of this year, the manufacturers were all showing us their hydrogen machines and telling us that they were the new future of the water industry. . We were skeptical about the machines but so far so good. The best part is that the distributor from Australa tells me that the machine will sell for under $400. Now we’re talkin’. The only downside to the machine that I see is that it doesn’t produce acidic water. Apparently only 1 in 30 users of water ionizers use the acidic water, but Mary loves it for her skin.

      Down in my lab, I have the EOS Platinum, an Enagic SD501, a Tyent 7070, 2 types of Jupiters, and 2 types of Chansons.

      The bottom line is that all the machines work. I would be happy with any one of the machines that I have. Each machine has its own special features and its own drawbacks, but they all work. The further along I get in my research, the more convinced I become that the industry really needs a good price war to drive prices down and flush out the marginal players.

      I intend to start doing video reviews of all of the machines this month. The reviews will be focused on the features of the machines and how easy they are to hook up and use. I won’t be doing pH and ORP testing because the numbers always change as the source water conditions change. In addition, the numbers are way too easy to manipulate for someone who knows what they are doing.

  19. HI Rob: Just came across your blog and read a lot of the comments. I like your style. I own two water ionizer website stores and am amazed and dismayed at all of the hype out there.

    Yes, we do need a good price war. I get several calls a week from folks who have been to a Kangen meeting. I ask them if they drew stick figures on the board. They laugh. If they are open minded and are willing to listen, I end up saving them thousands of dollars.

    Generally I guide them into a mid range price ionizer like the Melody or Venus, in spite of the fact that we carry higher priced units.

    Our family personally uses a 10 year old Jupiter Marvello that we purchased from Bob McCauley when I think he was one of the few if not only Jupiter distributor at the time. It still pumps out 9.5 ph and -400ORP. Not bad for a 1o year old machine.

    Thanks for all of the work you’re doing in exposing and explaining the ins and outs of the water ionizer business.

    • Hi Jay:

      Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your website. It is great to see people that carry different products because every customer has unique requirements.

      I have never had the pleasure of speaking with Bob McCaulay but I have read his book. He is highly regarded in the industry by those that care more about helping others than about profits. Of course, the profit driven companies used their large marketing budgets to discredit Bob’s machines as being inferior, which is a shame.

      Perhaps you and I can have a discussion about what you have written about ORP behind the scenes. My opinion about ORP and its relevance has changed as my research continues.

      Keep up the great work at spreading the word.

  20. Hi, I am currently using the Mavello alkaline water ionizer in Singapore for the last 7 years and a friend just recommended me Kangen water. I am now confused if I should upgrade

    • Hi Linda:

      Marvello is made by Toyo in Japan. When Enagic got started, they bought the the Pure Port II brand from Toyo.

      Water ionizers all work, especially if you have good source water conditions where the water is slightly hard. If you have been happy with your Marvello for 7 years, I wouldn’t change anything.

  21. Hi Rob,
    I am in staying in Singapore and recently just being introduce by my friend to Kangen water. I am not sure is the chemical in Kangen water is hamful to my family and my health. Appreciate it very much if you can give me some advise. Thanks

    • Hi Sandy:

      The chemical that everyone talks about in a negative way is the “bleach” that Kangen provides to customers to use if they want really strong alkaline water. It is the properties of the bleach that cause the really high numbers. Enagic says that the bleach never comes in contact with the water as it is placed in a separate compartment, but if you understand how ionization actually works, of course the bleach has to come in contact with the water. The silly part of all of this is that you virtually NEVER need water that powerful.

      Kangen equipment is as good as the other electric units and is definitely more durable if you are dispensing commmercial quantities on a regular basis. The Kangen machines are massively over priced, but if that doesn’t matter to you, then go for it.

      I believe the natural water ionizers (non-electric) are healthier for people than the electric machines and they cost less than 10% of what an Enagic SD501 costs. Unless you have cancer and want to use really strong water in lieu of chemotherapy or as a means of rapidly ridding the body of the chemo treatments, I would recommend a non-electric unit.

  22. Dear Rob

    I was searching for information about Kangen water and chance upon your blog. Thank you for sharing your research.

    • Hi Mr. Khim:

      If you are serious about buying a water machine for health reasons, I would suggest you check out as their Xcell machine produces 1ppm of hydrogen gas on a consistent basis across virtually all source water conditions (both hard and soft water) without the need to clean the water cell every week. Those numbers are double (or better) than what the Kangen produces and there is no cleaning hassle. The Xcell also costs half as much as the newest Kangen machine.

      If you don’t know about hydrogen gas, you might want to check out (scientific version) or http://www.h2healthyliving (easier to understand for most people).

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