Good News for Enagic/Kangen Dealers

I’m a big supporter of the work that has been done and continues to be done by the hard working and passionate Enagic dealers. I’m just about the only person on the internet that gives Kangen dealers the respect they deserve. It is ridiculous to put the blame on the dealers for the price of the machine, as the dealers don’t set the price.

For years, the Kangen dealers have done all the heavy lifting when it comes to educating the public. While the Kangen reps have been organizing meetings and taking the message to the streets, the competition sat back and contributed virtually nothing to the growth of the industry. I marvel at the ability of the Enagic dealers to continue to work despite the frustration they have to feel every time they hear “we really wanted to buy your machine, but we went with someone else because of the price difference”.

One day, the industry may achieve mainstream acceptance and will not need the “in the trenches” effort being put forth by the the Enagic dealers. In the meantime, Enagic dealers remain the backbone of the industry. My biggest fear when it comes to the industry is that the Enagic dealers will just get disillusioned and quit. The endless bashing from competitors and the pricing issue has to take its toll. When you throw in a difficult economy and the moronic comments by Dr. Mercola, it can get discouraging for Enagic dealers.

Well, it’s time for Kangen dealers to put the shoe on the other foot!

How many units do you think Kangen dealers would have sold over the past three years if their product was the same price as Tyent, Life Ionizers, and Ion Life? I don’t think the competitors would even be around because the presentation put on by Kangen dealers is so compelling. Kangen dealers are so good at what they do that virtually everyone that attends an Enagic meeting wants to purchase a water ionizer. My wife is one of the people that was captured by the machine itself and the sincerity and knowledge of the dealer that introduced her to the SD501. We ended up purchasing a competitive product because of the significant price differential. We would have bought an Enagic machine if the price had been competitive or even a reasonable amount more than the competition.

I have spoken to a lot of Kangen dealers since I started my blog. There are a few Kangen dealers that have attacked me for questioning the Kangen pricing model and the aging technology. However, the overwhelming response has been that the dealers are frustrated by being on the wrong end of the pricing spectrum. Based upon my conversations with Kangen dealers, I would estimate that for every SD501 machine sold by a Kangen dealer, 100 prospective clients said “no”. The rejections are almost universally due to a price issue because every prospect that has been properly educated would have purchased a machine if had fit in their budget.

I understand that Enagic dealers are prohibited from selling other MLM products, but there is no rule against them selling direct marketing products. Enter the Antioxidant Filter! With the introduction of Antioxidant Filters, Kangen dealers have the opportunity to provide their prospective customers with an effective product that also purifies the source water for a price that is one tenth the price of an SD501. I can picture smiles breaking out on the faces of Kangen dealers everywhere as they read this. The best part is that the technology is backed by the leading authority on the subject of ionized water in the world, Dr. Hayashi M.D., the long time head of the Japanese Water Institute.

I have never been a Kangen dealer who has experienced the endless frustration of losing sales to lower priced competitive products. Therefore, I can only imagine how good it would feel to be able to tell a customer that the machine they are calling about or displaying at a presentation sells for 80% less that a Tyent, or a Life Ionizer, or an Ion Life / Ion Ways machine.

I imagine that many Kangen dealers will turn their backs on the new Antioxidant Filter technology at first because Kangen dealers are incredibly loyal. However, I have already heard from a number of Enagic Dealers in the past week who are very excited to have the opportunity to be able to share their knowledge and help people with a machine that their customers can purchase for $400.

Given the passion and knowledge of the Enagic dealers, I really believe “It’s Kangen Dealer Time!” I encourage every Kangen dealer to learn about the new Antioxidant Filter technology. I don’t sell the products and I don’t endorse any particular brand, but I would be happy to share any information that I have with you.

Thanks for all the hard work you have put into spreading the word about the health benefits of alkaline ionized water. You are all heroes to me!

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    • Hi IWN:

      You didn’t leave a name, and there is no mention of who is behind the site, so its IWN.

      I checked out your site and I’m impressed. How could I not be when you have posted a couple of my articles on your site…you obviously have good taste :)

      The site is focused on water industry “news”, so I think it will be a good source for dealers.

      I also checked out the Advertisers on the site. One was Ion Water Oasis which is a very cool site as it is a directory of water ionizer dealers in the USA. The directory has a large number of people listed, but it doesn’t provide the public with the actual contact information of the dealers. If the owner of the site is up to it, I would like to work together to build a comprehensive directory of dealers so the public can find help no matter where they live. I would be happy to direct my “Find a Water Expert” section of my site to your site if the public can access the dealers directly and the service if offered for free. It is obvious that your site has a huge head start over my blog when it comes to a dealer directory. The link for the other sponsor is broken, so you won’t be collecting any revenue from the lead generation.

  1. I like this post , I get mixed signals with your take on Enagic , I love the Enagic products and the price does not bother me I do agree with , Having an alternative to market to those who cannot afford the machines , keeping as many end users as one’s own customer rather than losing them and or them not being able to afford to be drinking the healthiest water they can.

    The way I look at it is if I can at least earn their trust and they are interested in an ionizer up until I lower the boom of the cost , then they turn green .. I can then give them the alternative of this new system you are referring to for $400.00 or a less expensive ionizer which I already do …

    Who knows down the road some of them may come back when they are in better financial condition and say I want one of them 4000.00 machines now …

    • Hi Brian:

      My goal is to get everybody drinking ionized alkaline water. I don’t care which brand people buy as they all work. It seems to me that if an Enagic dealer does all the leg work with a potential customer but can’t make the sale because of the $4,000 pricetag, the dealer should offer the customer something they can afford. If is better than losing the sale so another company, or worse still, end up with the potential customer not drinking the water at all.

  2. J’aime bien votre approche. Je suis moi même distributeur ENAGIC et j’ai fait pendant pres d’un an des représentation sur l’eau et ses bien fait pour le corps. Trop souvent , le prix de $4,000.00
    empêche la fermeture de vente de la SD 501. J’ai entendu parler de vous par un ami Kangen
    I know that for me its very hard to do meeting and meeting, and never close the sales for the
    SD501 because only the price. I bouth tree machine for doing the presentation, and noway
    I can close a sales. So now, I stop the demonstration but I steel beleave for a good water and
    I did a very nice powerpoint in french for presentation to say at many poeples of the benefic
    for the healt and améliration the feeling life with a goog water.
    Do you have a franchise for the Québec and have a system distributor.
    I would like to know the price and the rules about a Franchise.



    • Bonjour Gilles et France:

      Merci pour vos commentaires. Cet a été beaucoup d’ans puisque je dois communique en français, donc je devrai faire ceci dans l’anglais. J’ai dû utiliser un traducteur en ligne juste pour cette réponse simple, donc je suis sans espoir.

      I have heard from many Kangen dealers over the years. Some of the dealers get angry with me for the questions that I ask or the statements that I make, but most agree that it is very difficult to sell a $4,000 water machine. The cost is always the issue. It makes sense to me that Kangen dealers should have alternatives to sell to their customers that don’t want to spend $4,000. I know that Enagic offers the DX and the Sunus and a new low priced item. However, it seems that once peope that get turned off by the Enagic price structure, they look elsewhere.

      I don’t participate in any water ionizer business as I retired at the end of February in 2010. I would be happy to refer you to people in the industry that have earned my trust and respect. Please let me know which machine or machines you would like to work with and where you live, and I will direct you to good people.

  3. Wake up people! How many times have we seen these scumbags do everything in their
    power to devalue Enagic Machines? The only problem for Enagic Distributors in selling
    a machine and encountering the ‘price’ objective is when the buyer does not have all the
    information about the machine yet. This of course is a problem of the distributor. Once the
    buyer has all the information about this superior machine and it’s productivity, the price
    is no longer a factor. It’s back to the old saying – you get what you pay for.
    This is a new tactic that I hadn’t seen before and I have to say you have put a lot of thought
    into how to attract the best distributors to increase your bank account.
    You will not get the ‘movers and shakers’ in this company….
    Game On!!!

    • Hi Vivian:

      Do you really think I’m against Enagic? Do you really think that people are “scumbags”?

      Before making claims about Enagic’s superiority, please contact the Enagic head office and ask them to veryify that the Enagic machines are superior….they won’t!

      You have indicated that I have put a lot of thought into how to attract distributors to increase my bank account. Hello!!!! I retired two years ago and I don’t even have a business bank account.

      As far as attracting the “movers and shakers” of Enagic, you must be reading something different than I wrote. I simply pointed out that the antioxidant filters offered a low cost and effective alternative for potential customers that couldn’t or wouldn’t pay $3,980 for a water ionizer.

      Game on!!! Are you kidding me? Mr. Clifton Jolley, the head of the legal department of Enagic sent me an email threatening to shut me down about a year ago. I replied to Mr. Jolley that I was looking forward to his proposed legal action. I informed Mr. Jolley that I would take the opportunity between the initiation of the lawsuit and the actual court decision to write hundreds of articles on my blog about the unsubstantiated claims being made by Enagic dealers during weekly conference calls. I also informed Mr. Jolley that if and when a court in Canada would provide a legal decision shutting down my right of free speech, that I would comply as a law abiding citizen. At the same time, I informed Mr. Jolley that a significant number of the 10,000 regular readers of my blog would happily set up their own blog sites (with my help if needed) to carry on the discussion in many different countries where the USA has no legal jurisdiction. Mr. Jolley never replied.

      I’m a fan of Enagic dealers. In fact, I’m probably Enagic’s biggest fan because of all the good work that the dealers do in regards to spreading the word. I don’t care which machine people buy and I don’t care what they pay because my goal is to get people drinking the water. What I don’t put up with is ignorant statements made by those who have not done their homework. If you are serious about “Game On”, just start posting away. We can play this out in public where people can decide for themselves based upon the mountain of evidence that I will provide, and whatever evidence you provide that can be backed up by the Enagic corporation. You can count on the fact that I will check every claim you make with the Enagic head office to see if they substantiate them.

  4. Wow,
    I am very interested in this topic.
    I have health concerns and a desire to improve my life with a great water machine.
    Rob, you seem sincere.
    Would you be able to help in some small way? Or, let me know where to search?
    My daughter, and I, are ready to purchase …when we have enough information.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Maria:

      I’m a big fan of the water as I have been drinking it for 7 years now.

      Over the years, I have always been disturbed by the high price of electric water ionizers even though I know first hand the benefits they deliver.

      I have also learned the machines all work.

      If I had to pick the best machine on the market now, I would say it is the Vitev Maxx ($795) found at as it both cleans the water and makes the water healthy by adding Calcium and Magnesium at the levels determined by the World Health Organization as optimal.

      If I was trying to decide if alkaline water was right for me, I would choose the VYVwater pitcher ($59.95 with an extra filter) found at as it cleans the water to some degree and adds minerals to make the water healthy.

      If I was

  5. my wife is terminally ill with cancer and as such being her husband I have been given the task of carer one of your sales reps from Manchester was told my wives state of health by my wives nosey cousin this rep pushed your product saying a lot of false claims as if this water can reverse the cancer make it reduce in size having investigating I found there is no scientific evidence to support this so refused to buy or have anything to do with it I find now she has kept talking to my wife behind my back until my wife placed an order I will not tolerate this and if anyone delivers one of your machines it will not be accepted as my wife is in no condition to make such a decision MR ROY DAY 43 ,BONSALL,AVE DERBY DE236JX

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