Enagic: Dealers Are Angry (Part 2 of 4)

This is the 2nd of a 4 Part series about the New Reality being faced by Enagic (Kangen) dealers:

Part 1 illuminates how Enagic’s Head Office has never let the truth get in the way of business, which set the tone for Enagic Dealer behavior over the years (http://www.waterfyi.com/water-ionizers/enagic-when-the-truth-is-bad-for-business-part-1/

Part 2 summarizes the feelings of anger and betrayal that Enagic Dealers are feeling towards the company (http://www.waterfyi.com/water-ionizers/enagic-dealers-are-angry-part-2-of-4/ )

Part 3 takes a deep dive into many of the Kangen Myths that have been presented as “facts” by Enagic Dealers over the years (http://www.waterfyi.com/water-ionizers/enagic-a-closer-look-at-kangen-myths-part-3-of-4/)

Part 4 sheds light on the response of the Enagic business leaders to the problems facing Enagic (http://www.waterfyi.com/featured/enagic-team-leaders-circle-the-wagons-part-4-of-4/

In the first of four articles about how Enagic and its Dealers have been misleading the public for years with false pseudo-science, I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Enagic USA as opposed to the Dealers themselves.

When the company you work for turns a blind eye to scientific evidence over a four year period, why would the “little guy” Dealers even question the “Kangen myth” challenges from the scientific and medical communities as well as from competitors? After all, when there is so much money at stake, surely the company you work for has it under control…right?

A Bit of History on the Enagic Pseudo-Science:

Back in 2012, when the chemist and former Enagic Dealer Tyler LeBaron informed Steve Trapp (Enagic’s Head of Technology) that Enagic was allowing the spread of false psuedo-science, Steve vehemently defended Enagic. You can’t really blame Steve for defending the company in those days because he admittedly had no educational background in chemistry, physics or biology. He simply believed what he was told by Enagic. Steve has maintained his defense of the pseudo-science ever since.

Recently, however, and to his credit, Steve finally came out of the “Enagic myth” closet at the recent 6A+ Leadership Conference and told the truth by debunking a number of false claims. That takes guts as others have been kicked out of Enagic for a lot less. I really respect Steve for his commitment to telling the truth, as it is better late than never. When I first saw Steve’s comments, I had to wonder what the backlash might be for him. You will see the answer in the Part 4 of this series “Enagic: Team Leaders Circling The Wagons (Part 4 of 4) which could also be titled ” Enagic: When The Truth Becomes Treason”

In 2013, Tyler LeBaron informed Dr. Horst Filtzer (a man revered and often used for third party testimonials by many Kangen Dealers) and others at Enagic HQ about the myth of micro clustering. However, within months, Dr. Filtzer was on stage at a Global Enagic convention in Orlando, where he reaffirmed Enagic’s position that micro clustering did indeed exist.

Dr. Filtzer said:

“There are some comments online in social media that are refuting that micro clustering exists. I am here to tell you that is does, in fact, exist & it is backed up by science & that is the position of Enagic”.

While Dr. Horst Filtzer is a medical doctor (vascular surgeon), he is not a chemist. Perhaps that explains why the doctor believed that the “science” he was reading and hearing about supported micro clustering, when in fact it had no bearing on micro clustering. Hopefully, Dr. Horst Filtzer, like Steve Trapp, will eventually renounce micro clustering if he studies the irrefutable evidence.

Enagic Dealers Are Angry, Really Angry:

It is easy to understand why Enagic Dealers are angry. One can only imagine what Kangen Dealers are facing when they have to tell their Mom or best friend that the “science” behind the $4,000 water machine they purchased was false.

The following post by a 6A Kangen Dealer started a torrent of postings on the 7,700 member Enagic Facebook page following Steve Trapp’s revelations:

There are 3 big statements that are floating out there, being used as marketing material, by big-named distributors, which were completely debunked:
1) Corporate Mr. Gotaro Hamagawa completely debunked the “$5000 for life, guaranteed in the 6A2-3 position”. THE ATTACHED YOUTUBE VIDEO TO THIS POST IS NON-ENAGIC COMPLIANT AS IT PROMOTES THIS CLAIM;
2) Circulated Powerpoint presentations claiming “Otto Warburg as having said “Cancer Cannot Exist in anAlkaline Environment”. When his findings was that “diseases exist in acidic environment”; and,
3) The word “Micro-Cluster” as 3rd property of Kangen alkaline water. Steven Trap, HQ’s director of Technology and who designed K8, debunked this word. There is no such thing. Water is fluid. As soon as water micro-clusters, it goes into the solid state, like ice. And if water goes so “small” it becomes “gaseous”.

Steven gave us a long informational lecture rectifying all of those false and misleading information out there that are not only confusing but also very disappointing, and to a certain degree, discouraging.

Enagic dealers across the board need to get back to the principles of ESPRI to protect the whole opportunity, regain ethical ground and thereby stand strong in the goodness that we have – not using misleading, confusing, hyped information to make a sale. We need to protect the Mother Ship

The following posts from Kangen Dealers immediately started appearing on Enagic’s Facebook page in response to the post above:

“I’m wondering if micro clustering is not real why Enagic’s Harvard Dr. Filtzer would use the term to me in a response to a questions” and “Why do many other doctors long in Enagic use the term?”

“I am investing seriously in this business and this is flooring me”

* “You have got to be kidding me”

* “Somebody better get it together here”

* “This is not funny”

* “Shan Stratton who I love also uses this term. Who are we to believe”

* “I wish Dr. Corinne Allen and Dr. Filtzer and More experts would give us some new You Tube videos with correct terminology”

* ” In all of this and all I have invested in my business to this point I would like to see the company put forth free marketing materials updated with this new real info”

* “ This is SO SAD. I paid high dollar for Enagic Power Points. I even have the approval number. It has several slides on micro clustering, so when did this change? The scientist/engineer that was pushing H2 as the benefit was forced to leave Enagic or at least Enagic would not agree to his findings so he broke ties. So now I wholeheartedly agree with Cami about being grieved. I’ve heard 6A+++++ on stage saying the Warburg thing and giving personal testimonials”

After reading the postings above, I decided today (April 18, 2016) to see what the Enagic.com website had to say about Micro Clustering. I thought they would have removed the embarrassment by now, but you can see for yourself here: http://www.enagic.com/watertheory_kangenbenefits.php

Enagic ® Acceptable Claims

Micro Clustering

Preliminary studies have evidenced a phenomenon identified as “micro clustering” which refers to the exceptionally small “structured” molecules of alkaline water. Numerous benefits have been associated with this phenomenon. “

Taking a Look at the Bigger Picture

There are many besides myself who have been trying for years to educate Enagic Dealers about the scientific truth. For the most part, we have been ignored or ridiculed by the Dealers within Kangen system for our efforts.

Rather than feeling satisfaction in the vein of “I told you so”, I can tell you that all I feel is sadness for all the really good Enagic people out there who have put their heart and soul (and money) into Enagic who must be suffering at this time.

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  1. I as a Kangen distiributor personally am not so concerned about this, since people who drink Kangen water experience significant health benefits. Let the scientists hash it out as to the correct terminology. I do not believe Tyler LeBaron and his camp who say the only benefit comes from the hydrogen gas in the water. What about Dr. Gerald Pollock, for example, author of “The Fourth Phase of Water” who describes many properties of what he calls EZ water (Exclusion Zone water) which has a crystalline structure and is between ice and liquid, has a negative electric charge and excludes contaminants? I think the truth is more complex. I don’t have a problem telling prospects that Kangen water is absorbed more rapidly and this is being explained by a theory of micro-clustering but perhaps there is another explanation which has not yet been discovered. Pretty much everyone who tastes Kangen water immediately remarks on its softness or silkiness, even my 89 year old mother, who is very uninteresed in Kangen water and network marketing… :-)

    • Heh Hana:

      You again :)

      I have spent hundreds of hours talking to Tyler Lebaron and reading his stuff. The guy is so far ahead of the curve in North America when it comes to the hydrogen and alkaline stories that there is no point in even having a discussion about the topic. Tyler sticks to the science and is working hard to encourage more research in the study of molecular hydrogen. The sad thing for Enagic dealers when it comes to the relationship between Enagic and Tyler is that Tyler was an Enagic supporter a few years ago. When Tyler started teaching Enagic about H2 after 2010, Enagic refused to acknowledge the science and turned its back because it was easier to do that than to accept the truth. Big mistake imo. The recent declaration from Steve Tratt was long overdue but at least Steve had the guts to come out and speak the truth. I believe there will come a day in the not too distant future where Kangen dealers are going to have a “look in the mirror” day when it comes to the family and friends that trusted them. All I can say is that the Kangen dealers honestly didn’t know the truth in the past. Going forward, Kangen dealers can’t use that excuse.

      Dr. Pollock sent me his book a few years ago. Tough reading but the illustrations done by his son really helped. I reviewed his book in one of my posts and Dr. Pollock was very gracious in his thank you note. I’m not sure what Pollock’s theories have to do with selling alkaline water machines. I hope Enagic doesn’t try to go down that road as it won’t end well imo.

      Kangen water is not absorbed into cells faster than any other water. That entire concept has zero scientific truth and there is tons of evidence to back it up. The “feeling” that Kangen water is absorbed faster comes from the fact that the water is alkaline and therefore passes through the stomach faster because the pyloric valve at the bottom of the stomach opens up when the water is alkaline. The same thing would happen if you stirred a half teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of tap water. The micro clustering myth has been debunked for years and Kangen has known the truth for 4-5 years.

      The sensation of softness and silkiness has to do with the alkalinity, not some micro clustering myth. Once again, the same thing can be produced with baking soda.

      I’m not trying to crap on Kangen. In fact, I have a lot of respect for those who work in the trenches educating others. What I don’t like is the myths that Kangen as a company has allowed its dealers to spread in the pursuit of increased sales. The people who pay $4,000 or $5,000 for the K8 deserve better. The family and friends of Kangen dealers who trust based upon a lifetime relationship deserve better.

      • You again…

        As to the silkiness of Kangen water, it is not because of alkalinity – Miami tap water where I live has a pH of 9 and it isn’t silky. Zephyr Hills bottled water has about an 8 pH and it isn’t silky either.

        As to higher absorption, Kangen water starts to be absorbed before it gets to the stomach, It is not a solid object that goes down a tube to the stomach like food does. I have experienced myself drinking Kangen water after not having any water for 5 hours due to being on a flight, and having the immediate sensation as soon as the water hit my mouth, of my eyes popping open and feeling more alert. The water hadn’t yet reached my stomach.

        I am an Enagic distributor for about 7 years now, and always have done my own thinking and learnng, reading and trying to put together my own understanding of how things work. When I mention Dr. Gerald Pollock it is because he talks of the structure of water, so clearly there is such a thing, and perhaps his version is more accurate than the theory of micro-clustering, but there is probably a change in the structure of the water that goes through a Kangen machine that acounts for some of its properties.

        Science is supposed to explain phenomena, not dictate phenomena. Science apparently hasn’t yet explained all the properties of Kangen water.

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