David Wolfe Trashes Water Ionizers & Supports Antioxidant Filter Technology

I listened to an eight minute interview of a internet marketer named David Wolfe today, which prompted me to take a look at his website www.davidwolfe.com. It turns out that Mr. Wolfe has a large internet following, so I felt compelled to comment on the misinformation that Wofle is spreading about alkaline ionized water.

When I checked out the “About Me” page of his website, here is what he has to say about himself:

“David Wolfe is considered one of the world’s top authorities on natural health, beauty nutrition, herbalism, chocolate, and organic superfoods. Leading the field with his vision, mission, education, and business….”

This is a man who obviously thinks very highly of himself. Imagine being one of the world’s top authorities on so many subjects. I have been researching water for three years, and I feel like I’m just scratching the surface. Given Mr. Wolfe’s internet aspirations and his extensive product offerings on just about everything imaginable (see http://www.longevitywarehouse.com/ ), it is no surprise that he and Dr. Mercola are getting in bed together. I wonder who gets up to turn out the light?

It appears that his association with Dr. Mercola is rubbing off on Wolfe. When it comes to talking about water, it seems that Wolfe has adopted Mercola’s methodology of choosing to believe what he wants to believe, or what best serves him, as opposed to actually performing proper due diligence.

Wolfe Trashes Water Ionizers:

During the 8 minute interview, David Wolfe trashed water ionizers. His information is blatantly wrong in so many ways that it would be laughable. I wouldn’t even both commenting if he didn’t influence so many people, which could deprive them of the benefits of the water.

He says a lot of silly and incorrect things such as all spring water is acidic whcih is wrong and irrelevent. He also says water ionizers must be bad because they are used in Japanese hospitals. It declares that anything associated with hospital is bad and should be avoided.

While I’m definitely not an advocate of the pharmaceutical industry or allopathic medicine in general, I have witnessed doctors save my son’s life, repair an injury to my wife’s cornea, deliver a very difficult childbirth, and provide me with casts for broken bones. Wolfe’s declaration that hospitals are “bad” and that anything associated with hospitals is “bad” tells me a lot about the man.

Wolfe seems to take delight in trashing Enagic and Jupiter. In fact, Wolfe tells us about a lady who purchased a Kangen machine which she believes ruined her digestive system over 18 months and she is now nursing herself back to health now that she has stopped drinking the water. If I was Enagic, I would initiate a lawsuite against this quack.

Wolfe’s most ridiculous statement (it was difficult to choose my favorite) is when he tells us that “if you drink alkaline water, your “acidic firewall” which is your digestive system will shut down.” He continues on with “if you keep dumping alkaline water into your body, your firewall, which is your hydrochloric acid is going to actually get neutralized and you are going to open up the way for parasites to come in.”

Is this guy for real? It appears that he doen’t have the slightest clue as to how the digestive system works. He obviously has virtually zero knowledge of how the cells in the stomach wall make HCl and why.

I wrote an article on this blog some time ago that was based upon the work of the highly respected Sang Whang. The following passage from the article provides an excellent summary of what really happens in the stomach when you drink alkaline water:

“The primary message from Mr. Whang’s article is that when we drink alkaline water with it high pH, the cells in the stomach wall will produce hydrochloric acid to bring the pH of the stomach back down to its natural level. When the hydrochloric acid is being created, an alkaline buffer in the form of a bicarbonate is released into the blood stream. It is the bicarbonate that helps our body become alkaline. If we drink acidic beverages such as soda, the cells in the stomach walls don’t need to produce hydrochloric acid which in turn means that the alkaline bicarbonates are not produced.” You can read the entire article here: http://www.waterfyi.com/alkaline-water/sang-whang-talks-about-alkaline-water-and-cancer/

The fact that Wolfe labels himself as a world leading authority on nutrition doesn’t surprise me. The fact that people listen doesn’t surprise me either. Wolfe must have useful things to contribute or else nobody would listen to him. Unfortunately, when it comes to alkaline ionized water, he clearly doesn’t have a clue.

Wolfe Supports Antioxidant Filter Technology:

During the seventh minute of the interview, Wolfe presents us with the question: Is all alkaline water bad?

He tells us the answer in NO. He informs us that magnesium bicarbonate is an alkaline substance which is very good to have in water and has profound effects against arthritis when you drink it. He also tells us that mixing water and magnesium will create water that is good for you because it has high levels of hydrogen and magnesium. It took nearly seven minutes, but Wolfe finally said something that I agree with.

Wolfe referenced the departed Victor Shauberger, and also Glen Caukins as somebody who knows what he is talking about. Just call me a cynic, but I doubt Wolfe has any clue about Shauberger’s work on vortex technology and it wouldn’t suprise me a bit if Wolfe has a business relationship with Caukins. If Mercola can jump in bed with Aquasana, why shouldn’t Wolfe get a piece of the action?

I don’t know much about David Wolfe. He could be the sleaze bag that you read about on the internet ( see http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/is-david-wolfe-a-sleaze-bag), or he could be someone who has valuable insights to offer. What I do know for sure is that David Wolfe, like Dr. Mercola,is way out of his element when he starts talking about water.

As always, the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

20 Responses to David Wolfe Trashes Water Ionizers & Supports Antioxidant Filter Technology

  1. I was particularly impressed (NOT) by Mister Wolfe’s claim that all natural springs in the world are acidic. That was a doozie.

    And the one about Japanese hospitals using water ionizers and therefore water ionizers are bad because we all know hospitals are bad places.. or some such line. This guy attracts thousands of followers and talked utter tosh.


    • Hi Ian:

      He pulled a “double stupid” on the spring water discussion with his comments on the water temperature of spring water. His entire discussion about water sounded like it came from Coles Notes of a Quackwatcher Handbook. These internet marketing guys need to “feed” the information highway and they don’t seem to care if their information is correct or not.

  2. Hi Rob,

    I was impressed, (as always) by the quality of your writing and your desire to help people get factual information about alkaline water. I find it very depressing to hear of self-promoters that trash alkaline water (to the detriment of people who could be helped by it) in order to further their own careers.

    Like you I also strive to provide the best information that I can to the general public about ionized, alkaline water. I also feel I have just “scratched the surface” of all there is to know about alkaline water. I became a believer in it when my wife and I started drinking it and her arthritis pain – which had been constant for about 20 years – went away.

    I get that there has been bad blood between you and my employer, it saddens me because I support your assertion that the alkaline water industry needs to work closer together in order to debunk the fallacious statements made by shameless salespeople like Dr. Mercola.

    I find it very unfortunate that our current situation prevents us from working together to fight the ongoing slander of our industry. I do wish you well on your efforts to continue this fight, and would welcome any ideas you might have for overcoming the problems that keep us weak and divided. I feel that unless we find a way to work together, we will continue to stand by helplessly while our detractors grow rich.


    Leo McDevitt

    • Hi Leo:

      The water cured my long standing arthritis in about a month. Finding relief from a chronic pain will make a believer out of anyone.

      You are not the same person as the owner of your company. I have no problem with you or anyone else that is in the water business for the right reasons and who plays fair. I don’t care which brand of water ionizer or antioxidant filter people buy as long as they start drinking the water and receiving the benefits.

      I will continue to try to educate others about the benefits of drinking clean healthy water. I can use all the help I can get.

  3. Clearly, you guys don’t drink cold spring water from the source. I doubt if any of you have ever been to a cold spring water source, or done any water science of your own. You’ve been reading too many books and silly websites. I know Wolfe, and I know the amount of effort he has put into turning people onto FREE cold spring water from the source over the last 13 years. I also know that he has done more science on cold spring water sources around the world than probably anybody else alive. Sounds like you guys are out to sell an ionizer. The Earth’s natural filtration mechanisms are what Schauberger understood. I know of no other person more into Viktor Schauberger’s research than David Wolfe. He turned me onto Schauberger via the Callum Coats books 10 years ago. Also, your snide criticisms break down your arguments and make you sound silly. If someone was hurt by alkaline water, you should LISTEN, not dismiss. Why the dismissal?

    • Hi Jobe:

      You are correct that I don’t drink spring water these days, because I’m in the city for the winter. Getting spring water in Canada in the winter is not as easy task when you live in a city. If the source of spring water is safe, it is a wonderful thing.

      Wolfe is who he is. The man has a lot of fans and a lot of detractors and his reputation, both good and bad is well earned on both sides of the equation. I just report on what I find.

    • OK, Jobe, let’s take your assertions one at a time, shall we?

      1. Jobe:Clearly, you guys don’t drink cold spring water from the source.

      Please fill me in on how you know whether we have ever drunk spring water from source? I’ve drunk it in India, in Nepal, in Italy, in Germany, in Switzerland, In Australia, in America, in Africa.. do I need to continue?

      2. Jobe: I doubt if any of you have ever been to a cold spring water source, or done any water science of your own.

      I’ve been studying water for 11 years. I am the only person in the world who worked with Dr Masaru Emoto to prove alkaline ionized water has the crystalline formation he so loves. I have discussed and read Schauberger years ago. I KNOW Schauberger isn’t into filtration, but fluid dynamics.

      3. Jobe: You’ve been reading too many books and silly websites.

      Hmm. a bit like your guru’s way of thinking. Now what was it in his discussion? Ah yes. “Alkaline water is used in hospitals in Japan and so it can’t be any good because we all know hospitals are bad places, don’t we? Top drawer obfuscation.

      4. Jobe: I know Wolfe, and I know the amount of effort he has put into turning people onto FREE cold spring water from the source over the last 13 years.

      Strange.. I distinctly remember an amateurish video of him trying to hook up some strange backyard water energy system. The video was, as usual, big on blab and short on facts, but at that time, only some 2 years ago, he wasn’t just talking spring water!

      Here’s the facts, Jobe. Unlike what wolfy says, all springs are NOT acidic. And unlike what Wolfy says, alkaline water sources in Finland were shown to reduce the incidence of heart disease by a whopping 22%. Further, if Wolfy had really researched as you claim he has, he would have read sang Whang’s paper on stomach acid, clearly demonstrating that drinking alkaline water INCREASES acid production.

      Jobe: I also know that he has done more science on cold spring water sources around the world than probably anybody else alive.
      Oh really? Can you give me one acknowledged original study he has offered the world of science? Just one will do.

      Jobe: Sounds like you guys are out to sell an ionizer.
      Well, Jobe, yes I am, just like Wolfy is selling product. Do you have a problem with people earning a living helping others?

      Jobe:The Earth’s natural filtration mechanisms are what Schauberger understood.
      Sorry Jobe, you just showed how much you know about Schauberger.

      Jobe: I know of no other person more into Viktor Schauberger’s research than David Wolfe.

      Never heard of Callum Coates then? I have met him and respect him. The man has spent most of his life studying Schauberger.

      Jobe: Also, your snide criticisms break down your arguments and make you sound silly.

      Jobe, you really believe there was no snide and unresearched comments in Wolfy’s podcast? You couldn’t be THAT thick.

      Jobe:If someone was hurt by alkaline water, you should LISTEN, not dismiss. Why the dismissal?

      Who dismissed it? certainly not me. I take every case I hear about very seriously. Over 11 years I have seen more actual case histories of people drinking alkaline water than you and Mr Wolfe have seen cold water springs or ‘natural’ cacao drinks. I’ve seen amazing effects, and spent countless hours studying these effects, asking the people involves, learning what other factors may have been the cause. I’ve even instigated the only known study on the effects of the water on gout, arthritis and rheumatism. And I have learned that every single case is exactly that; a single case, and without the background, the data, the history, it means nothing.
      Was the woman healthy? Did she have a pre-existing condition? Was she told to drink very high pH water? What else was she taking? Did she has an excess or a lack of stomach acid? Did she have high BP..

      And did Mister Wolfe bother, as any ethical scientist would – finding out any of these points before blasting away another load of bombast into the blogosphere? If he did, I didn’t see or hear it!

      In all my time ‘selling’ water ionizers I have had 3 people with stomach problems. On learning of their difficulty we immediately refunded their money.

      What amazes me is that you, Jobe, can actually suspend judgement so totally on the patently obvious sleight of logic that Wolfe waffles on with. Science? Forget it. He’s into selling stuff. Just like me.

  4. Jobe,

    I drink fresh spring water straight from the spring on Mt. Palomar, just a few miles from my home. You should try riding your bicycle up a mountain to get a drink of spring water, there is NOTHING like hard workout to make spring water taste GREAT!

    I also use the acid water from the machine for my hair (which is long) What the acid water does for my hair makes my water ionizer A BARGIAN at twice the price! I also spin fire poi, and get burned occasionally, the acid water helps with that too!

    However… for as long as we have been drinking water from Mt. Palomar, and as good as it tastes, it never alleviated my wife’s arthritis pain.

    I have never spoken to anyone that has been hurt by alkaline water, until I do, I am skeptical.

    Get your facts straight Jobe.

  5. Ian, brilliantly written and well said. There are a number of questions which you asked that were not answered and anyone seeking using the scientific method would begin to come up with a better theory to sustain the argument.

    There are a number of factors starting with what are her health and ailments, what medications she taking, and what other nutritional products she was consuming. I haven’t known anyone to have a negative reaction that was drinking the water correctly. Anyone who attempts to over alkalize or do too much nutrition can have negative reactions. The same thing happens to me when I eat too much chocolate because I love it and I’m trying to get all the antioxidants I can from my favorite food. 😉


  6. Well, it seems that all of you are making an excellent endorsement for
    The Work and Byron Katie. Thoughts that go unquestioned are extremely
    dangerous. This goes for both men and women, even though it seems the
    respondents above are men.

    Unless thoughts are questioned they just ricochet off of each other and
    then, as in the responses above, people can pat themselves on the back
    and be “proud” of how smart and flip they can be. Intelligent?
    “Thoughts ruminate and what comes to the surface is most self serving.”
    Modified version of a quote from Candice Pert / “What the Bleep”.

    David Wolfe is an inspiring speaker and seems extremely adept at doing research,
    memorizing material, and either creating the illusion of living what he says or actually
    doing it. For most individuals getting spring water from a natural source is not
    easily accessible, but it could be. David Wolfe and Find A Spring Website, inspire
    people to possibly make the changes they need to live near a spring or do the next best
    thing for themselves.

    A truly healthy person is not arrogant. All of the above responses, in my view,
    carry a very heavy burden of arrogance.

    Mary Leck

    • Hi Mary:

      I don’t know David Wolfe other than what I have read and seen online. Let’s give David the benefit of the doubt and agree that perhaps he is not a self serving ego maniac. I guess it is his antics which remind me of Joe Bocutti and his hypnotism schtick that put me off. I will try to keep an open mind.

      I disagree with your assessment of his research capabilities based upon what he says, but that is just my opinion.

      I do agree with the value of fresh spring water if the water has been tested and found to be safe. His comments and assumptions about spring water indicate he hasn’t done his homework, but hey, it makes for a good story.

  7. Ian,

    Great article and a good job of not trashing somebody you do not agree with. I listen to David on many subjects but never take his word as the end all and always validate with other sources of information. I agree with you in this regard. Unfortunately sometimes people become extremists (not saying david is) and hate the medical profession in general. Owning a vitamin/supplement/fitness store often times has me disagreeing with doctors/hospitals but I still realize both are important and my business does not have all the answers for every person.

    Great job and I’ll be subscribing and checking out your other articles.

    • Hi Jason:

      Thanks for the kind words.

      My Dad was a great MD and my mentor. I miss him and I know we would have enthusiastic battles about my belief the role of MDs in today’s world.

      Doctors are good people, they are bright, and they are disciplined. However, I find it insulting to my intelligence that doctors are not trained in the area of instructing their patients about how to be healthy. On the flipside, I also find it insulting to my senses when people cross the line from good intentions to become marketing wh***s.

    • Hi Jason:

      Thanks for the kind words.

      My Dad was a great MD and my mentor. I miss him. I know we would have enthusiastic and heated arguments about the role of the MD in today’s world.

      Doctors are good people, they are bright, and they are disciplined. However, I find it insulting to my intelligence that doctors are not trained in the area of instructing their patients about how to be healthy. On the flipside, I also find it insulting to my senses when people take advantage of the public trust when they become marketing gurus.

  8. I will try to add a simple response to this important topic. Water ionizers do create acid free tap water. If you Reverse Osmosis the water before you use a ionizer that is the safest most accurate way but dont use the ionizer alone. As for electrolysis you are shocking the water molecule not so natural and damaging the water molecule creating unstable water. I myself have researched bought and used over ten years all of these water processes. Water ionizers give some health benefits getting acid out of water and that is huge so its GOOD. As for ionizers alone dangerous without RO before hand as I said before. RO by themselves without recharge and vortex structuring are bad but clean water. So one must look further and deeper into this knowledge/wisdom. David Wolfe has great knowledge and can be hyperbolic alot of times but he knows his stuff and is solid. The only guy I have ever found at the top of this WATER Pyramid in great vast knowledge is Glen Caulkins no one touches or reaches close to his history and dedication to this water world. Glen has figured it out and built a system for the correct 100% water molecule stable structured and balanced. I am grateful for everyone contributing to water development/clean up for health and healing plus vitality. Prystine Hydro is Glen Caulkins web site. I myself have seen many differences along the water experiments over the years I have had increase with many steps. Glen as of now has it figured out call him if you want to chat with him he is a teacher and loves to teach more than anything. I have spoken to many out there met with them and I have to say Glen Caulkins is a master on water hands down. In closing Ionizers have positives that are short and the negatives as well. RO systems are negative if not complete DI water the same. So do your best with what you have resource for if you are on a budget by a travel Berkey gravity system and add fluoride arsenic filters on the bottom of the catalytic carbon filters and you will have real clean water. Then for 36.00 you can get a magnetic vortex bottle top spin system and structure your water. Try to get water direct from springs if not do something dont just do nothing and be aware of acidosis and alkalosis. Also shower with a OMICA shower head its just as important as drinking water. Wholeness and balance much love. Thanks for listening Phil Atl. Ga.

    • Hi Phil:

      Wow….your support of Pristine Hydro rivals the enthusiasm of the Enagic dealers. That is a good thing because it is important that we have ardent supporters of the water out there educating the public.

      I agree with getting water from springs if you can, but only if you know what is in the spring water. There are lots of sources of spring water that I wouldn’t drink.

      I would spend the $36 on taking my wife to a movie and getting a healthy snack after the movie rather than spending money on a bottle top spin system, but that is just me.

      I don’t know what fluoride arsenic filters are. I assume you are talking about Activated Alumina filters that are sold for removing fluoride. Unfortunately, they don’t work in most applications because the pH of the tap water most people receive is well over 7.0 which makes the media almost if not completely ineffective.

      I have never spoken to Glen, but I will put it on my list of things to do. I’m always willing to learn.

  9. To put it simply, no two bodies are alike. The pH of blood is between 7.35-7.45. Most of us due to our busy lifestyles ingest foods and drinks that are too acidic. Our bodies have built in buffers that will try to neutralize those acidic foods and drinks. The problem is that when we consistently ingest foods and drink hi in acid our body will neutralize the acid but at a terrible cost to our system. Since the topic has been primarily on water I would suggest finding water that is balanced rather than finding water that is basic. I say basic because there are are so many people that do not understand the difference between basic, alkaline and total alkalinity. Simplify your lives people. Just drink water that has a pH around 7.3-7.6 and a total alkalinity between 80 and 150 and TDS of 500 or less. It is true that the goal is to consume water that is more basic but total alkalinity is the buffer that will make it so the water is actually balanced and will therefore benefit the body the most.

  10. Apparently the truth threatens your multi level marketing profits.

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