Water is a Nutrient: Dr. Batmanghelidj

When I joined Vitev, I decided to stop posting. I didn’t feel that I could present myself as an unbiased blogger anymore. I didn’t want to join the long list of web sites that present themselves as being purely for informational purposes when in fact the website is designed to be a business tool.

I want to thank all the well wishers who have contacted me and encouraged me to continue writing.

The fact that I stopped blogging hasn’t deterred my interest in water in any way. In fact, I have wanted to blog about several issues (the idiotic judgement in New York about soft drinks jumps to mind). When I saw this video today, I thought “why the heck not put this up for people to see” as it is purely informational and is for the benefit for everyone. The video is an interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj (MD) describing his work 3,000 patients. He is a medical doctor who wrote the best selling book “The Body’s Many Cries For Water”. Enjoy!


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  1. I realize this is ot, but can you point me to your findings on Life Ionizers? I caught it in one article that you’ve said to avoid them, but cannot find the original post about them. Thank you for your time and your AWESOME unbiased site!!!

    • Hi Schraudt:

      I have had a “thing” for Life Ionizers since the earliest days of my interest in water ionizers. The owner of Life lied to me like garbage when I was trying to learn about his company. When I later posted about his behavior, I was flooded with emails by customers and a couple of dealers who share horrible stories about the owner and the company.

      I won’t post about water ionizer brands and the rotten behavious of the players in the industry anymore because I recently joined Vitev. They are good people who are doing what I believe in, which is to offer good products at affordable prices without lying and deceiving the public. My primary job with Vitev is product development but I also answer the phone and chat lines. I’m not very good when it comes to standard telephone operator questions, but I end up having quite a few really informative conversations with very knowledgeable callers. Those type of conversations have ended up in Vitev getting a lot of really great new dealers and international distributors for the company, which makes the company happy with their minimum wage phone operator.

  2. Interesting posts about water ionizers. Which ionizers use inorganic minerals in the filter for ionization process? Inorganic minerals are not compatible with the human body and cause a myriad of diseases. Which ionizers continuously produce ionized water and which ones use the an on-off, on off SMPS switch mode? This means you only get ionized water for half the time the water is running. Why do some or most of the machines have an overheat sensor so the plates don’t melt? Are the metals actually that weak that they won’t take a continuous flow of electricity? Does anyone know the actual cost of all the water ionizers on the market and which ones have the most mark-up? Most, if not all, ionizer companies compare themselves with Enagic. Why? Do all machines have a way to clean the plates? Do all companies take the machines in for a service job? Can all parts of all machines be replaced? Why do some companies void their warranties if more than 2 1/2 gallons of water are run in a day? Why do companies void their warranties if minerals build up on the plates? Why are some ionizers certified medical devices in some countries and not others?

    • Hi Marilyn:

      Wow…that is a long list of questions.

      Natural water ionizers use minerals while electric water ionizers do not use minerals. Natural water ionizers use both organic and inorganic elements. It is not true that the body won’t absorb inorganic elements. While plants use photosynthesis to absorb inorganic elements, the human chelates the inorganics in the stomach to make them absorbable. The chelation process is not very efficient, but it does work. There are many scientific sources to verify this information including the World Health Organization, which recommends specific levels of Ca and Mg for ideal drinking water.

      The power sources for electric water ionizers both work. Every company promotes the system they sell….no surprise. The power supply shutoff story is irrelevant in my opinion. I used to sell Tyent electric water ionizers a few years ago (before I learned that natural water ionizers, which cost one fifth the price are actually better products) and nobody ever complained about the shutoff after five minutes. In fact, I think an automatic shutoff is a good idea because if you leave the room and the water ends up pouring out all over the place, the cleanup bill can be huge.

      Most of the leading brands cost between $300 adn $500 to make. They all have huge price mark ups.

      Based upon the last half of your questions, I assume you are an Enagic dealer or supporter. Enagic has a great sales pitch and those that are willing to spend $4,000 or more on a water ionizer are welcome to do so. The important thing is that people drink the water.

      • What does this mean “”Based upon the last half of your questions, I assume you are an Enagic dealer or supporter. Enagic has a great sales pitch and those that are willing to spend $4,000 or more on a water ionizer are welcome to do so.”” and what does it have to do with the questions I asked? I am looking for the truth. There is so much knifing, shall I call it, from one company to the next that it’s anyone’s guess as to which ionization process is actually a safe one. I want something that is medically sound and that I can fully trust. Some ionizers have caused gallstones, kidney stones as well as other problems due to inorganic minerals used in the ionization process. Titanium poisoning has occurred with some people because the platinum came off the plates. This is serious business.

        Please explain a natural water ionizer. Where does one find the proof they are safe and efficient ways for changing the pH and hydrating and flushing the body?

        • Hi Marilyn:

          I get so many messages from Kangen dealers who try to disguise the fact that they are not Kangen dealers and it gets tiresome.

          I answered several of your questions until I got to what I see all the time from Enagic dealers.

          Medically sound. Please describe what you mean by that.

          Can you please point out the studies that show ionizers cause gallstones and kidney stones due to inorganic minerals. I have been searching for scientific confirmation of the stories I have heard from a medical doctor, but haven’t found anything yet. It appears you are “big” on scientific evidence so I assume you can point to something. I would also like to see what proof you have of titanium poisoning because I have never seen any scientific or medical reports on the subject.

          Natural water ionizers ionize water by introducing water to alkali elements such as Mg, Ca, Na, and K. You can read all about them on my blog.

          I don’t have any proof that natural water ionizers are safe. Myself and my entire family (we have 5 grown up kids with their wives/husbands/girlfriends/boyfriends) who have been drinking water from natural water ionizers for 2 1/2 years. I have also spoken to hundreds and hundreds of people who love the water and recommend it to family and friends. As far as scientific proof, I spent a couple of days on the http://www.pubmed.com website and found 14 supporting studies. I think the thing that sticks out the most in my mind is the position paper done by the World Health Organization on the dangers of drinking demineralized water (ie reverse osmosis water) which states that the best drinking water contains specific amounts of Calcium and Magnesium (which are inorganic in water). I joined recently joined Vitev (see http://www.vitev.com) because they are creating ionization naturally (and in an affordable way) by adding the exact elements at the recommended quantities suggested by the WHO.

  3. Could you please send me the contact details from Australia.
    Thank you

    • Hi Rosemary:

      I don’t understand your request as I don’t know what you are requesting.


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