Apology To Water Dealers

Some electric water ionizer dealers have never been happy with the fact that I have questioned the ethical behavior of their owners, or questioned the high prices of the machines. However, the dealers know that I have always had their backs when it comes to the great efforts they make in educating others about the water. Without the dealers, nobody would be drinking ionized water.

Water Ionizer Dealers Are Angry With Me These Days!

I have received a couple of emails this week from dealers who are not happy with my recent articles. The dealers have criticized me for writing about the fact that the $329 Alkastream antioxidant filter and the $495 Hydrid electric machine work just as well as higher priced products. They are also concerned with my article that states the leading brand machines are now available for under $1,000. They are genuinely afraid that my goal of making water ionizers more affordable is jeopardizing their ability to support their families.

If a couple of brave dealers have made the effort to express their concerns, I have to believe that there are many more out there feeling the same thing. I’m grateful for the feedback, even if it hurts.

My Apology

I sincerely apologize to anyone in the water ionizer industry who has suffered in any way because of my blog.

A friend of mine has a wonderful saying which applies to me at this moment. The expression states: “Don’t spoil an apology with an excuse”. On that note, I will end the shortest article that I have ever written.

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  1. Hi Rob,

    i really do not see a point in apologising to the dealers. You called the industry like you and many others saw it: good intentions mixed with the idea of milking as much money as possible from consumers. Thrown in with all this was a good measure of inaccurate information and false advertising.

    As you have said before, the idea and science behind hydrogen rich water is amazing and a true benefit to anyone who has the privelidge of having access to it but the industry really damaged itself and only the owners and dealers themselves are to blame.

    You also have to remember that the whole principle of this website is based on the fact that you wish to remain non-biased, if that means bringing up inconvenient thruths about the industry and the companies then so be it.

    You can also tap yourself on the shoulder because your blog has provided a lot of information to potential customers who before had to swim in a sea of lies and deception. Hopefully thanks to your outspoken voice we will see further price drops for ionizers and anti-oxidant filters in the near future thus enabling more people than ever before to have clean and healthy water.

    Best regards.

    • Hi Fey:

      Thanks for the words of encouragement.

      I really wanted to include a big BUT in my article, but my friend’s expression “don’t ruin an apology with an excuse” ruled the day.

      I never wanted to hurt anyone, I just wanted the nonsense to stop. In the growth process, the weak and the less ethical are being weeded out.

      The reality is that the technology has changed. I remember when 42″ plasma tv’s were $9,500 and laptop computers were $4,500. It wasn’t long ago when businesses were paying astronomical cell phone bills. Today, a $2,000 water ionizer seems ridiculous, and $4,000 just seems absurd.

      My goal remains to get everyone drinking the water. We need to keep the passionate dealers involved, but they need to be properly educated about how and why the water actually works. The industry has to stop being about “quick money” if it is ever going to reach its potential.

  2. Hey Rob,
    Keep telling it like it is brother!
    Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

  3. Rob- just a few points I think that you should correct…. first, the Alkastream is retailing at $399. I don’t know what the dealer price is for this, but since there is no information on how to become a dealer I don’t know how to find out, either. All I know is that everywhere I have looked at the alkastream, it is $399 not $329 like you state.

    I decided to become a dealer because after 5+ years of drinking ionized, alkalized water (purchasing it from my local alkaline water store) I no longer have a kidney infection every other month or problems with my blood sugar. That said, I have only seen the hybrid alkalizer through Life (if anyone else carries it, I don’t know) and, having access to dealer pricing, I know that unless someone is buying them in bulk, there is no way they can be selling them for $495. They would have to buy ten or more units in cash to even qualify for pricing that low and that is almost making no profit at all. So I am a little skeptical that anyone is selling them at that price.

    I have not ever used the alkastream but would be willing to try it, but I know from personal experience that the cost of the electric machines is worth every penny if you value your health.

    • Hi Kirsten:

      I just checked both the American site at http://www.alkasteam.us and the Canadian site at www. alkastream.ca and the price at both sites is $329. I’m sure if you contact either site, they would be happy to provide details about becoming a dealer, as these type of companies rely upon dealers to grow. I don’t know the websites for other countries, but I’m sure they are easy to find.

      I can assure you that you can purchase the Hybrid for $495, as I have helped a number of people buy the unit at that price. The various dealers that I refer who offer discount pricing on different products are liquidating stock for different reasons, and they do so at their dealer costs to simply get their investment back. They don’t advertise because they don’t want to harm the market, but believe me, you can buy a brand new Hybrid with the warranty for $495.

      I agree with you that the electric machines are great. The same goes for the Alkastream. I haven’t tested the Revolutionizer, but my guess is that it works really well. Kirk…if you are reading this, why don’t you send me one to test….I will send it back when I’m done testing if you want as I don’t need any more machines around the house.

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