My Prostate Cancer Scare: Updates, Facts, Feelings

The following is my day by day diary of my very personal story of what turned out to be a terrible scare that I had prostate cancer. I have provided updates on what actions I’m taking, what I’m thinking and feeling, and any tidbits of research that I dig up or glean from the physicians and healers that will be an inevitable part of my life.

August 16

Awesome news today from my urologist…..”Robbie, you don’t have cancer”. The best words I have ever heard in my life. The results from my second PSA test showed that the level dropped from 30 to 16 in a week. Combined with the “smooth and soft” description of my prostate, the urologist informed me with certainty that I’m clear. Yipppeeee!

The urologist put me on a script of strong antibiotics today that will last one week. I received a requisition for another PSA test the first week of September with a follow up appointment with the urologist the following week.

I have written another article today titled “Prostate Cancer: Great News & 20 Suggestions” that you might want to read.

If this is truly the end of the story, I’m a very happy man today. The trick will be to see if the changes that I have made in my life as a result of the misdiagnosis will stick. I hope so.

August 7

Went to a spin class this morning for a 40 minute ride. To avoid the problem of the pressure point I climbed the entire time. I feel good having just done something that I love

August 5/6

Nothing to report. I really miss exercising and especially riding my bike. I have read many times that people with prostate issues should not ride, as the pressure point from the seat is directly on the prostate.

August 4

Nothing to report. I feel more confident today. Despite the fact that 3 GPs and the radiology doctor recommended more investigation, which means “biopsy” in their world, my urologist, who is the real expert doesn’t think I have cancer. I’m sticking with the expert :)

August 3

Yesterday’s good news from the urologist was short lived. Actually, there was some good news in that there was no indication of cancer in my bladder. However, the results indicated that I have a “nodule” in my prostate measuring 0.8cm in diameter or about 5/16 of an inch. That makes the nodule a little bigger than a pea.

The information was sent to the walk in clinic where this all started, and to my family physician, and to my urologist. My family physician is away on holidays and my urologist is swamped. The lesson here is to have test results sent to everyone because there is a greater liklihood of somebody noticing.

The news was definitely a setback after yesterday’s optimistic news.

I called the urologist’s office a number of times, but nobody picked up the telephone. When I called after hours, I was able to leave a message…which may or may not be returned. These people are so swamped that they just can’t handle the volume.

As the son of a medical doctor, I realized how completely offside it would be to call the urologist at home, but I decided that this was too important. What did I have to lose? I looked up his home phone number and dialed. Even though the man is an acquaintance, I didn’t expect a warm reception. I have a lot of respect for doctor’s education and discipline, but I think most doctors are lacking on the human side. Not this guy. He is GREAT. I apologized for calling his home and he said it was not a problem at all. I told him the results and he said not to worry.

My urologist indicated that he was 80% to 90% certain that I don’t have cancer. He said that the nodule could be from an infection or just residual calcium. He said that a nodule of that size is not a worry and he definitely wouldn’t recommend a biopsy, which is what the doctor in the walk-in clinic recommended and the doctor that analysed the diagnostic testing certainly hinted at in his summary. My urologist indicated that biopsies come with a significant level of risk and should not be done unless deemed to be absolutely necessary. I felt relief at this statement because I’m very opposed to biopsies based upon everything I have read. The urologist indicated that he would personally look for my second PSA test results in the morning and get back to me if he had any concern.

This is a roller coaster.

The good news is that I feel very comfortable in the hands of the urologist and I trust him. He is open, honest, and encouraging. I just can’t say enough good things about him.

I can’t say the same for my family physician, as he had no right to tell me I had cancer without even giving me a DRE or without any additional test results. I can’t begin to describe the amount of stress his comments have created for my family and friends. I seem to be the least stressed of anyone, but even still, this has not been pleasant.

The people at the walk-in clinic are more like traffic cops as opposed to having relationships with their patients. They see different people every day and either write a script and make a referral. However, I must say that they have been very diligent in regards to calling me with test results and scaring the crap out of me twice by telling me that I have to come in for consultations immediately. It’s their job and they are doing it well.

It is really clear that this stuff needs to be put in the hands of specialists as they working on a much different level. They are focused on a specific modality and I’m glad they are.

I keep reading about how much better the medical care is in the States than Canada due to the Canadian system being slow from excess demand. I can’t see how the care could not possibly be any better so far, but I have taken things into my own hands as much as possible. There is a lesson here about not taking NO for an answer. The only fault I can see so far is that the GP’s should keep their mouths shut and just refer patients without giving uninformed opinions.

Within days of the initial visit to the walk-in clinic, I have had three visits at the clinic, a visit with my family physician, a visit and with the urologist, two PSA tests, and a Transrectal Ultrasound…will all results reported back. I have also spoken on the telephone with the urologist at his home…..all for free with our universal health care. I’m grateful.

August 2

I visited the diagnostic lab where I had a transrectal ultrasound. This is a process where they stick wand up your butt and probe around for a few minutes. It was slightly painful at times, but it is a lot more humiliating than painful. I made light of it and the technician seemed to appreciate the fact that I was making the best of an unpleasant task. This is not a job you want to do for a living, but somebody has to do it. They checked my prostate, rectum, kidneys and bladder. I had to drink 6 glasses of water (48 ounces) so that they could do the reading on my bladder. It is amazing how such personal stuff just becomes “matter of fact”. It reminds me of how public everything was when my wife was giving birth. The technician said that the results would be delivered the same day as the request was marked URGENT. There is a message here….get your doctor to make his requests URGENT if you want to avoid days or weeks of waiting. I don’t know about anyone else would respond, but I’m not in the mood for waiting these days.

When I finished up at the diagnostic imaging center, I decided to crash the urologist’s office. I knew that my family physician has sent a referral while the urologist was away on holiday, and now this week, my family physician was on holiday. My family physician told me the previous week to not take NO for an answer as it was very important that things start happening right away. So, I opened the door with the big sign that said “by appointment only” and walked in. The lady at the desk asked me if I had an appointment and I said no, but that my family physician had sent an URGENT request. She told me that they were backed up 2 weeks and I reminded her that I had PSA reading of 30.4 and this was URGENT. She relented and agreed to arrange for the urologist to see me in two days, which made me very happy.

Then lightning struck. As I was about to leave, the doctor walked up to the desk to get his next file. I looked at him and said Hi W____. He smiled and said “Robbie…how are you?”. I was amazed as I had only met the man a couple of times about 14 years ago. He came around the desk, shook my hand and said come into my office. I followed him in and we talked about family and life for a couple of minutes before he asked me why I was visiting. I told him the news about my PSA score. He said “let’s go into the next office and check you out”. I know the drill by now, so I bent over the table and lowered my pants for the DRE. About 15 seconds later, he said “you don’t have cancer”. I was astounded and asked him how he could be so sure. He told me that he has been doing DRE’s every day for many years and he just knew. He indicated that my prostate was soft and smooth. I was in shock….the same shock that I felt when my family physian told me in no uncertain terms that I had prostate cancer and that time was of the essence as I had left it so long.

The urologist indicated that my lab results showed that there was trace amounts of blood in my urine test that were invisible to the naked eye. He told me that he was pretty sure that my “chest cold” was probably an infection and he wanted me to have another PSA test.

I went to lab upstairs and gave more blood and urine. They indicated that they would have the results back to the urologist tomorrow afternoon.

The only bad news is that the lady on the desk in the urologist’s office gave me an appointment for 14 days ahead. When I went back to the urologist’s office to see if I could reschedule, there were ten people in the office and I left. I tried calling from home to no avail as she didn’t answer the telephone. I will call everyday and on Thursday, I will just drop in again as they should have the results from both places for sure.

What I learned is that if you don’t ask, you just have to wait. When I was at the diagnostics lab, I asked for them to check my bladder while they were in there and I asked them to provide results asap as I was visiting the urologist later that day. They tested the bladder and agreed to provide the results the same day instead of a week later. If I hadn’t visited the urologist’s office, I would not have received an appointment for two weeks at least.

All in all, a great day.

August 1

A holiday in Canada, so nothing going on. I feel good and my resolve to beat this is strong.

July 31

Actions: visited my healer for 2 hours where we talked and he did some energy work. He discussed how he works with two other healers as the power of healing is exponential as others assist. I came out of the meeting feeling very encouraged as the man and his group have performed many “miracles”. He doesn’t see them as miracles at all, but rather just utilizing their gift.

Feelings: I have come to grips with the fact that I have a fight on my hands….which should make me happy as I love a good scrap. I want to live. That may sound silly, but it is a key ingredient in the battle. The morbid thoughts are being replaced with positive thoughts. There will be lots of hurdles, but cancer is not a death sentence. Prostate cancer in particular is very fixable, so my biggest concern is that the cancer is still limited to my prostate.

July 30 Day 1… July 29, 2011

Actions: I was able to book an appointment with my energy healer for tomorrow. The meeting was supposed to be for August 3rd, but I decided to move the appointment up because the timing is critical. The reason the timing is critical is that I expect I will be meeting with the urologist on August 2nd and the urgency of my case may end up with me going for a biopsy right away. My meeting with my healer will play a role in the decision of whether to have a biopsy or not.

Everything I read about prostate cancer tells me that I need to get a biopsy in order to determine what stage the cancer is at. The biopsy will allow for the docs to provide a Gleason score. The lab report plays a crucial role in determining a course of action for the medical people if I choose to go that route.

While a biopsy is a “must” if a medical approach is taken, I have also read and believe that getting a biopsy is like poking a pin into a balloon. My healer requested that I hold off with the biopsy until he has had the opportunity to talk to me and to work with me on Sunday. His words were something like “you don’t want to poke the hornet’s nest”. While this advice may seem foolish to some, I have read too much from people that I respect to ignore the advice. I will know better after my meeting on Sunday.

The Physical Side: I’m pretty sure that it is just in my mind, but it seems like my right testical hurts. That might have had something to do with being on a SeaDoo for a couple of hours, but I think that my mind is playing games with me.

I have stopped exercising strenously and I miss it. I don’t know why I have stopped, but it just seems like I don’t want to rock the boat until I learn more from my doctor and healer.

When I was lying in bed at the end of the day, I swear I could feel things going on in my body that I have never felt before. By that, I mean that I could feel the electrical currents. I have always been very in tune with my spiritual side, but I have never experienced the physical aspect. I assume that we are all capable of this level of awareness because there is absolutely no reason to believe that any human is “more” than any other human. I think we are all just so damn busy that we ignore it.

The Mental Side:It was a beautiful day and I spent a lot of time on the dock by the water and on my Sea Doo. All in all, the day was very soothing. I had a short cry for about one minute while sitting with my feet in the water in the afternoon. I just got overwhelmed by the thought that I would miss my life so much if things don’t work out.

I thought about my cancer alot. It seems weird that cancer is growing inside me and I’m just sitting here letting it happen. I can understand why so many people would buy an electric water ionizer when they first hear the C word because they just want to do something…anything. The reality is that I have undoubtedly had cancer for a couple of years now, just like most people that get diagnosed. That is why men who are 50 need to get tested for prostate cancer every year…..dummy!

There has been a lot of tension in my family this year due to a number of circumstances. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, as we are all faced with far more tension and stress in our lives than is healthy. Something negative came up before bed and I simply removed myself from the situation. I just don’t want or need anything in my life right now that distracts me from my sole job….which is to get better. The body can heal itself if you give it the right nourishment in terms of food, water, and mental state.

July 29

Today’s edition will be a long one as it covers a lot of stuff. I expect future updates to be minimal.

My family physician looked me straight in the face yesterday afternoon and said to me: “You have prostate cancer”. He has never beaten around the bush with me in the past, and yesterday was no different.

The PSA level from my blood test this past week was 30.4, which is sky high and way way way above the normal range of 1 to 4 for a 54 year old man. My physician was angry. He asked me how I could be so stupid. He was referring to the fact that I hadn’t visited him for almost three years. He told me that every man needs an annual PSA test every year once he reaches age 50 or even age 45 if you have a family history of prostate cancer.

So, how did I get to be so stupid? The answer is simple. I was a self inflicted medical mess three years ago. I wasn’t over weight or out of shape as I love sports, but I had been suffering from acid reflux for years, I was riddled with osteoarthritis which was ruining my life, and my physician had just prescribed a third medication, Lipitor, for an elevated cholesterol level. My wife said that I had to make changes and I did…well, I made one change.

I started drinking ionized water. The results were stunning. My acid reflux disappeared in a week and my arthritis disappeared in month. The water gave me tons of energy and I got my life back. I felt invincible again. It was amazing to feel like I was in my twenties again. I got back to sports and enjoying my life.

What I didn’t do was change my diet. I also stopped visiting the doctor.

So, here I am three years later with a scary PSA count. What made me finally go to the doctor after three years? My son developed a chest cough and then my wife picked it up, and eventually I started coughing as well. This was a rare occurrence as nobody in our family has gotten sick for three years since we started drinking the ionized water.

I doubt that I would have visited the doctor except that for the first time in my life, I experienced difficulty peeing. At age 54, I knew that difficulty peeing was a sure sign of prostate problems. So, off I went to the clinic on Friday, July 22, 2011. The doctor at the clinic asked me a couple of questions and gave me the dreaded DRE (Digital Rectal Exam), which I hadn’t had done since age 40. The exam is simple, quick, and painless and involves the doctor putting on a rubber glove, lubing up a finger, and shoving it up your butt. It takes about two seconds and is over before you know it. During the process, the doctor feels the prostate with a finger. The doctor is essentially checking for two things….to see if the prostate is enlarged and to see if any nodules can be detected.

The physician at the clinic told me my prostate was enlarged, but she didn’t feel any nodules, which she said was encouraging. She did however send me off to a lab to provide blood and urine samples. She also scheduled a transrectal ultrasound test, which is scheduled for Tuesday, August 2, 2011.

The results came back to the walk-in clinic on Thursday July 28. I got a call from the clinic at 9:30 in the morning asking me to come in to speak with the doctor. The doctor informed me that my PSA was 30.4 which was very high, but not to worry. HUH? Not to worry….are you kidding me? I know it doesn’t help to worry, but geez….don’t worry! She sent off a requisition for a consult to an Urologist and recommended that I contact my family physician.

I called my family physician’s office and informed the person on the phone that my PSA was 30.4. The person on the phone said that she would call me back shortly, which she did. All of a sudden, the doctor had time to see me. Now that is scary. I visited my family physician. As I mentioned earlier, he was angry, but he was also efficient. He requested an URGENT consult with an urologist that is an acquaintance of mine and faxed off the request immediately. He also provided me with the actual letter of request and told me to call the urologist myself on Tuesday August 2, when the urologist was due back from his holiday.

Research: I have been doing lots of reading. Although everything you read tells you that an elevated PSA level doesn’t guarantee you have cancer, a PSA level of 30 is not good. It is so high that bone scans become effective in diagnosis if the cancer has metastasized to nearby bones.

Water: I have been slacking off the amount of water that I normally drink for awhile. As of today, I will be drinking a minimum of 120 ounces of strong ionized water per day. Dr. Robert Young uses water with a very low negative ORP as an alternative to chemotherapy. It is hypothesized that very strong alkaline water acts as a natural oxidant, as opposed to harmful oxidants used in chemotherapy. One way or another, I’m going to give my body every opportunity to operate as efficiently as possible, which means a thorough rinsing of toxins.

I don’t see any need to drink anything but water. If I’m going to drink water, I want it clean and ionized so that I can get the antioxidant and energy producing benefit of free hydrogen.

I will also drink the juices produced by my juicer as it squeezes the juices out of raw vegetables and fruit. I consider the juices produced from the juicer to be a food even though I consume the food in liquid form.

Food: My alkaline diet starts today. That means fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts. I will also get my protein from protein powder or from lean chicken or fish.

Once again, I look to the teachings of Dr. Robert Young author of “The pH Miracle Revised and Updated” for advice on an alkaline diet. I will also utilized the teachings of Dr. Dean Ornish, an advisor to President Clinton and author of “The Spectrum” and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, another advisor to President Clinton and author of “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease”

Medical Testing and Treatments: Nothing on the weekend, but I have a visit to the lab for a transrectal ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday August 2nd, and I will be on the phone that morning to book an appointment with the urologist. I trust my family physician and urologist, so I will be listening to their advice and definitely taking advantage of the excellent testing facilities offered by western medicine.

Alternative Treatments: My wife and a number of friends visit with a gentleman who is quite remarkable in his ability to heal by non traditional methods. I have an appointment scheduled with him next Wednesday.

Physical Status: I feel good. I feel strong. I have backed off physical exercise for the most part this week other than some strenuous yard work moving earth. I love to ride and I have read that riding is bad for the prostate, so for now….no riding. I miss the physical activity and will be getting back to it today in my canoe.

Mental Status: Yesterday was weird for sure as it is not everyday your doctor tells you that you have cancer. I had a great sleep and I feel good today. I have researched a great deal about prostate cancer and I know it can be beaten. My main concern is that I have waited too long and the cancer has spread. There is nothing I can do about the unknown other than to get the testing done. Today, the weather is beautiful and I’m going to make the most of the day.

Stress: We have all read that stress is a killer. I believe that stress plays a major role in one’s health. I have asked my wife and kids to put their egos in check and leave the power struggle that always seems to exist when young adults are stretching their boundaries on hold. I have declared that this is Rob’s time to focus on my health, and I can use all the help I can get.

Faith: I’m not a religious person in terms of frequenting a church. I do however have my own connection with God, which was inspired after I had three visits from my father after he passed away. I don’t fear death, but I would like to stick around and watch my children and their children grow up. I will be praying in my own way for the strength to be strong. The rest is out of my hands.

23 Responses to My Prostate Cancer Scare: Updates, Facts, Feelings

  1. Hi Rob,

    So sorry to hear about your uncertain circumstances. I remember a link to a documentary film you posted in a newsletter not too long ago. I received it again in Mike Adam’s “Natural News” health newsletter a few weeks ago. It is amazing what this doctor has done in curing cancer;

    I watched it again, and realized how uncaring the conventional system is to you regaining your health back. It really makes me angry that this doc has been hunted down like a witch doctor.
    Another website that I frequently go to to read (as there is a lot of stuff there to read) is DR. Batmanghelidj was a smart doctor, and understood the salt water connection to health. I use ‘Redmond’ Real Salt. It is native untreated salt to North America. It is mined in Redmond, Utah. Should be able to find easily in health food store in Canada, or possibly a big grocery store chain.

    Bob Butts puts on this web site on his own time and money to help educate people who are willing to listen. He does it for free, and does not sell or is affiliated with any type of product or service. I am a big fan of ionized water too. Dr. B did not promote it because he felt like profits should not get in the way of people drinking more water. But, he did recommend filtering your water if you felt your source water was questionable to drink.

    I hope you find either one of these links useful in your challenge to rid yourself of this condition. I KNOW you will be successful Rob!

  2. Oops, that link is :

  3. Hi Rob
    I just read your post and sorry about it, here you are right in the middle of the hurricane , which gonna bring you from one specialist to and other till finding a solution …
    That’s something we try to escape and effects of alkaline water even if they are benefit are not the only one opening an door to new kind of hope ; about the alternative solutions which could be very useful did you never heard about increasing your mains anti-oxydants thought using Gluthatione , Carnosine and Aeon patchs from Lifewave.
    You can have a look at my blog , where I try to orders lot of information about it.
    Regards from Tenerife and sorry about my english mistakes.

    • Hi Philippe:

      Nobody ever needs to apologize for the differences in language. I have a great deal of respect for people who make the effort to communicate in other languages. I wish I had those talents.

      I have not investigated Gluthatione, Carnosine of Aeon patches….I will check out your blog….thanks for the tip

  4. Hi Rob,

    I am very sorry to hear about your health challenge/s. One “good” think in your case is that the type of cancer you have is one of the slowest growing which gives you time to explore more options. Ever since I lost my mother to cancer six years ago (she was 65), I’ve never stopped reading, nor will I ever stop. I just finished reading “Anti Cancer” by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. He is a 19-year brain tumor (aggressive form) survivor – very fascinating story, I think.

    I found something on the net which I completely agree with (because of all my readings)
    Diseases seldom attack a healthy body. What this means is that being diagnosed with serious illness or cancer is also a diagnosis that our body is out of balance.
    Cancer and serious illness is not necessarily a death sentence, but a challenge to reverse the processes that allowed the cancer to take hold.
    Authur Brownstein, MD, in his book Extraordinary Healing notes that:
    “Nobody gets sick by accident, or out of the blue. If you take a closer look at the factors that govern your health, you will discern that illness does not strike randomly. Disease and illness, with very few exceptions, occur at predictable times, and for discernible reasons.”
    From all I know, so far, may be one of the most helpful ways to support your body’s natural defenses against disease is “The Budwig Protocol For All Types Of Cancer”

    Please let me know if you want more good leads and I will provide them to you.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Lidia:

      Thank you for your thoughts and the information. I will investigate the information you have provided


  5. Our thoughts are with you, Rob. If anyone can take the high jump, you can.

    • Hi Ian and Cassie:

      Thanks for the thoughts. I had more tests done today and met with my urologist, who happens to be an old acquaintance of mine. He performed another DRE (my new least favorite word) and he thinks that I will be OK. Hope so.

  6. Hi Rob,

    I hope it won’t be too much info if I mention a few more things, in addition to what I posted the other day here. You are ready to fight and win your battle with cancer, right?! There are a few things you can do to change your body terrain which is absolutely crucial to conquer the disease! One of the most vital conditions is that you keep your pH level around 7.35 (litmus paper help to check saliva/urine). Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment!

    One of the very best yahoo support groups, when it comes to cancer, is:

    There is another one – more specific to prostate condition:

    I am very familiar with the former – used it a lot for a couple of years in the past to support a friend of mine after she had her thyroid gland removed because of cancer.

    And last but not least, I have to also say that if you check Amazon web site for ‘prostate cancer’, you will find a bunch of really good books which will help you immensely!

    Wishing you a lot of strength and will power in these difficult times! Just remember that A LOT depends on what you do now! Best of luck and keep us informed please!


  7. Hi Rob,

    This is from an e-mail I just received less than an hour ago from a very credible web site.

    Cancer is curable – stunning new documentary reveals world’s most advanced cures‏

    Best Wishes to You,

  8. Hey Rob,

    welcome to the funpark. I’ve been making friends with my prostate for about 4 years now, with the help of Cassie who is just the most amazing net researcher on the planet.

    I should add at this point that being a man with a prostate problem is worse ( not that women actually HAVE ’em) but because when it comes down to anything really serious in our controlled little lives we either freak out or go into complete denial. I called my brother-in-law this morning. He is 84 and has a cancer diagnosis. An amazing guy, he’s worked hard all those years as a farmer and a builder and never acknowledges ill health. he’s go out harvesting with a screaming case of the ‘flu because he could – that sort of guy. Anyway, he was very happy to hear from me. He was about to go in for a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy, but he said “No, I’m feeling on top of the world! I’ll be back home any minute!”

    Now was that denial, or was it bravado. I don’t know, but we boys are pretty painful patients, especially to our women who have to put up with us.

    So here’s my advice such as it is. i see you’ve already got fifty different videos and books to read so this is just what i learned through Cassie. Firstly, even though I freaked out, cassie held firm and siad it may not be cancer. To my vast relief, she was right. Secondly, I had a lady and her husband come in and tell me that he completely got his readings back to normal using a zeolite based detox supplement. Knowing you, you’ll find the name. Thirdly, although I don’t want to admit she was right, Cassie put me on a very low carb diet and after six months I was off all medicine, my ‘flow’ had regained its usual projection, and I felt fantastic. Finally, if anything i reluctantly have to say that high calcium water may have affected me. my prostate had calcified tissue and that was my problem; normal benign hyperplasia. The rest of the problem was my little boy mind that just wanted to run to mama and make it all better.

    So… hang in there brother. it’s a grand adventure. Any movie worth watching has to have the threat of death in it.

  9. Hey Rob,

    sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I wish you all the best with your treatments and hopefully everything works out for you.

    Once again i thank you for your informative blog. Due to the great information provided here i was able to make an informed decision on my ionizer purchase and i am a happy owner of the recommended EOS Platinum.

    Best regards.

    • Hi Fey:

      Cancer is not a death sentence. My urologist gives me great confidence and I have a group of healers ready and waiting to take care of me if needed. I happily put my life in their hands. I will do everything possible to fight the good fight.

      Congrats on your purchase. The EOS machine is one of many excellent machines.

  10. Hi Rob

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.
    But I couldn’t help wondering about one thing, it may be nothing and may just be a coincidence, but it still came up in my mind..

    Ever since you got introduced to the antioxidant filter in November 2010?, did you also completely stop drinking any electrolyzed reduced water from ionizer machines?

    It would be difficult to think of the idea that the prostate cancer could develop when you were drinking water only from the antioxidant filter…. I dunno, it was just a thought that came on to me.

    • Hi Dan:

      I will be visiting with my urologist again on Tuesday. I’m hoping that his optimism proves to rule the day.

      I have been drinking water from a Tyent 7070 Turbo and from an Alkastream since last fall. I also drink from an Enagic and EOS and Chanson and Jupiter machines depending upon where I am in my house or from a Hybrid when I’m at my cottage.

      Typically, cancer has been growing for at least two years and often more by the time it gets detected.

  11. I’d like to ask Dan exactly what scientific research he is quoting from that says electrically ionized water prevents cancer. I’ve been researching it for eleven years and although I’ve seen some good outcomes from cancer I’ve seen some bad ones too. My overall conservative opinion is that alkaline water or antioxidant water – they are identical in important parameters – helps but does not of itself heal or prevent.

    So if Dan has some actual data I’d love to hear it.

    • I have also seen some remarkable outcomes in regards to cancer treatments with ionized water. However, I have also unfortunately witnessed a number of situations where people who started drinking ionized water at later stages did not make it.

      I believe that ionized water helps. I also believe that diet and exercise and removing stress helps. I believe that sunshine helps. I believe that healers help and some standard medical treatments help. All too often, we witness the fact that none of the above help.

      I think that all that any of us can do it make decisions to improve the odds. I’m a big believer in the fact that prevention is the operative strategy. I didn’t start making wise health decisions until I reached my fifties. It is always better to start at any time than to never start at all. However, I have been encouraging my kids to make healthier decisions right from the start…and they have been listening thank God.

      Water plays a huge role in everything Human! It is intuitive that we should be drinking the best water possible.

      Perhaps someday we will begin to understand the hows and whys of water. I have been researching water now for three years and I can honestly say that I know virtually nothing. I read the research papers from the leading scholars from the top research facilities in America, and universally, they say that they can’t begin to crack the code to understanding water. At this point in my life, I just have to have faith that water is good. The better the water, the gooder (yes, gooder is one of my favorite words) it is!

  12. Hi Ian
    I am surprised my comment made you enter in this defence mode…
    I have never claimed water produced by either an electrical home device or a magnesium medium to be better than the other out of these two. I also mentioned at first it may only be a coincidence, but after Rob´s kindly reply I now know he didn´t drink from only one type of “ion” water producer so I do not have any reason to wonder any longer.

    As I said, it just came to my mind and can you blame me for thinking this being a quite (un)funny timing… ¿
    Relax :)

  13. You can certainly see your skills within the work you write.

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    you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. At all tims follow your heart.

    • Hi Rea:

      Thanks. I’m back writing again after a long layoff. Hopefully I can continue spreading the word.

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