Lymphoma cancer patient receives ionized water from an “angel”

I wish I had more time to dedicate to this blog, because it continues to be a never-ending source of amazement for me. Just when you think the world has …Continue reading »

Miracle Water?

People are starting to refer to alkaline ionized water as Miracle Water. I don’t like the term, as it hints of promotional hype. The reality is that the water helps …Continue reading »

Two Things that Bother me about Multi Level Marketing and Ionized Water.

This site is all about providing information, so I don’t get involved in touting or bashing companies or brands. Let me begin by saying that the Enagic Multi Level Marketing company has …Continue reading »

Peace Arch News: There must be something in the water!

Here is an inspiring story about a man in British Columbia, Canada, whose life changed in a very positive way when he began drinking alkaline ionized water.  The article has been …Continue reading »

LA Times: Miracle acidic water answers prayers for cleaning!

Here is a good article on the disinfecting properties of the acidic water produced by water ionizers.  The article about the cleaning benefits of ionized water by Marla Dickerson of the LA …Continue reading »

An alkaline diet is great… but is it enough?

If you are reading this, you are probably aware of the great work that is being done by people like Dr. Robert Young and Tony Robbins and others in regards …Continue reading »

Lose weight by controlling the level of acid in your body!

In order to lose weight effectively you have to be mindful of how much acid you consume.  The body creates fat in order to trap and neutralize acid.  So, if …Continue reading »

Water quality is not only about purity

The quality of your drinking water is more than just its purity. In fact, completely pure water, created by reverse osmosis filtration, leaves water stripped of all its essential trace …Continue reading »

Marketing hype in the water ionizer industry

It drives me crazy when I review water ionizer websites that claim that their machines are far superior to their competitor’s machines. They also seem to revel in bashing the …Continue reading »

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