HuffPost On Molecular Hydrogen

While the mainstream media outlets have not picked upon on the hydrogen story, HuffPost has taken an active interest.

The first time I found HuffPost commenting about H2 was in an article written August 30, 2016 which focused on the potential ability of hydrogen rich water to reduce free radical activity.  Dr. Lee, President of The Korean Water Society and professor at Yonsei University stated in the article that:

“A study was performed to compare the effects of drinking tap water, spring water and hydrogen water. The consumption of tap water after three hours increased oxygen free radicals unstably, while the consumption of hydrogen water reduced oxygen free radicals in only five minutes.”

The article went on to state:

Oxygen free radicals are highly reactive molecules that are formed as the result of breathing in oxygen. As the free radicals interact with other molecules in the body, they cause oxidative damage on cell membranes and genes in the cells that can result in the development of a wide range of illnesses and diseases such as aging and cancer. About 90% of the modern diseases are known to be associated with free radicals.

You can read the article here:

The picture that I have used for this article shows three of the most prominent players in the world in the study of molecular hydrogen, including Dr. Lee who is mentioned above, and Tyler Lebaron, the American scientist leading the charge for further study of molecular hydrogen in North America.

HuffPost was back to reporting on hydrogen water again on July 19, 2017 with the title “What is Molecular Hydrogen and Should We be Drinking it?

In the article, Dr. Carolina G. Sierra, a leading Internist and Endocrinologist in Manhattan offered:

Given the clinical evidence of reduced oxidative stress and mitochondrial diseases, all these areas – inflammation, hydration, pain, improved skin health – can benefit from hydrogen-infused water. The mere fact that it encourages patients to drink more water, then coupled with the benefits of molecular hydrogen, immediately provides patients an advantage in their pursuit for overall wellness.”

You can read the article Here:

I hope HP continues to investigate the benefits of H2 water and that someday, the mainstream media will wake up to a story that will inevitably garner the interest of Americans.

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